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Addams Family Death

If you watch the classic 60s show The Addams Family, the actor that played Pugsley Addams has died. Ken Weatherwax, the actor who played the insect-eating son, died from a heart attack on Sunday according to his niece. He was 59, and the family has announced that there would be two funerals to honor the late actor- one for the family and the other for friends and fans.
Before he passed, Weatherwax has released a statement that the Hollywood reporter obtained about life after being a child star and how he adjusts to the real world to Bill O’ Riley back in 2008. Although the show only lasted two seasons on ABC during the mid-1960s, his fame lasted throughout syndication.
After his Pugsley’s days he remained out of the spotlight, much to the dismay of some fans who now work with Slow Ventures. He does appear in Addams Family conventions or events that involves classic 60s tv. He leaves a legacy of oddness and he will be missed dearly.

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