Shea Butter is Making The Difference



Shea butter is a cream colored, fatty substance derived from the nut of the African shea tree. Shea butter is an all-natural multipurpose cream that has many wonderful benefits and is well known for its healing capabilities.

Shea butter is chock full of vitamins and minerals, including large amounts of vitamins A and E. This increases the amazing healing powers of shea butter. It can be used to help improve skin conditions, such as acne,wrinkles, skin allergies, eczema, and dermatitis. It is often used to reduce the unsightly look of stretch marks and scars. Along with the healing benefits shea butter possesses, it is also an excellent moisturizer for severely dry skin.

Many companies have capitalized on the miraculous benefits of shea butter. When choosing a brand to call your own, it is important to ensure they are a reputable company that uses raw, unfiltered, all-natural products. EuGenia Shea is a family-run shea butter company that meets and exceeds all of your shea butter expectations.

EuGenia Shea is a reputable company that has grown immensely in since its small start in 1999. EuGenia Shea uses an old family recipe that has been passed down from an older generation. The owner of EuGenia Shea, Eugenia Akuete, holds the highest standards for her products. Only the best, all-natural ingredients are used in the shea butter they create. Not only does she sell her shea butter, Eugenia has incorporated her product in her daily beauty routine her entire life. She understands first hand what the amazing benefits are and the importance of using high-quality all-natural ingredients.

Shea butter is one of the best all-natural moisturizing and healing cream products available on the market today. If you purchase your shea butter from a company like EuGenia Shea, you will be embarking on a wonderful journey to reaping the many rewards she butter has to offer.

Dick DeVos’s Stow Company Appoint a New Chief Executive Officer



Frank Newman who retired earlier this year is thought to remain as a member of the board of director at The Stow Company, founded by one of the world richest billionaire couple, Dick DeVos and his Betsy DeVos. Frank was replaced by a new CEO, Phil Dolci as at 4th April this year. The Stow Company, is a subsidiary of the Amway Holding Company, The Windquest Group based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company has grown in the past decade to become one of the best companies offering innovative and quality storage systems.

Phil Dolci has had over 30 years of experience as an executive, recently working as the president and Chief Executive Officer at Crosman Corporation. Crosman Corporation is world class designer, manufacturer and distributer of shooting sports products. He has excelled as a business leader particularly in product manufacturing and marketing. He background as a leader at a number of companies including Sanford (a subsidiary division of Newell Rubbermaid), Dean Foods, ConAgra Foods, and US Playing Cards (a division of Jarden Corporation) makes the perfect replacement for Frank Newman.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Chicago and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, a constituent of Northwestern University. Dick DeVos believes that Dolci will be the man to carry on the tenure of Frank Newman, bringing with the kind of experience and expertise that will drive the company toward growth in the industry.

About Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is the chairman and founder of The Stow Company, a division of Amway earlier founded in 1959, by Richards DeVos (his father). Dick DeVos acquired his entrepreneurial skills and experiences working for his father spearheading the company’s operation from 1993 until 2002. He entered into politics by running as the Governor of Michigan, but was outdone by his Democratic compatriot.

Both Dick and his wife Betsy have promoted education initiatives. The philanthropist couple have continued the DeVos family tradition by donating to schools including Grand Rapids Aviation Trade School, Michigan Christian school among others. They established the Education freedom Fund, an initiative that offer low-income students with scholarships to attend private schools.

He is a serious supporter of liberal democratic political leaders and has been involved in funding a number of their campaigns. Dick DeVos is also one of the 67 richest American businessmen with a net worth of approximately $5 billion.

Bustle’s 7-Day Experiment With Wen Conditioner



WEN has been around for a while, and the shampoos and conditioners from the line promise to make the hair healthier and shinier. These products are created by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean. It is made from natural plant extracts and oils, and are free of many of the harsh chemicals that are in some hair products. Bustle’s Emily McClure tried the Sephora Fig conditioner from Wen for seven days, so if you’re wondering if Wen will do wonders for your hair, here are a few details that will help you make your final decision.
During the first three days of the experiment, McClure washed her hair each morning. She states that her hair felt thicker after just one use, and her hair was shiny and felt especially moisturized. On the fourth day, she didn’t use the conditioner because she was in a rush, but her hair was still free of frizz. However, since Wen conditioner had made her hair oily, it didn’t keep a curl for very long that day.

