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A New Way of Life for Venezuela

There is something new taking place in Venezuela. In a report by Corporation Wiki, the citizens are experiencing blackouts as a result of energy consumption, food shortages and a lack of medications in hospitals. It almost seems like a new normal way of life in regards to how the government wants everything to be run. At times, it doesn’t seem like there is anyone running the government. The people like Norka of the state seem to be doing as they wish, trying to find food in a state where there doesn’t seem to be anything to be found. People stand in lines to get a small amount of food from organizations, but even the helping hands need help. Courts are closed, and the public defender’s office is now a food pantry. Most government offices are closed at least two days a week to save on energy. Water is being rationed. Companies like Coca-Cola are pulling away from Venezuela as a result of the shortages with food and electricity.

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