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5-year-old Raises $25,000 through Lemonade Sale

Don’t discount people because of his or her age.

A five-year-old girl in Toronto has used a lemonade stand fundraiser to raise 25,000 dollars to help find a cure for her brother’s neurological disability. Na’ama Uzan, raised the funds to support a cure for Angelman Syndrome, which is a rare developmental disability. This disability makes it difficult for her seven-year-old brother to walk or even speak and has caused multiple seizures.

Many kids have done similar tasks where they raise money for causes that are important to them. Susan McGalla asked what this should highlight overall is that not only can kids do great things, but that this should not stop adults from doing their parts as well.

Often times as adults we simply say we cannot do things and give up. What a child teaches us is that when you believe anything is possible, often times it is, and you can make major changes in the world!

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