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Areas of Interest in Environmental Law

Frans Schoeman is a South African attorney known for his great skills in the field and his reputation is drawn from the years of experience he has been in the industry. He runs one of the most successful law firms South Africa. He has partnered with his wife to form the law firm with his wife doubling as both a practicing lawyer and a partner. Over the years, he has won numerous law suits that are a land mark in the South African legal parameters. Frans Schoeman’s success is basically based on the close relationship that he has established with major companies in the country.

The South African law has expanded to capture several aspects of life and this includes the environment. The environment represents all natural resources and there are laws that have been formulated to govern every aspects of the environment. These laws are referred to as environmental laws and they basically deal with issues that boarder on human activities and their impacts on the environment. The environmental is a broad subject that covers a broad spectrum of the environment but when it comes to its legislation it can be broken into different subjects to make it easier to handle.

Although there is no any particular globally agreed core subject of environmental laws, one thing is common in almost all of them, and this is the issue of pollution. Most of the environmental laws address the issue of pollution and the effects of human activities and the extent of pollution they cause. Another similar principle that has been taking precedence in environmental laws globally is sustainability and management of some crucial natural resources including forest conservation. Environmental laws focuses on impact assessment of human activities on the environment. In this process, the laws looks at the consequences of human activities both positive and negative.

Human plans and projects can have dire effects and implications on the environment. Such plans and projects include plans to develop infrastructure, industrialization, and real estate development. In order to reduce the implications of these activities on the environment, the law experts have to consider the impact assessment report before they can make any policies to govern the environment. Another subject that comes in play in environmental law is Air Quality. These are laws that govern the emission of impurities into the atmosphere. Such laws seek to regulate the emission of harmful impurities that can compromise the quality of the air we breathe. One of the greatly controlled emissions is the carbon gas.

Just like air, the world’s population needs clean water and there are laws that have been put in pace to govern and make sure water meant for human consumption is protected. Most of the laws that seek to protect water from contamination are mostly concerned with human health. Other environmental laws cover waste management procedures for firms to control drainage of waste materials into rivers. Also, other companies dispose their waste materials by damping them on dumpsites. Such laws seek to regulate the kind of waste product that can be dumped on land.

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