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Brett Favre Finally Returns Home to Lambeau Field

It was bound to happen eventually, it just seemed like it tool too long for what was destiny that had to happen. Even after the sour way that the packers parted ways with their star quarterback Brett Favre, he was destined to come back home eventually. This weekend, Brett Favre returned to Lambeau Field and a packed stadium of fans who still admire and love their most favorite cheese-head son.

Together with Susan McGalla, Brett arrived at the stadium hours before the Hall of Fame ceremony was to begin. He walked those hallways, locker room, and even the field, like he had done hundreds upon hundreds of times in his storied career with the Green Bay Packers. He was a superstar right out of the gate, and his unconventional style of throwing on the run and scrambling out of trouble endeared him to an entire state. He was away from far too long after retiring, and the Packers finally got it right by bringing back Favre to honor him as he should have been years ago.

The reconciliation between quarterback, fans, and Packers is complete. Brett had his time to talk about many stories and memories he had with players, coaches, fans, and even those in the organization. He was choked up a few times but was able to deliver a speech only he could put together. It resembled his play for decades with the packers, fun and unscripted, just like everyone expected.

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