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Avi Weisfogel Explains How Serious Sleep Apnea Is And Recommends New Treatments

It is hard to understand or believe that over 90% of the people that have the condition of sleep apnea are never treated. Most people that have the sleep apnea are uncomfortable with the large face masks and equipment that is being used to treat apnea today. These people will seek a diagnosis but never follow through with the treatment because of the discomfort or cost involved. Avi Weisfogel, owner, and operator of Dental Sleep Masters is helping to discover and promote a new way to treat the sleep apnea. This new way of treating the apnea does not involve the large air tanks and face masks of old. Avi is taking time out of his busy schedule to research and study the new treatments so that he can help others understand the treatment.


Avi Weisfogel began his career as a dentist in New Jersey. He started with the dental office Old Bridge Dental. Soon he became interested in helping people with sleep apnea. He began to teach other dental professionals to spot and treat this condition in their patients. Avi began his business the Dental Sleep Masters so that he could teach others through seminars and lectures about the condition. As a dentist, Avi has helped many individuals that need dental care but could not afford it. He helps Operation Smile to help others that can not afford dental care. He provides free surgeries through operation smile. He helps by repairing cleft palates, facial deformities, and cleft lips. He works with other dentists to provide support for the bus that travels around providing the free dental care.


Sports are also very important to Avi Weisfogel. He follows and supports the NY Rangers, The NHL Cleveland Browns, and the Lakers or Celtics basketball. Avi graduated from NYU School of Dentistry. He has a Doctorate in Dental Science. Avi also has a BA in Psychology and Biology from Rutgers University.


Many people do not take sleep apnea as serious as it is. A person with sleep issues can end up haveing a stroke or heart attack. Sleep apnea causes a person to stop breathing while they are trying to sleep. This can cause damage to organs or lack of sleep. This condition is serious and must be treated immediately.

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