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Jason Hope: The Dedicated Philanthropist Who Supports SENS Foundation

The inborn aging process is the major risk factor for death as well as disease after around age 30 in most developed countries. It limits the life expectancy at birth to about 85 years. The future significant increases in the average life expectancy is a rough measure of a healthy, productive life-span such as the functional lifespan. Some theories have been formulated to account for the aging process. But, the real challenge lies in finding viable solutions to anti-aging with a focus on creating innovative ideas to attain the fairytale of eternal youth. Jason Hope is a dedicated futurist, and entrepreneur who has financed the researcher of anti-aging. He recently supported an organization to fund its anti-aging research.

Supporting SENS Foundation

Jason Hope donated more than a million dollars to SENS Foundation with the focus being reversing the aging process as well as reducing the human’s body vulnerability to age-related infections including cancer as well as Parkinson’s disease among others. If the research is successful, it will help to slow down the aging process by targeting the build-up of various metabolic wastes in the muscles since it’s the buildup that degenerates a person’s healthy cells thereby causing vulnerability.

The Dedicated Philanthropist

Jason Hope is also a dedicated philanthropist with vast experience in funding stretching the idea of possibilities in the community. He is an author and technologist with multiple startups under his leadership. He donates to various charitable organizations including Worldwide Orphans and Arizona Science. Hope has also donated to other not-for-profit organizations including Family Health International as well as the Andre Agassi Foundation.

Jason Hope’s Education Background

Hope is a serial investor in technology. He has unmatched ability to use various resources to predict the future. Recently, he encouraged his readers to subscribe to the Internet of Things (IoT). Hope is an alumnus of Arizona State University where he studied Bachelor of Science with a specialization in finance. He is also a holder of a master’s degree in business administration from the Carey School of Business. Moreover, he contributes to the development of the Arizona Science Center where he serves as the director.

Hussain Sajwani Call to Mind His Professional Life’s Encounters

Hussain Sajwani is fondly known for being strategic. His early life in addition to education lay foundation to who he is today. His father was a businessman who traded with Indians imported goods from china including watches and shirts. Most of his free time while young was spent at the family business and he therefore garnered much business knowledge from the same.

The United Arab Emirates government took student to study in the US, and Hussain Sajwani became one of the first beneficiary from this project. The real estate developer got admitted at the University of Washington and graduated with honor in Industrial Engineering and Economics. He did not go directly into business as he understood far too well experience was important and so choose the latter. However, while at school he sold the timeshare apartment and made quite a fortune that enable him meet his needs seamlessly.

When it was time, a catering business was the first establishment, that took off well and is still operational today. The idea of DAMAC properties came to being after he had to cease a business opportunity in the real estate market in Dubai. Despite the success of the company known today, it was not an easy thing to start. In fact, he terms it as a highly risky project although he had to do it anyway.

DAMAC properties began on small projects but has grown to work on magnificent structures in Dubai say the mind-blowing Tower among many other projects. This company was recently made public a move he says made the company undergo various structural and operational changes. The boon is that it does not only operate in Dubai but has since expanded globally. Hussain Sajwani gives credit to the business vision that has helped him work towards achieving it.

About Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the Founder and Chairman of DAMAC properties and Global Logistics Services. He is one of the high noteworthy Arabian business people who seeks to have a heavy real estate presence in Asia and beyond. Hussain Sajwani has great interest in Dubai’s development an aspect that keeps him going. He has established good bilateral and multilateral relations with other key businesses and people in the world including President Donald Trump, Tiger Woods and many others.


A trip to the darker side for The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers burst onto the mainstream music scene in 2015 with the song “Roses” which gave them their first top ten single. This duo is made up of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart and they have taken the music scene by storm with their edgy and some might say addictive brand of techno music. The Chainsmokers followed up the first top ten song with further hits Paris and in a collab with Coldplay on the song Something Like This. Usually trying to follow up the success can be a daunting task as a band tries to keep churning out similar sounding songs. However The Chainsmokers took a different route.

