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Vijay Eswaran on Education, Entrepreneurship, and Cybersecurity

The world Chinese economic forum attracted leaders from different countries. The theme for the forum was towards a common future: enhancing new opportunities in a changing world. Vijay Eswaran was one of the panelists, and the topic they were talking about was shaping the digital economy: building an ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship. The topic covered a wide variety of aspects such as the role of governments in regulating and monitoring the future world. Other panelists were Dr. Tanri Abeng, Mr. Goh Peng Ooi, and Mr. Brian Wee of MIG group and Mr. Jason Ma of ThreeEQ Inc.

Vijay while speaking on digital economy talked about the importance of developing institutional trust which he believes is crucial in improving the connection between consumers and tech companies. There is no doubt that he understands the importance of technological advancements in building consumer trust.

Vijay also talked about cybersecurity. He believes that to maintain cyber security, it is necessary to have a public-private partnership which is still behind. Managing a company that is present in over 30 countries, Vijay knows how there are no boundaries to protect yourself.

His thoughts on education were that the education system should be modernized. He believes that education should include digitization starting from kindergarten. Eswaran also touched a bit on entrepreneurship saying that governments should support growth. He believes the government can support growth by addressing the needs of the business community.

Vijay Eswaran is a well-known entrepreneur from Malaysia. He is also an international speaker, author, and philanthropist. Eswaran founded QI group and is also the executive chairman of the companies. The company has its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur but operates in over 30 countries. He got an award at the 3rd annual Chinese world economic forum for lifetime achievement in regional philanthropy. Eswaran is also in Forbes Asia’s list of Heroes of philanthropy.

Great insights about Jeunesse Global

Every individual gets older as years go by. It is a fact of life which many people seem to defy and find ways to remain young. Many people today are genuine when it comes to maintaining their youthful look. Many companies have come up with products to enhance looks and remain youthful. The biggest problem is identifying the right product to use. Although legitimate companies are selling useful products, some have taken advantage of the insecurity to sell products which do not work. Jeunesse Global has been there for several years now, and it has been renowned for supplying cosmetic products claiming to help people look young and maintain their youthful look. Many people would want to know the company legit? Read and get useful insights to help you make the right decision.

Background information

Jeunesse Global is a company that has been in the business for more than two decades. It came from a humble beginning when it was born in 2009. The people responsible for the starting of the company are Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The two are experienced entrepreneurs because they had been working in the industry for many years. It is not a wonder that they have managed to market the organization to become a global one. The two had already retired, but they were energetic and felt they could do a lot even in their retirement. The products they were using at the time were made to enhance their look like adults. They wanted other people in different parts of the world to acquire the same privilege, and this is why they launched Jeunesse Global.

Wendy and Ray are great network marketers, and this is one of the reasons they decided to use the same method to market their products. They also wanted to give other an opportunity to change their lives by becoming entrepreneurs and selling these products. Anyone can take part in this program regardless of where they are located. It only takes your willingness to market, and you start making money through their genuine program. Jeunesse Global gives you excellent compensation when you decide to become a distributor of their program. They also offer bonuses, and they want as many people as possible to benefit from this program.

Steve Ritchie, The New CEO of Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie became the new CEO of Papa John’s in January of 2018. He released a message to all customers, employees, and franchisees stating the new campaign for the company. Papa John’s leadership has now completed an “unconscious bias training” and plans to have the rest of the company’s employees complete this training as well. Steve Ritchie also visited some big cities to listen to employees and franchisees to better understand how the company can do better. He also stated that he will add more diversity to leadership in the Papa John’s company.

Steve Ritchie said that he went into the pizza business 25 years ago because it brings people together. That everyone can work side by side, from all different types of backgrounds. He said that diversity and equity are incredibly important to him and he plans to make that a top priority in the Papa John’s company.

