The New Healthy Trend In Dog Food



Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Freshpet Inc.’s manufacturing facility produces a healthier alternative for your pets food. The company makes refrigerated pet foods, putting it alongside several other companies that have been swept up by the growing trend of making healthier foods for your dogs and cats. Facebook dog-owner groups are seeking more nutritious, sensible foods for their furry friends, and many of the companies providing these healthier pet foods are making dog and cat food that tastes like the food you eat at your dinner table.
For several years, pet food companies have been using lamb and salmon meat in their pet food formulas. While these are healthy, providing much needed nutrients to your beloved pets, there has long been more that can be done. Now, companies like Freshpet have been following the trend started by pet foods such as Beneful. These companies have been working towards creating healthier pet food.

From pet foods created for weight loss to help overweight dogs and cats obtain a healthier weight, to Purinastore’s website ( that allows pet lovers to create their own custom blend of health conscious pet foods, it is clear that the growing trend in healthy pet foods is here to stay. Dog and cat lovers love their dogs and cats.

Many of these new pet foods sold at WalMart are quite delicious, and are even taste tested by humans. With dog foods like lasagna, beef stroganoff and even duck jerky and grilled beef, companies are focusing not only on taste but also removing artificial flavors and colors.
Sound familiar? That’s because people have been looking for the same things in the food they eat lately too.

At the front of all these new innovations in healthy dog foods in Beneful, one of the first to catch the new healthier dog food trend. Beneful’s dog foods contain health boosting amounts of calcium. It provides dogs every nutrient they need to maintain proper levels of health, as well as DHA. DHA provides your dog brain and eyes the nutrients they need to function properly. has also led the trend in quality ingredients, using real chicken and flavoring with vegetables like peas and carrots to help your dog be as healthy as he can be. Its ingredients include health boosting yellow corn, flour made from whole wheat and more.

More information on this new trend can be found here

George Soros Explains His Plan For Easing The Refugee Problems



Leaders of the European Union have recently been seeking the best options to handle the problems affecting the continent wide political group in the wake of the influx of refugees crossing its borders. In a Market Watch article George Soros revealed the steps he would take if in charge of the European Union’s response to the refugee crisis. The large majority of refugees are arriving in Europe from Syria, but other economic and political migrants are also arriving who Soros believes are being lost in the large numbers of Syrian’s fleeing conflict in the country on

George Soros believes the European Union has the ability to accept around one million refugees each year, and could do so with little impact to member states if the refugees are dispersed fairly across the continent. The Hungarian born hedge fund billionaire believes the European Union should be providing financial support to the refugees who have made their way into Europe or are stranded in countries like Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan; Soros hopes the leaders of the European Union on will use their AAA credit rating in a bid to provide support for the four million refugees already waiting to enter the EU.

The history of George Soros shows he has always had a good grasp on the political situation in various parts of the world; perhaps the best example of this is the role Soros played in the devaluation of the British Pound when he made around $1 billion from the Bank of England in 1992. George Soros has built a fortune of more than $25 billion from his hedge fund, which saw growth of around 20 percent each year throughout the latter half of the 20th century.

Now setting his sights on the leaders of the European Union George Soros believes a uniform approach to the immigration problems facing the EU will limit the future issues facing the continent. Soros believes the EU should create a continent wide immigration agency that can establish dedicated routes for refugees and move them to their chosen destination. Soros explains his belief that the EU should use its triple A rating to provide billions of dollars to spend on the refugee crisis in the future; the financial expert explains each refugee could be provided with around $17,000 per year to ease their transition to life in a new country.

Queens Of Drama Brings Production To TV



Queens of Drama is a show that follows some daytime actresses who have come together to use girlpower to start a new TV show. One of the players is Crystal Hunt who is famous for being on daytime TV and being in the Magic Mike film series. She is a gorgeous blonde who is trying to use her time as a daytime actress to help get her own show off the ground. She has a background in TV that gives her the right experience, and she has a face that America loves.

