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Arnold vs. Arnold Hypes The Upcoming Terminator: Genisys Release

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

That just might end up as one of the more memorable movie lines of recent years. Well, it will be provided the film the line comes from is a hit. We’ll know the answer to that sooner rather than later.

The opening of Terminator: Genisys is soon going to be upon us. The studio, Paramount Pictures, has been hard at work promoting the beginning film to what (hopefully) will be a new trilogy. The new clip released by Paramount once again promotes the battle between the 1984 young Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator and the 67 year-old version of Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator.

In the brief clip, the scene from the first Terminator in which the cyborg arrives from the future and confronts the punk rockers turns out a little different than what occurred in the original. This time, the older Arnold disrupts the naked Terminator says Handy. (The ’84 T-800 never gets the chance to steal the punk rocker’s clothes) Young Terminator charges at the older Terminator who approaches him. The elder Terminator fires a few ineffective shotgun blasts to no avail. The clip cuts off at this point.

The clip is a pretty cool one and focuses on the most important character, The Terminator. (Okay, there are two Terminators to be exact) The current two TV spots for the film focus on Sarah Connor and quotes from James Cameron. They are definitely helpful from a promotional perspective, but fans are most interested in seeing Arnold back as The Terminator.

And the clips really do work towards motivating fans to check the movie out when it arrives in July.

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