By the end of the week, McClure went out with friends and got a few comments on how shiny and healthy her hair looked. She says that she’d recommend Wen conditioner to women with naturally thin hair, as well as women who are accustomed to washing and styling their hair on a daily basis.

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NutriMost: Weightloss and Nutrition Made Easy



NutriMost innovation is the latest health and nutrition advancement to help more people get more fit and keep weight off quicker than at any other time. This weightless phenomenon may be the best program for health and wellness in the last ten years.

NutriMost Connecticut emerged in 2014. It is an establishment of NutriMost – a nationally recognized health and wellness organization. NutriMost Connecticut’s proprietor – Dr. Mitch Gordon, DC – is an authorized chiropractic doctor who has been practicing for more than 20 years

NutriMost utilizes progressive innovation to tweak individual needs for every patient. Everybody puts on weight distinctively and gets in shape in different ways so programs that don’t address every patient’s particular needs will undoubtedly come up short where NutriMost succeeds.

NutriMost succeeds where other health and nutrition therapy plans come up short. There is a litany of stories of individuals losing 20 or more pounds in the initial 40 days. This incorporates Dr. Mitch himself, who lost 38 lbs. on the system.

Not just do patients lose the weight on NutriMost however Dr. Mitch and his staff show them how to keep it off. Every patient does a “reset stage” to secure their weight set at a particular number and afterward are taught how to dependably keep their weight inside two pounds of that number.

The reason it works so well is that it is tweaked for every patient. No two individuals think alike, resemble the other alike or act alike so why might they utilize the same project to shed pounds? NutriMost utilizes cutting edge innovation that measures your body to decide an exact arrangement for every person to shed pounds the best.

I Keep My Retirement Money At Laidlaw & Company



I came to Laidlaw & Company to get the help that I needed with my retirement because there was no other way for me to invest my money. I needed someone to help me, and I wanted to be sure that I was going to be in a place where people get really good results. It is really easy for me to get the results I want because I see my account growing every year as I pay into it. The Laidlaw & Company staff is there to help me, and they are showing me the best ways to make a retirement portfolio that is worth it.

I have been able to get the results that I want from the company because they are providing me with help on how to move the money around so that I am going to make the most money. I have been able to make a nice retirement income because of what Laidlaw & Company has done, and they are going to keep helping me make sure that I am going to have the best time seeing the portfolio improve. I would prefer to make sure that I am going to be able to get the right kinds of help from a professional instead of just doing it on my own.

I also want to make sure that I am going to be able to save money on fees and other things that could cut into my money. Laidlaw & Company helps me save money, and it is going to be the best thing for me because I am going to see interest on these things when I am taking my retirement. It is going to be much easier for me to get the help that I need, and I will be able to retire well.

Yeonmi Park – Her Voice Is Her Weapon Of Choice



If you look at Yeonmi Park, you will see a young girl with bright eyes and a beautiful smile. She may look like many other young people from a nice background, looking forward to a promising future. However, if you look closer, you will see there is a story worth hearing behind her somber smile and haunting eyes.
Park grew up in North Korea under the oppressive regime of Kim Jong-il. The reality of everyday life in North Korea is something most people could never comprehend. Food was a luxury. Park remembers at times subsisting on mere insects and grass. Flushing toilets, toilet paper, and showers were not things she was acquainted with growing up.

Her father was imprisoned when she was very young and sentenced to 17 years in prison simply for trying to feed his family. In 2007, at thirteen years of age, Park fled with her mother. The unbearable atrocities she and her mother suffered on their journey to freedom was tragic.