According to her Facebook Crystal Hunt is on the show as one of a group of girls who are all actresses. This is a hard industry to work in, and these women are looking for a way to make their own show get a pilot order. They hope to get a pilot order by the end of the season, but they have to spend a long time developing the show to make sure that they have all that they need to get the pilot order.

Crystal Hunt is one of the no nonsense girls on the team who will not take no for an answer, and she is looking for ways to make sure that all the girls get on camera so that they can shoot their own show. She has had some success in TV and movies, but now she wants to get even farther behind the camera to see if she can direct and produce. She wants to be able to extend her career by doing this, and the other ladies on the show want to do the same thing.

Queens of Drama is the perfect example of people who are taking their chance to make a name for themselves and go even farther. They will be able to make a show that people will see every week, and they can all star in the show as a group of women who have empowered themselves. People who want to learn about TV production can watch Queens of Drama to learn what goes into a show, and people who love Crystal Hunt can tune in to see her face in every episode. There are other daytime actresses that people will recognize, and it is important that all people watching remember that these women are doing the work from scratch. They are creating something brilliant with only their dream and industry experience.  Check out Crystal’s photography page for another dimension of her work, or her YouTube reel to get a feel for her talents.

Can we trust white shark media?



White Shark Media is a somewhat well-known media platform that says it will help you build your business, and just get more people to go to your website, but How good are they at their job? are they worth their cost to their clients? Lastly are they good with getting foreign customers to buy from your online store? do they let people talk about them openly? Lets see what the public has to say about them in their reviews.

According to hundreds of reviews that I have looked at in my research, this is indeed a good, and reliable company that does it’s best to do exactly what it promises. It helps all kinds of businesses get more repeat customers. Almost every person who hired White Shark Media is happy, or content with their results, gaining anywhere between a small boost they needed to really get started as a company. Everyone who hired them to get more co-workers to talk on a social media platform also gained a lot of traffic, and are doing well.

White Shark Media seems to charge a very agreeable fee for it’s services, not too high, but not too low either. they don’t just work for businesses, they also help individual clients get fellow co-workers get together for a chat meeting after work. They also help with blog sites getting you from barely noticed to having a constant flow of people, and keeps growing little by little.

A PodNutz newsletter says that even though White Shark Media is a trust worthy company that will do what it can to help all of its clients, it does seem to be much better at helping small to medium businesses rather than large ones. Clients claim to get the boost they need whether it be constant traffic, repeat customers, or just a quick temporary increase in sales for their small to medium businesses – you can learn more at:

However they also claim that this site is not a miracle worker, and the increase doesn’t seem to be enough for a large business to really notice the difference in customers.

A popular Youtube video has it that White Shark Media provides many platforms where anyone can talk about their experience with their company proving that they have nothing to hide from anyone. If you have a problem or question just post it on one of these platforms, and a representative will answer your question promptly. In short White Shark Media is a great online media company that can be depended on.

Emily McClure’s Wen by Chaz Experience



At some point, everyone has seen the hair QVC commercial with the woman shaking her bouncy shiny hair, after using a Wen hair product. Emily McClure was one of these people, and she opted to try the hair product on her fine hair. She opted to try the fig version as it promised extra bounce, shine and moisture.

On the first day, she used the recommended amount of WEN Hair, which is ten pumps, to clean her messy, greasy and unruly hair. After washing, massaging and letting it soak for a while, her hair felt like it had more volume. She also noted that no strands were falling out and after blow drying it looked shiny and bouncy.

On the days when she didn’t get to shower, she noticed that her hair was greasy and frizzy. After she used the product, it went back to its shiny, voluminous look. She also tried using the conditioner with her other hair products, like heat protectant and texturizing paste. At the end of the day, her hair maintained its shine and was looking healthy.

She eventually settled into the routine of using the product in the mornings, to avoid waking up with greasy hair. An observation she made was that Wen made her hair soft. Therefore when she curled it, the curls did not last for long.

