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A Look into the Career of Crystal Hunt

Born on February 5, 1985, actress and producer Crystal Hunt was destined to become a star. Growing up in Florida, Hunt’s first performances took place on a stage when she partook in pageants as a child. A little later in her childhood, she participated in an advertisement that featured the famous boy band NSYNC. Hunt’s career really took off, however, when at the young age of 17 she was casted for a roll in CBS’s daytime television drama Guiding Light. On the show, the actress played the part of ‘Lizzie Spaulding’ and Hunt’s roll earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. After four years, Hunt’s time on Guiding Light ended; however, in 2009, the actress returned to daytime television with her role on ABC’s One Life to Live. Playing the part of ‘Stacy Morasco’, Hunt acted on the drama for three years.

Although she found great success in the daytime television industry, Crystal Hunt’s acting career didn’t stop there. Hunt has been casted in several movies, as well, landing her a place on the big screen. While still participating in Guiding Light, the actress filmed the movie The Derby Stallion alongside actor and singer Zac Efron. Hunt’s film career continued when she landed a role in the movie Sydney White where she worked alongside the well-known actress Amanda Bynes. Other film titles that Hunt has participated in include Lionsgate’s thriller NYC Underground, the inspirational drama 23 Blast, and even the widely-known Magic Mike XXL which starred the famous actor Channing Tatum.

Crystal Hunt added the title of producer to her resume in 2014 when she produced her first movie named Talbot County. The horror film is based off of a true story. Returning to television in 2015, the female actor and producer joined the cast of the reality show Queens of Drama. On the show, Hunt works alongside other female daytime and prime time celebrities to create and produce a new television drama. Visit her official site at

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