The song Sick Boy which came out earlier this year is the first taste of this band’s new and darker sound. Hugh McIntyre from spoke with Pall and Taggart before a show they performed earlier this year to discuss the new song, and the darker sound. AFter not putting out music for nine months, The Chainsmokers surprised their fans and the music industry by releasing a song that was just a taste of the story they hope to tell with the darker tunes.

Not only is the sound different, but the band has grown up a lot in the last few years and this is a reflection of how that growing up has changed them. The darker sound was shaped by anger and frustration at how they were portrayed. The band feels like with how present social media is to just about everyone these days had made it so that no one gets a whole look at a person, and they want to use music as a way for people to relate to each other better and more completely than what is shown through glimpses of online profiles and actions.

The Chainsmokers hope that Sick Boy and the songs that follow it will help people see that we can relate to each other better. Music is a great way for people to relate to each other and express themselves to each other, and The Chainsmokers hope that their music can help achieve a more connected community.

A Cleansing Conditioner That’s Right for You

If you’re trying to find the best sustenance for your locks without the worry of exhausting your hair, then you should try using a cleansing conditioner. One benefit of using a cleansing conditioner, is that it helps to repair the nutrients to all hair types and textures, no matter the damage. According to, the next benefit of using a cleansing conditioner, is that you can help save your hairs nutrients by saying good-bye to the hair product that slowly destroys your hairs natural nourishment every time you wash with it, shampoo. Another benefit of using a cleansing conditioner, is that it helps to relieve your hair of knots and dandruff due to the moisturizing formula inside the conditioner, leaving your hair looking and feeling, not only soft, but refreshed. To guarantee that your hair will gain these results from using the cleansing conditioner that’s right for you, you must: wet your hair, squeeze just enough of the conditioner into your hand to do your hair justice (initially 2.5 cm in diameter), gently massage the conditioner into your hair and scalp, let it sit in your hair for about 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. If you have fine or wavy hair use this product once every other week, if you have curly hair use this product once a week, and if you have zigzags or corkscrew like patterns use this product daily.

Therefore, if you’re looking for something that will bring back that lively zing to your hair, then you should try cleansing conditioner products. WEN by Chaz has a variety of cleansing conditioners for you to choose from that work on all types of hair and textures. Plus, people have seen amazing results, for instance, people who have used the WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner have claimed to have more moisture in their hair, an added shine, and that it’s more manageable. WEN by Chaz Dean cleansing conditioners also have nutritional ingredients, such as, herbs and extracts in them which help the hair to repair and strengthen itself. The cleansing conditioner from WEN by Chaz can even replace other hair products, like your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioners due to the 5-in-1 formula. WEN by Chaz is also a very popular choice among women due to the fact that it has all natural ingredients, leaving their hair feeling voluptuous, healthy, and manageable with a movie star shine. For more details, visit



Oren Frank’s Twitter And Talkspace

I’d advise you to check out Oren Frank’s twitter feed. The CEO of Talkspace posts some incredibly interesting articles. The first one that pops up shows you that rising temperatures are linked to increased suicide rates across the globe. That’s an incredibly astonishing and startling idea as global climate change takes hold of our ecosystem. And that idea must be most terrifying for our youngest generation: millennials.

CEO Oren Frank’s Talkspace is quite an intriguing tech company. Its entire mission is to help those in need no matter where they are on planet Earth. It offers up affordable weekly rates for the privilege of talking to licensed mental health professionals. It’s just $79 per week to have video chat privileges or you can choose the text messaging privilege for just $49 per week.

This service comes at a time when loneliness, depression and suicide seem to be on the rise. A recent scientific study of mental health shows a measurable increase in depression and anxiety among millennials. Productivity takes a major hit from those suffering from depression and anxiety. These mental health issues can cause young people to lose their jobs and see their relationships unravel.