After a week of using the product, Emily recommends it for people with fine hair. In her words she will use it one days when she craves ‘the extra shine’ .The details of her whole week are available on the bustle and can be accessed using this link:

About Wen by Chaz

Wen by Chaz is a line of hair products that is available online thru It aims to care for hair without using harsh chemicals, while keeping the hair hydrated. The owner and creator Chaz Dean, begun his passion for hair as a photographer. He later enrolled in cosmetology school. Dean owns a salon in Bel air, which offers and serene environment for his Hollywood clientele.


Denim Can Be A Bad Addiction




Denim can be a bad addiction for anyone, and the idea that someone would wear too much of it could be cringeworthy for people who love fashion. Denim has to be used in moderation, and it has to work for people on a lot of different levels if it is even going to be worth it.

Denim in this fashion survey got out of hand, and the people who are using it too much are probably having too much fun shopping at JustFab. JustFab has everything that a shopper needs, but the shopper needs to make sure that they are not wearing too much of it. A great pair of jeans can go a long way, and a denim top works with other kinds of clothes that have wild colors. Adding them all together is too much, and it is important for people to check the whole catalog at JustFab to see what they can get.

The next thing that people need to do is be very careful of some of the things that they would wear as accessories. Denim shoes or hats can be great when they are paired with things that are nothing like denim, but there are a lot of people who will wear nothing but denim in the hope that they will match. This is not a good way to match, and it is not going to help people who are trying to look fashion forward.

JustFab opens the minds of people who are shopping because it makes it a lot easier for people to find the things that they need. This means that a lot of people are going to be able to get the clothes they need in one place, and they can get something that works with all their denim. That is much smarter than wearing all denim, and it keeps the addiction from getting out of control. People who know that their denim addiction is out of control are going to have to start shopping in a smarter place, and they need to make sure that they are looking for something more when they can.

A Day in the Life of my Beneful Dogs:



For my beloved ‘pack’ nothing is more important than making sure I can keep them around as long as possible. This means ensuring the best nutrition available, and that’s why we start our days with Beneful Originals—my large dog is partial to the beef (he likes the crunchy pieces), but our smaller pup prefers Incredibites because they’re easier for her little mouth to gobble up.

After they’ve had their morning fill we take a walkabout so they can exercise their noses and take care of their ‘doggy business’. A morning walk usually leads to the dog park (because we all know who is the boss), and good behavior is rewarded with their absolute favorite treat, Beneful Baked Delights, my dogs go bonkers for those apple and bacon goodies. Sometimes, they get a special surprise and get a play-date with their canine compatriots Bowser and Bronco; they’re on the mature side of doggy-hood, but thanks to Beneful’s Playful Life blend they are as spry and as puppy-like as ever.

A long day of play and pets makes for a sleepy pack some bedtime, but I still have one treat up my sleeve and it’s their favorite—Beneful Chopped Blends. As far as the dogs are concerned it’s a full-on feast cementing my status as the greatest pack leader around. I love to give them the best products out there to help them live a long and healthy life, and thanks to Purinastore Beneful products I can still spoil them while taking care of their overall health and wellness. Beneful also offers specialty treats click link to learn more:


What There is to Know about the Capital Restructuring-Madison Street Capital Video



Having been at the top for so long when it comes to the investment world on, it is easy to see how so many have come to rely on the investment banking group known as Madison Street Capital. Middle-market firms are one of the things on the minds of the staff at Madison Street Capital, they are trying to make it so that the firms for Middle-market that are looking for any types of corporate solutions are able to find a reliable source for all the things that they need. This has become the number one priority at Madison Street Capital. They work hard so as to make their clients get the best of the best when it comes to finding the right types of funding. They even get their funding from loads of different places, like venture capital groups and asset-based lenders, many different types of credit providers have become part of the Madison Street Capital plan.

Many have come to Madison Street Capital, asking the staff just how they are able to do what it is that they do, and how they are able to do it well. Every time this happens on, the staff at Madison Street Capital has the same answer, they use corporate valuation expertise, financing relationships and their well-known debt restructuring experience. The plan they have put together is so perfect that they are pretty much able to help all the businesses out there that are in need of their assistance.

