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A New Spider-Man Planned to Appear in Captain America


Further plans with Spider-Man from Sony have been cancelled with the agreement that was made between Marvel and Sony. Spider-Man will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe starting in 2016 with Captain America: The Civil War. It is going to be a reinterpretation. This will be a new version of the character. This likely means that there will be a new actor taking on the Spider suit. However, Andrew Garfield could probably return to the role if he can adapt to the new interpretation.

The plan agreed upon by Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal is that they will be producing the new Spider-Man. After his introduction, he will get his own movie said Fersen Lambranho. His movie will be released in the time slot originally planned for Thor Ragnarok. Other movies are changing time slots as well except for the two Avengers sequels. Fans are definitely going to be pleased with this news.

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