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Ariana’s Biggest Problem: Frankie Grande

While it is true that fans are anxiously awaiting the drop of Ariana Grande’s new music video for “Love Me Harder” since it does portray the singer’s sultry side, fans are also keeping a close eye on her brother Frankie Grande who left a bad taste in most viewers’ mouths after his stint on the CBS show “Big Brother” last season.

Fans watched as Frankie’s lovable character went downhill as he became more and more devious and paranoid on the show. His confidence wavered, he was arrogant to a fault and his high opinion of himself gagged fans to no end. Frankie lost the trust of his house guests and his audience when he didn’t even place in the top three for Fan Favorite on the show. When I was watching the finale with Gianfrancesco Geneoso, we could see from his facial expressions that he thought his sister’s fan base would carry him to the winner’s circle.

While Ariana’s popularity might continue to grow, it will be somewhat stunted by those fans who don’t want to believe she could be related to someone as self-centered and selfish as her brother.


Missy Broome says:

At some point, Ariana Grande may have to choose between her family and her fans when her fans only want to see her. When Ariana chooses to be photographed or videoed with Frankie, there will always be fans who are too turned off to watch. This is simply the coolest way to buy an essay today and to make sure you did not miss the discount.

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