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Bruce Levenson the Journalist, the Businessman

On an article on wikipedia Bruce Levenson, Co-founder of United Communications Group. UCG, an extremely competitive firm specializing in providing direction for success. Bruce Levenson and Todd Foreman were and still are journalists. They know content is the key to success and exceptional information and data are the keys to leadership roles. The path to success is with accurate, proven information and data. Quoting Bruce and Todd, “Content is King” is their mantra.

UCG started 1977 utilizing a storage room over Levenson’s dad’s liquor store in Washington, DC. Having a passion for excellence, Bruce, and his close friend, Todd Foreman became partners in this entrepreneurial venture. Their business and goal was to provide leadership to businesses by creating content that is targeted, trusted, and transformative. Sure UCG has grown, but their goals are the same and their achievements are proven successes.

The leadership information they deliver was initially transmitted via newsletters and mail publications. Holding information conferences was the next avenue for gaining awareness of their communications in the market. Success beamed on UCG, and when the “Super Information Highway” began, this was the stepping stone to success. Through the internet, UCG was able to reach businesses throughout the world delivering information, provide expert analysis, sending data electronically to customers such as the defense industry and other governmental agencies in need of their expertise. Acquiring their first company in 1978 specializing in information, they were able to diversify into several companies broadening their knowledge into such areas of banking, healthcare, being on the cutting edge of technology at its birth.

Since that period, UCG has acquired many businesses, taking some public, and a public company private. They know how to successfully build and accelerate the growth of enterprises. UCG invests heavily in training and developing their employees no matter what business area the employee resides.

They have gained tremendous respect for their reports, analysis and, of course, breaking news delivered daily via every source of communication. Many press releases are seen in the WSJ, Bloomberg News, and many other publications that focus on business. They are known for their tenacity in journalism, digging their heels in to uncover the truth and have won the trust of their followers. They have helped hospitals improve patient care while not increasing costs. Specific Medicare fraud issues have been exposed and resolved. Worked with many other businesses and agencies to increase productivity, cut costs, and improve the skill level of their staff while achieving higher business goals.

Since the UCG opened its doors in 1978, they have received over one hundred honors and awards for their excellence in specialized reporting and journalism. They far exceed any of their competitors in journalism awards which also contributes to the respect they enjoy from their audience. Whether they are producing an investigative piece or analyzing moves in the oil market, you can be assured the information is being reported with accuracy.

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