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Boraie Development Key Player in New Brunswick Renaissance

In a December 30,2014 article entitled “The Visionary: Omar Boraie has seen the potential of New Brunswick for four decades,” by Tom Bergeron, the then 73 year old president of Boraie Development told of how his vision had been taking shape since 1972. He started making his vision a reality by buying up 21 vacant, dilapidated building on the block where now stands Albany Street Plaza Tower One, built during 80’s and 90s. In 2003 Tower Two was completed, providing more office space.

Next his vision included One Spring Street Condominium, 25 stories with 121 residential units as well as 40 thousand square feet of office space, ten thousand square feet of retail space and a 400 parking space garage completed in 2007. The article also told of all the individuals and organizations that shared his vision and made it possible. Omar said that it is collaboration and cooperation with everyone that is building downtown New Brunswick.

His next undertaking was the 17 story Aspire luxury apartments built to attract professionals, such as doctors, teacher nurses, policemen, firemen and other professional. Wasseem Boraie, Omar’s son and vice president of Boraie Development, added how the building would help New Brunswick continue to grow into a vibrant community, New Brunswick 2.0. Boraie Development also includes Omar’s second son Sam and Hiam, his daughter. He said he loves what he does and working with family. At that time Albany Street Tower Three was in the works.

The tallest tower in New Brunswick will soon be under construction in 2019 at 777 McCarter Highway, It will be 33 stories with 370 units, 20% of the units will be affordable. Through Project IMPACT, local residents will be trained for construction jobs and hired to work on site. NBA star Shaquille O’Neal said he’s moving home and is one of the investors, partnered with Boraie Development, the city of Newark, Goldman Sachs and the state of New Jersey. He had grown up in Newark public housing and was encouraged by his mother to invest in the city. One of the penthouse units will be his new residence.

The $150 million development is dubbed “The House that Shaq Built.”The 33 story structure will offer its residents a view of the Manhattan skyline and sat on the bank of the Passaic River. Omar Boraie’s vision and the city of Brunswick continue to grow with the first high rise built there in the last 50 years.

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