Business and corporate financing are just two of the things that Madison Street Capital has had a lot of success with since the day that they opened up their doors. They have had loads of success with things like early-stage businesses, funding firms who have recently become established and also targeted startup situations. Over the past years of being in business, Madison Street Capital has made a great reputation for themselves, and all of the staff have a lot to offer, including working capital, mergers and acquisitions, management buyouts and growth capital plus many more.

Madison Street Capital

Throughout history, Madison Street Capital has made their business into one of the biggest and best corporations in the world to go to for any funding needs. Everyone who has come through their doors has found the help that they received through Madison Street Capital to be quite helpful. In fact, most of the clients who visit Madison Street Capital have quickly become repeat clients, and have even offered them up as a recommendation for a great place to go to for funding.

iFunding Provides the Customer With Investments Tailored To Their Needs



The team at iFunding want to ensure their customers get the maximum amount of benefits from their platform and therefore offer a unique investment opportunity that meets each individuals strategy. The platform at iFunding screens hundreds of potential investors on a monthly basis and only lists those that provide the best outcomes. There are many real estate properties on offer some of these include, mixed used spaces, commercial, mobile home park portfolios. condo estates, multi family buildings, home refurbishments or even new home construction. On the iFunding platform it is possible to achieve extremely strong due diligence on the investment opportunities available as well as very detailed monitoring process. All documents relating to the pre-vetted deals are supplied online by the iFunding team. This includes construction and insurance certificates, project/developer background research, pro forma projections, comps, strategy explanations as well as videos and photos of the project. There is also the opportunity for customers to attend webinars with the operator of the project in order to state concerns as well as ask questions and direct enquiries.

Essentially iFunding allows the users to leverage the power of crowdfunding with regards to real estate investments which prior to this platform was not possible. This is a growing global trend which is essentially driven by both technology and global securities. There are also changes with regards to the Jobs Act which now allow investors of all backgrounds to access a greater diversity of asset classes that offer very attractive returns. As an example the crowdfunding platform has been utilized for consumer lending which is another asset class and this has seen the commitment of more than $5 billion.

iFunding is possibly the best opportunity when it comes to real estate crowdfunding platforms. They have been featured in publications throughout the country. The team of senior executives at iFunding have underwritten billions in real estate financing which gives them great credibility to help those interested in taking the leap into real estate investments. We have William Skelley to thank for this innovation as he is the founder of iFunding. iFunding was first started in July 2012 and has since exploded onto the market making significant returns for its investors thanks to the team of professionals working at iFunding. CrunchBase indicates they are the leaders in this market segment and continue to strive forward.

Illegally Blonde




Reese Witherspoon has found herself in the news again, and not because she won a second Academy Award. The actress and owner of the fashion line known as Draper James is in hot water following accusations of design theft. Witherspoon’s label now faces a five million dollar lawsuit for allegedly stealing imagery created by Jeweller, Jordann Weingaertner. Recently Vogue wrote in depth article addressing the issue, and delving into the particulars of the latest drama, which can be read here, in Vogue… for those interested in more of the scandalous details. In short, Weingartner feels that a tote bag crafted by Draper James shows a blooming flower with the letter ‘D’ front and center is a little too similar to designs featured in Weingartner’s ‘Magnolia’ line. In fact, the jeweller claims she is sure the Oscar winner had prior knowledge of the design after receiving a necklace featuring an image she feels is all too similar to her own work. Frustrated, Weingartner has only made this a legal issue because Witherspoon refused to respond.

The premier online fashion retailer is still JustFab, a subscription based service that revolves around the various tastes of it’s users. Designed to be the perfect model for fashion experts in search of a more individualized shopping experience. On JustFab, it’s members can customize their preferences so that they may find that perfect bag, jewellery, or pair of jeans. Follow JustFab on Pinterest!