Steve Ritchie plans have Papa John’s support organizations that help get rid of our biases that do not bring us together. They would also like to celebrate and focus on the things that do bring us together. They are making changes that will develop a program for women and minorities to help create diversity and inclusion. Steve Ritchie would also like his customers, employees, and franchisees to keep him accountable with this so progress can be made.

Papa John’s wants to focus on the people because Steve Ritchie believes that “people are at the heart of our business.” The Papa John’s company has a franchise assistance program that will now include reduced royalty fees, online fees, and foodservice pricing through the end of 2018. New funds will also be directed to marketing and the re-branding to help the company go in its new direction. They would like this branding and marketing to set Papa John’s apart and to refocus on regaining trust with their customers. They are especially focusing on the Millenial and Gen Z customers.

How Unroll.Me Is Making An Impact On The Market

Unroll. Me is an email subscription management service. The service allows people to get rid of any unwanted subscriptions and roll up the rest into a customized overview. The roll-up offers people a thorough summary of their subscriptions. Each email is put into a specific roll up category. Unroll.Me takes your gray mail and generates short previews. That way, users can only open messages that they are interested in.

Recently, Unroll.Me announced that they are creating a new android app. Normally users would have to connect their email account to Unroll.Me’s services. However, Unroll.Me Chief Executive Officer Jojo Hedaya says that the creation of the new app will allow users to simply swipe and unsubscribe. Unroll.Me allows users to manage all of their subscriptions. Hedaya says that Unroll.Me is trying to separate itself from traditional solutions.

The company also announced that they will no longer serve users in Europe due to a new data protection enforcement regime that are under General Data Protection Regulations. Unroll.Me says that they are unable to comply with all of the GDPR requirements.

Unroll.Me wants to avoid stripping away personal information that could lead to complex market research products that track consumer trends. However, Unroll.Me says on its privacy policy page that a user’s personal information may be shared.

The General Data Protection Regulation does have tight consent requirements for processing personal data. The GDPR says that processing personal data must be a clear affirmative act. The GDPR expects companies to explicitly explain what they plan to do with people’s data.

Any consent must now be separate from other written agreements and written in an easily accessible structure with clearly defined language. There is expected to be a drastic shift in the habits and practices of different companies. Hedaya says that Unroll.Me is excited about the future.

Heather Parry is a Talent You Cannot Ignore

Heather Parry is the president of Live Nation Productions, a company whose foundation has been promoting the Live Entertainment Industry. Under her leadership, Live Nation is now bringing together music and cinema on award winning projects such as the story of the Eagles Death Metal return to Paris, the Netflix movie Gaga: Five Foot Two, and the Puff Daddy documentary Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.

Parry is known for dealing with controversial topics and for adding unconventional spins to stories. For example, after her involvement with the film Believer, it turned from a simple story about Dan Reynolds (lead singer for Imagine Dragons) growing up as a Mormon to a story about how his beliefs forced his church to reconsider their LGBTQ stance.

Once she becomes excited about a project, Parry pursues it until successful completion. When she heard about the remake of A Star is Born, she contacted Blair Rich, Warner Productions worldwide marketing president, to show him how she could use the many assets of Live Nation to expand the films global audience. She installed movie posters at Live Nation concert venues, ran trailers and videos at concert intermissions, and placed ads on sites where fans purchased Gaga concert tickets.

Her efforts raised the profile of A Star is Born to unimagined heights and she approaches each project with the same intensity. Always willing to work and take chances she is confident and assertive in her approach. She believes that if she cannot pitch a project in 30 seconds, then it is not worth the effort. Live Nation has multiple projects in the pipeline that are each designed to go beyond the artist’s music to communicate their true personality. There is no mistaking Parry’s personality. She is a talent who simply will not be ignored.

Herbalife’s Impressive Growth

Herbalife Nutrition Ltd has been on a rising trend and is the preference for most entrepreneurs who want to invest in the health industry. The company has had a 68.7% surge on its stock compared to a decline of 0.1% decline in the industry. This is an indication that Herbalife is on the right track towards becoming one of the most sought-after companies in the health and nutrition industry.