Talkspace’s messaging service is incredibly convenient and seemingly anonymous. It’s a great way to get people who may be skeptical about mental health services the help they need. They can dip their toe into the water, so to speak, to test the effectiveness of treatment. It’s services like this that has CEO Oren Frank claiming that Talkspace has helped over 1 million people.

The company has been around for five years but is just now kicking it into overdrive. Oren Frank has recently hired chief medical officer Neil Leibowitz in order to prepare to take the company public. The move may allow Talkspace to begin prescribing medications online in an effort to help even more people and increase the valuation of the company.

Of course, CEO Oren Frank’s Talkspace will have to work under state and federal regulations in order to begin to prescribe medications. But the company seems committed to excluding opiate prescriptions across the board.

The Growth of Zeco Auriemo and Why He Recently Hosted a Dinner

Zeco Auriemo, commonly known by many in the corporate world as Jose Auriemo Neto is an investor, and also one of Brazil’s real estate pioneers. Currently, he is the president of JHSF, a position he occupied in 1993. He is referred by those close to him as Zeco, and has helped in revolutionizing Brazil’s real estate sector. Through JHSF, he introduced the concept of high luxury and ultra-modern projects.


Where He Began

Zeco Auriemo became renowned in Brazil after taking over JHSF, his family’s real estate company, while he was still less than thirty years. That made him stand out, as one of the youngest leaders in real estate, and also in all of the firm’s branches. However, the leadership of the Company was not handed to him on a silver platter, but first, he proved that he deserved the seat while working at JHSF since he was a teenager. The opportunity helped him acquire a great deal of expertise and knowledge, on how to run a real estate company. When he was finally appointed as president, he had what it takes to steer it to success.

Besides the experience that he earned while working at JHSF before his appointment, his prowess can also be attributed to his academic background in engineering. Today, under his belt, JHSF has grown tremendously, and is the force behind most stylish malls in the country. Besides the malls and other high luxury projects, Zeco Auriemo has also led the company into the building of a renowned executive airport.

Recently Zeco Auriemo held a dinner to mark the opening of the renowned Rene Caovilla store in the Cidade Jardim mall. Rene Caovilla is a renowned Italian shoe brand, and the first in Sao Paulo having been opened in one of JHSF’s mall, it was an honor which explains why Zeco saw the need to host a dinner for the event. The dinner was attended by the director of the brand, Edoardo Caovilla, in addition to other A-list members of the Brazilian community invited by Zeco Auriemo making it one of a kind occasion.


Have a peek on Zeco Auriemo’s ( for more updates.

Jose Auriemo’s Move to take JHSF International

Jose Auriemo’s Move to take JHSF International

Jose Auriemo Neto is a successful Brazilian entrepreneur who became famous for being the youngest president of a big company. He took over the leadership of JHSF which is a family business at the age of 27. However, Auriemo Neto had been working for the company since he was a teenager and therefore he had been able to gather enough experience and developing a clear vision for the company. As a young man, Neto Auriemo was considered by his friends and family as a leader since he had started showing his leadership skills even as a teenager. This became clearer when he attended an international youth Coexistence that was held in Japan. He was also able to learn a lot of important things in business through Nelson Pessoa Filho whom he stayed with him while he was his horse riding Europe.

Jose Auriemo Neto has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering he received from Sao Paulo’s faculty of engineering. Neto chooses to pursue engineering at the age of seventeen when he had started working at JHSF because this would assist him in the future of his career. For a few years after the company had been constructed, it mainly focused on shopping centers that have made it possible to mention some of the most luxurious malls in Brazil like Metro Tucuruvi and shopping Metro Santa Cruz. To know more about him click here.

Zeco Auriemo has also been able to lead its company to the most luxurious blocks in New York City known as the Big Apple where he is going to rebuild a historic building. This is a great achievement for JHSF Company since this is the most eyed block in New York City that is mostly occupied by musicians and actors. This will also give an opportunity for the company to expand its market in the United States.

