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3 More Reasons Meditation Can Help You

You may have been reading about meditation lately. The wonderful benefits of this ancient practice seem to be everywhere. People link meditation to all sorts of great potentials for health, happiness and wellness. Well, there’s more good news on the meditation front. According to Keith Mann, here are 3 more ways it can help you.

1. Quelling HIV Symptoms: A recent study found that 173 patients who were positive for HIV improved their symptoms when they started meditating.

2. Helping Depression: An additional study had a group of individuals who had been diagnosed with depression start a mindfulness meditation practice. They reduced their depression relapse rate by 42 percent.

3. Reduction of Inflammation – A final study looked a meditation being implemented in a workplace and measured inflammation throughout the study. According to blood markers taken at the beginning and end of the study’s timeframe, inflammation in meditators was reduced by 1 milligram per blood milliliter.

If you have seen and read other compelling information on the benefits of meditation, you might be interested in trying the practice yourself. Some people are worried about how to meditate. The truth is that the practice is very simple, and there are many variations of time limit, sitting posture and meditation focus that you can choose from.

As a place to start, begin by setting a timer for just 5 minutes. Sit in a chair or on the floor in a quiet area of your home or office. Try to eliminate as many distractions as possible, but some noises are okay. Keep your back straight, and close your eyes.


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