Will this growth trend continue in 2019?

Prominent investors have put their money on the stock of Herbalife because there are enough reasons that indicate that the company will continue to fight for its market space in 2019. Calculations done by experts show that HLF will be among the 30 most popular stocks by the end of its 2019 financial year if it remains consistent in delivering as per the customers’ expectations. Currently, the company is in position 38 as per the hedge funds’ portfolio. This is not bad for HLF given that it entered the health industry not so long ago. Herbalife’s volume in important markets has improved significantly, and this has boosted its global presence. However, of worry are the currency fluctuations that have been witnessed over the recent years.

HLF’s Volume Growth Model

In recent years Herbalife Nutrition has witnessed a steady volume growth. For instance in 2018 during the third quarter, the volume points shot up to 15%. This marked the highest year-on-year volume points that the company had witnessed since 2012. Furthermore, the volume growth indicated that HLF has the potential of achieving even more if its funds are channelled onto the right projects. The model that is used by HLF is results-oriented, and it has led to the massive growth that the company has witnessed.

HLF’s Global Presence

HLF boasts of an extensive product portfolio that includes energy, weight management, sports and fitness products. The company seeks to expand its routes to different parts of the globe. Recently, the company introduced more than 58 products, across 51 countries which are evenly spread across the world.

If Herbalife continues with this strategic growth strategy, then it can sustain a strong bull-run that it has witnessed before.


Paul Mampilly Shows How His Expertise can Help the Average Consumer

Paul Mampilly started working on Wall Street in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager, advancing quickly to making multi-million dollar accounts. Before he realized it a firm with six billion dollars recruited him to manage their hedge fund. This proved to be a smart decision as he helped the firm rise to twenty-five billion dollars giving them the title of “World’s Best Hedge Fund”.

While he enjoyed his successes in the financial world, he longed to spend more time at home and realized that it was time to help the ninety-nine percent of people instead of only focusing on the elite one percent. Paul Mampilly shifted his focus to help everyday people make money with their investments becoming the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing.

At Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly has increased the number of people subscribing to the company’s newsletter. Currently, over ninety thousand people have signed up to receive advice and tips on how to get financially ahead. The newsletter is eight pages and includes stocks that he believes readers should buy. The key thing to note though is that these are not random selections- instead they are stocks that he has seen positive in after studying them day in and day out, often fourteen hours a day.

Paul Mampilly has noticed since he started in the industry that the computers are doing much more of the work than they did in 1991. This has disadvantages to the market because they are tracking prices in a way that understands how other people are trading.

Another thing he has noticed is that companies like Amazon and Tesla have changed peoples thinking of what value is. Originally, the company needed to be producing a lot of money to be worth investing in but companies that started small, even on Wall Street, have grown into major corporations. Those that were on the leading edge of this have benefited.

Listening to someone such as Paul Mampilly will benefit the average consumer as well.

Richard Liu Qiangdong Continues To Dominate The Computer Parts Industry

The life and career of Richard Liu Qiangdong has seen him make a number of impressive moves at what always seems to be the right time for his computer parts brand, The entrepreneur behind the massive success of has shown a willingness to adapt and evolve his business throughout his career to bring as much success as possible to his brand. After developing his love of computers and technology as a software, Richard Liu has shown he has the skills to combine his love of innovation with a strong business sense.

After starting with a single store in the respected Beijing technology center of the Zhongguancun Industrial Park, Richard Liu Qiangdong has become one of the leading figures in the online retail sector. The fragility of the human body is the reason why Richard Liu has become such a stunning online business success after deciding to close his chain of technology stores following the 2003 SARS outbreak in China. Despite achieving some early success with the brand, the graduate of The People’s University of China decided the problem of illness and further epidemics could be avoided by taking his business online.

