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A Day in the Life of my Beneful Dogs:

For my beloved ‘pack’ nothing is more important than making sure I can keep them around as long as possible. This means ensuring the best nutrition available, and that’s why we start our days with Beneful Originals—my large dog is partial to the beef (he likes the crunchy pieces), but our smaller pup prefers Incredibites because they’re easier for her little mouth to gobble up.

After they’ve had their morning fill we take a walkabout so they can exercise their noses and take care of their ‘doggy business’. A morning walk usually leads to the dog park (because we all know who is the boss), and good behavior is rewarded with their absolute favorite treat, Beneful Baked Delights, my dogs go bonkers for those apple and bacon goodies. Sometimes, they get a special surprise and get a play-date with their canine compatriots Bowser and Bronco; they’re on the mature side of doggy-hood, but thanks to Beneful’s Playful Life blend they are as spry and as puppy-like as ever.

A long day of play and pets makes for a sleepy pack some bedtime, but I still have one treat up my sleeve and it’s their favorite—Beneful Chopped Blends. As far as the dogs are concerned it’s a full-on feast cementing my status as the greatest pack leader around. I love to give them the best products out there to help them live a long and healthy life, and thanks to Purinastore Beneful products I can still spoil them while taking care of their overall health and wellness. Beneful also offers specialty treats click link to learn more:


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