Upon entering China, instead of finding refuge, she found even more inhumanity. Yeonmi watched as her own mother was raped right in front of her eyes. The man kept Park as a sex slave for the next two years. Her mother was subsequently sold to another man.

The pair were later reunited when Park was released and her mother was bought back. Her father joined them but sadly died a few months later of untreated colon cancer.

Finally defecting to South Korea, she finished high school in Seoul. It was when she was invited as a public speaker to openly talk about her life in North Korea she realized that her voice could make a difference to millions. She became an activist and has written a book about her experiences.

Not surprisingly, she has come under scrutiny in the public eye. Many have claimed discrepancies in her story. Despite everything, Park remains solid in her convictions, stating on the that she knows the truth of North Korea: the oppression and the tragedies. She will not be silenced. For Park, her voice and Youtube videos are her weapon of choice.



Two Million Followers Inspire Others on Lime Crime’s Account; Doe Deere Blissfully Adjusts Her Crown




The most effective means to gain business exposure in the twenty-first century is to take to social media. Beauty brands are easily marketed on platforms like Instagram, and followers adore being able to upload their looks in an attempt to inspire others. Lime Crime, for example, is a makeup line that recently exceeded two million followers on IG by taking an original approach to social media.

Nude lips, natural eyes, and humdrum hairdos have no place on Lime Crime’s account. Instead, followers send other fans across the globe pictures of their unique looks for the day. Black velvet lips, hot pink hair, and blinged out, vibrant nails compose the photos on Lime Crime’s page, and followers cannot wait to share, attempt to execute looks, and inspire others each day. As CEO, e,Doe Deer revels in the excitement her followers feel, her compassionate approach to a cut-throat industry certainly continues to bloom.

The mother of three cats was born in Russia where she demonstrated a passion for originality, expression, and music at a young age. Upon moving to the United States, Deere lived in New York. Of course, being surrounded by constant inspiration and edge allowed the princess of pizzazz to not only meet her husband, but to form the fairytale rock band, Sky Salt, with him. Pursuing her original goal of becoming a musician, Deere never skipped a beat when it came to adorning her own face with colorful makeup that she created herself.

Reporting that she was never able to find lively colors in big-name stores, the designer began creating her own. Feeling a sense of compassion for people like her who were also unable to find animated makeup, Deere decided to launch the brand that the public recognizes today: Lime Crime. Her fans quickly became known as unicorns, and they galloped to the counters in order to purchase the products that were never once attainable. Their freedom to express themselves was Deere’s overall goal, and the available platforms to share their creations are certainly an added bonus that benefits both the CEO and followers. By colorizing one face at a time, the unicorn queen has undoubtedly altered the makeup industry for the better.

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The Success of Organo Gold



One of the top coffee companies within this popular industry is that of Organo Gold. Organo Gold is one of the premier coffee distributors that has become increasingly popular not only for the many health benefits that the company provides, but also for the delicious taste of the actual product. Organo Gold is a company that not only specializes in providing health-oriented coffee, but also in offering a delicious taste through a variety of products to choose from. Organo Gold sells consumers not just coffee, but also hot chocolate, an assortment of teas, as well as skin care and hair care products. Founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, this company has grown at an exponential rate within the last eight years.

Bernardo Chua has always has a love for coffee. He is a Filipino businessman that has combined his extensive knowledge and experience along with his love for coffee to make a great and beloved product. Mr. Chua and his team have the current mission of not only spreading the importance of healthy living, but also of creating a product that makes everyone feel happy and focused in order to get through a day with a smile on the face. Bernardo Chua wants to spread the education of healthy living globally and has already seen an impact as millions of individuals are now consuming his product.

The secret to Organo Gold’s success is the use of Ganoderma which is an ancient Chinese herb. Ganoderma has been used to cure ailments for thousands of years and has never been used in modern day mainstream products. Bernardo Chua has been to China several times and now ones the world to understand how this small herb can make a huge difference in overall health as well as attitude. Ganoderma has even been scientifically proven to promote weight loss, relieve stress, and improve the sleeping cycle. This is all done through the simple process of increasing oxygen within the body.

