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Another Ebola Case

There haven’t been many reports about people who have Ebola in the news lately. Areas of Africa have reported that the threat has diminished. If that’s true, then why is there a health care worker being sent to the United States to receive treatment for contracting the disease? He will be in a hospital in Maryland while he receives the treatments. Dan Newlin knows that this is the kind of situation that causes people to be on alert. How did the person contract the disease in the first place, and why hasn’t there been anything said about this worker? When the reports stop coming in, it makes people think that the threat has eased, and they begin getting back to their normal lives. Then, there are a few people who mysteriously get Ebola. There are more questions than answers surrounding the Ebola scare across the world, and unless people start researching the facts, they might not be prepared for future events.

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