Richard Liu is one of the leading figures in the global online retail industry, known for his innovative approach to business and marketing. After deciding to take the brand online, the entrepreneur decided to use his own image as one of the selling points of the company. Richard Liu Qiangdong is a popular celebrity in China with a young and flamboyant image capitalizing on the burgeoning socialist market economy.

The ability of the head of to remain at the heart of the success of the brand has been built around the use of the WeChat social media communication platform. Now a partner with, WeChat provides a huge marketing platform for with more than one billion users accessing the social media platform each month across Asia.

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Boraie Development Key Player in New Brunswick Renaissance

In a December 30,2014 article entitled “The Visionary: Omar Boraie has seen the potential of New Brunswick for four decades,” by Tom Bergeron, the then 73 year old president of Boraie Development told of how his vision had been taking shape since 1972. He started making his vision a reality by buying up 21 vacant, dilapidated building on the block where now stands Albany Street Plaza Tower One, built during 80’s and 90s. In 2003 Tower Two was completed, providing more office space.

Next his vision included One Spring Street Condominium, 25 stories with 121 residential units as well as 40 thousand square feet of office space, ten thousand square feet of retail space and a 400 parking space garage completed in 2007. The article also told of all the individuals and organizations that shared his vision and made it possible. Omar said that it is collaboration and cooperation with everyone that is building downtown New Brunswick.

His next undertaking was the 17 story Aspire luxury apartments built to attract professionals, such as doctors, teacher nurses, policemen, firemen and other professional. Wasseem Boraie, Omar’s son and vice president of Boraie Development, added how the building would help New Brunswick continue to grow into a vibrant community, New Brunswick 2.0. Boraie Development also includes Omar’s second son Sam and Hiam, his daughter. He said he loves what he does and working with family. At that time Albany Street Tower Three was in the works.

The tallest tower in New Brunswick will soon be under construction in 2019 at 777 McCarter Highway, It will be 33 stories with 370 units, 20% of the units will be affordable. Through Project IMPACT, local residents will be trained for construction jobs and hired to work on site. NBA star Shaquille O’Neal said he’s moving home and is one of the investors, partnered with Boraie Development, the city of Newark, Goldman Sachs and the state of New Jersey. He had grown up in Newark public housing and was encouraged by his mother to invest in the city. One of the penthouse units will be his new residence.

The $150 million development is dubbed “The House that Shaq Built.”The 33 story structure will offer its residents a view of the Manhattan skyline and sat on the bank of the Passaic River. Omar Boraie’s vision and the city of Brunswick continue to grow with the first high rise built there in the last 50 years.

Give Your Tresses Nourishment With WEN Products

If you’re looking for a way to get beautiful tresses the natural way, then you’ll appreciate WEN hair care products. This product line was developed by Chaz Dean he is very passionate about what he does. He has been styling celebrity hair for years, and he loves to come up with new products that are natural and that do not test on animals. He has a salon in Hollywood, The Chaz Dean Studio, where he styles hair for the rich and famous and for fashion and award shows, see

Chaz Dean; see, is also passionate about photography, and he’s taken man courses on the topic. He is also passionate about coming up with new products that nourish and revive hair. He discovered this talent and passion when he was developing new products for a prestigious company. He attended cosmetology school and worked his way to the top at a salon in Bel Air before relocating to Hollywood where he now works out of his salon. However, despite his great success he is still very humble and is very easy-going. Read more on


WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a 5-in-1 formula that combines shampoo, conditioner, deep-condition, leave-in conditioner, and detangler. It is also sulfate-free so it won’t lather and it won’t damage your hair. To get its great benefits, all you need to do is wet your hair like you normally would when you shampoo your hair and then apply the product. Massage it your scalp and leave in for a few minutes.

Then rinse out thoroughly. It’s recommended that you follow up with a couple of pumps and leave it in to add some extra moisture to your hair. If you have long hair, it’s recommended you use 24-32 pumps. If you have medium-length hair, you should use 16-24 pumps and 10-16 pumps for short hair. Order Wen online on