Organo Gold was founded by Bernardo Chua in 2008 and has since then rapidly grown. In recent news, Organo Gold announced its new expansion into Turkey. This is a milestone for Organo Gold has Turkey now gives the company direct access to both Europe and Asia. This country is also special to Bernardo Chua because Turkey is famously known for having some of the best coffee in the world. Bernardo Chua is excited to see what the future holds for him and his company.  Follow Bernardo on his Facebook, or else read more about his career on CrunchBase.

The New Healthy Trend In Dog Food



Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Freshpet Inc.’s manufacturing facility produces a healthier alternative for your pets food. The company makes refrigerated pet foods, putting it alongside several other companies that have been swept up by the growing trend of making healthier foods for your dogs and cats. Facebook dog-owner groups are seeking more nutritious, sensible foods for their furry friends, and many of the companies providing these healthier pet foods are making dog and cat food that tastes like the food you eat at your dinner table.
For several years, pet food companies have been using lamb and salmon meat in their pet food formulas. While these are healthy, providing much needed nutrients to your beloved pets, there has long been more that can be done. Now, companies like Freshpet have been following the trend started by pet foods such as Beneful. These companies have been working towards creating healthier pet food.

From pet foods created for weight loss to help overweight dogs and cats obtain a healthier weight, to Purinastore’s website ( that allows pet lovers to create their own custom blend of health conscious pet foods, it is clear that the growing trend in healthy pet foods is here to stay. Dog and cat lovers love their dogs and cats.

Many of these new pet foods sold at WalMart are quite delicious, and are even taste tested by humans. With dog foods like lasagna, beef stroganoff and even duck jerky and grilled beef, companies are focusing not only on taste but also removing artificial flavors and colors.
Sound familiar? That’s because people have been looking for the same things in the food they eat lately too.

At the front of all these new innovations in healthy dog foods in Beneful, one of the first to catch the new healthier dog food trend. Beneful’s dog foods contain health boosting amounts of calcium. It provides dogs every nutrient they need to maintain proper levels of health, as well as DHA. DHA provides your dog brain and eyes the nutrients they need to function properly. has also led the trend in quality ingredients, using real chicken and flavoring with vegetables like peas and carrots to help your dog be as healthy as he can be. Its ingredients include health boosting yellow corn, flour made from whole wheat and more.

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George Soros Explains His Plan For Easing The Refugee Problems



Leaders of the European Union have recently been seeking the best options to handle the problems affecting the continent wide political group in the wake of the influx of refugees crossing its borders. In a Market Watch article George Soros revealed the steps he would take if in charge of the European Union’s response to the refugee crisis. The large majority of refugees are arriving in Europe from Syria, but other economic and political migrants are also arriving who Soros believes are being lost in the large numbers of Syrian’s fleeing conflict in the country on

George Soros believes the European Union has the ability to accept around one million refugees each year, and could do so with little impact to member states if the refugees are dispersed fairly across the continent. The Hungarian born hedge fund billionaire believes the European Union should be providing financial support to the refugees who have made their way into Europe or are stranded in countries like Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan; Soros hopes the leaders of the European Union on will use their AAA credit rating in a bid to provide support for the four million refugees already waiting to enter the EU.

The history of George Soros shows he has always had a good grasp on the political situation in various parts of the world; perhaps the best example of this is the role Soros played in the devaluation of the British Pound when he made around $1 billion from the Bank of England in 1992. George Soros has built a fortune of more than $25 billion from his hedge fund, which saw growth of around 20 percent each year throughout the latter half of the 20th century.

Now setting his sights on the leaders of the European Union George Soros believes a uniform approach to the immigration problems facing the EU will limit the future issues facing the continent. Soros believes the EU should create a continent wide immigration agency that can establish dedicated routes for refugees and move them to their chosen destination. Soros explains his belief that the EU should use its triple A rating to provide billions of dollars to spend on the refugee crisis in the future; the financial expert explains each refugee could be provided with around $17,000 per year to ease their transition to life in a new country.