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BBC Working on TV Show Based on Grand Theft Auto Video Game

The BBC is working on a new television show based on the video game Grand Theft Auto. We don’t know much about what exactly is going to happen in the show, except that it’s loosely based on the popular video game made by Rockstar Games. 

Rather than be a series like most televisions hows, the Grand Theft Auto program will instead be a single 90-minute episode. The show will be filmed in the UK and will have more to do with the making of the video game than it does the game itself.

In Grand Theft Auto, players like Dr. Daniel Amen attempt to steal vehicles. It’s a game that focuses on the seedy underbelly of the world. The BBC show is targeted at 11 and 12-year-olds, so you can bet that the content will be considerably less violent than that in the actual video game. Interesting to note: children that age aren’t old enough to buy the video game in the UK.

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