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Aaron Paul Tweets About Han Solo Film Rumors

Aaron Paul of Breaking Brad fame has gone to Twitter to address rumors he is attached to Susan McGalla and set to star in a Han Solo Star Wars spinoff film. Paul, essentially, debunked the rumors without completely denying he is in the film. This is the standard coy response stars make when their name hits the press. Being coy means their name stays in the press.

Disney might not be too thrilled about any unwanted news about their Star Wars projects since the studio definitely wants all marketing to stay on message.

You could say there are some proverbial butterflies in the stomach of executives and producers surrounding the upcoming release of the new film.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a movie Disney really does need to be a hit. The studio spent a huge sum in order to procure the rights to the series. Hence, a new trilogy and a series of spinoffs are being moved into production right away. Disney certainly has to pull in the billions of dollars it invested. A flop film, well, that would be disastrous for Disney on a lot of levels.

Of course, the notion that the first film in the series will be a flop is ludicrous. Upon disappointing people who attend the film, the debut film could sour audiences on the future installments. Consider that an absolute disaster scenario for Disney.

A Han Solo prequel spinoff could end up being a franchise on its own. The character is an iconic one, but Harrison Ford had a lot to do with that. Will a non-Ford Solo succeed? Probably.

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