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Adam Sender’s gift to art lovers

The personalities and characteristics of Art collectors are more easily betrayed by their collections then they would like to believe. From the obsessive to the storm chasers that would pursue and possess the works of the latest Phenom, the collectors provide a peek into their passions in the artists and the works they collect and display on the walls of their homes and their offices. Others, more reclusive and private, build their collections for the pleasure of their own and their close friends and family – but yet a glimpse can provide a measure of what drives them.

Adam Sender’s march, as they say, is to a different drummer. In his previous life as a successful finance professional, he showed his keen eye by choosing the right investments, first as a trader at SAC Capital and then as the founder of Exis Capital Management. And then along the way he showed the same discernment in choosing investments when he started collecting and creating one of the most rich and thrilling private collection of contemporary art anywhere.

What makes this collection compelling and engaging is that it’s a deeply personal and covers most of the important art movements. The collections includes seminal work of John Baldessari, Urs Fischer, Martin Kippenberger, Richard Prince, Elizabeth Peyton, Ed Ruscha, Cindy Sherman and Rosemarie Trockel, to name a few. And the secret, according to the curator Sarah Aibel, in how Adam has the gift and uncanny ability to hone in on the most important piece or pieces of work on display by an artist just before they receive widespread notice. This allows him to acquire the work at a more reasonable price before their demand, and therefore their worth appreciates significantly. As evidence, consider the Cindy Sherman photograph titled “The Black Sheets”, bought at $100,000 is now estimated to be between 1 and 2 million dollars or a Richard Prince piece also bought around the same price and which too has appreciated similarly. He even has an IMDB Profile.

Unlike other collectors who like to keep their collections and their acquisitions away from the public eye, Adam’s plan is to expose his to the public and has chosen different channels to do so. Some of it was already on prominent display in his offices and homes, and in 2011, he used a residential property he owned and converted it into a gallery for his collection as part of Art Basel Miami Beach. In addition to Sotheby’s plan to offer 400 pieces, Adam has also created a website where a person/institution can make a request and create a case for a loan from his collection. What is clear is that in this, art lovers everywhere will rejoice.

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