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A Shoutout to Jon Urbana’s Official Blog

Jon Urbana is a former lacrosse player for Villanova, but he has managed to make himself into a person who encompasses many talents as well as venturing into numerous business fields. He’s perhaps most well known for the camp he founded. Jon Urbana is the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, which is an annual summer camp for young people who want to learn to excel at the sport of lacrosse at a junior level. Urbana co-founded a company and is the head of business development at Ellipse USA which is a company specializing in medical devices used in aesthetic IPL as well as laser solutions. His talents don’t stop there, he also enjoys flying, playing squash, he writes and organizes charity drives, edits videos, has photography skills, and also wrote some catchy tunes.

Jon Urbana covers a wide range of things on his Twitter page. Recently on, he covered the falling number of sales in the PC industry. He linked to an article by Jefferson Graham with tech news who covered the story of the reduce of sales in the computer world.

He openly promoted a remix of Paper Navy’s Swan Song, in addition to M-22’s song Good To Be Loved, which will be released on January 29. He linked to their website as well as from his Facebook page.

Jon Urbana showcases his business skills at LinkedIn, but also his photography skills on his blog, with an artistic photo of his fresh oranges for his breakfast.

Speaking of his Instagram skills, he included a picture of floating food as it drops towards an awaiting plate. This fun and quirky artistic masterpiece showed his entertaining side.

#instagood #instalike #webstagram #follow4follow #like4like

A photo posted by Jon Urbana (@jonurbana) on

He also showcased his experimentation with flash splash photography in a post called Fake Wine. The picture shows a falling glass of wine as it begins to spill and splash through the air. It’s artistic and fun all rolled into one.

Plus, he likes vegan food!


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