Harry Harrison and Yoga Serenity

Harry Harrison is an admired executive who comes from England in the United Kingdom. London’s prominent Barclays Non-Core used to be his employer. He was part of the Barclay’s team for about three full years and ended his spell there back in 2017. He’s an alumnus of a couple of highly regarded universities in his homeland. He attended the University of Cambridge in Cambridge to learn all about finance. He attended the University of Warwick in Coventry to get a well-rounded education in economics as well. Harrison made a transatlantic move after exiting the Barclays Non-Core staff. He refers to New York, New York as being his home at the moment. Amy Nauiokas is the name of his wife, too. She’s Anthemis Group’s esteemed President and Founder. Anthemis Group is a digital finance powerhouse that was launched in 2010.

Harrison is equipped with a highly inquisitive nature. He likes comprehending the ways in which businesses operate. This inquisitiveness is actually the thing that compelled him to create a firm himself. Harrison had been employed as a derivatives trader for quite a lengthy period of time. He knows how to head groups of individuals who work on transactions that involve fixed incomes.

This attentive professional interacts with entrepreneurs with substantial frequency. He handles various advisor and consultant positions regularly. Harrison receives significant insight from his sedulous wife. She happens to be an entrepreneur herself. These two individuals go to all sorts of events together. They attend financial services seminars. They stop by action-packed movie festivals.

Harrison adores the blend of diligence, modesty and unity. He believes that people should have grasps of all the things that restrict them. Harrison has a penchant for his career that is intense. He also has a penchant for his soothing and exhaustive routine yoga sessions.

Gulf Coast Western Profile

Gulf Coast Western has specialized in oil/gas exploration activities for over 40 years. Portfolio properties have been sourced specifically within the United States Gulf Coast region, though venture capital partnerships are offered throughout the nation. The company targets the exploration, future development and subsequent acquisition for oil/gas reserves. As of 2018, current activities are seen throughout Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Joint venture partnerships for future exploration carry substantial benefits. Among these are:

Partnership Tax Benefits

Partners are able to display 100% tax write-off against income. Too, intangible drilling costs are deductible. Minor risk is seen.

  • Intangible Drilling Costs (IDC) are fully deductible for the year costs are incurred;


  • Drill and Test Capital Contributions are 70%-80% deductible;


  • Completion Costs (ICC) are fully deductible for the year costs are incurred;


  • Lease & Well Equipment Depreciation (L&W) costs display full depreciation within 5-7 operational years;


  • Legal and professional (organizational) costs can be amortized over 5 operational years;


  • Prospect Costs can be depleted/amortized over 24 months;


  • Lease Operating Expenses are netted against production revenue and are 100% deductible; and,


  • The Depletion Allowance tax deduction is available.

Recent Great Western Initiatives

GCW acquired assets of Orbit Energy Partners to develop another South Louisiana position. GCW secured a large interest in South Alabama smack-over acreage. South Texas Home Run Field went into production. GCW began the Buda Limestone horizontal drilling program. A Louisiana Gulf Coast blowout (Conoco) was eventually controlled by GCW. The Alpine Exploration and GCW partnership discovered opportunity within the Orange Dome Field. And, many more strategic portfolio activity is underway, with partnership.

Gulf Coast Western is located at 14160 Dallas Parkway #500, Dallas, Texas 75254. Prospective clients and partners are welcome to contact us at:, Voice 800-284-1782 | 972-284-0600, or Fax 972-284-0610.

Find out more about Gulf Coast Western:

Matt Badiali: Invest in Silver Now!

Financial advisor Matt Badiali is a man who has made a name for himself for his ability to spot a profitable natural resource investment. His over twenty years of experience as a geologist taught him that one must examine an investment in person. He has personally traveled all over the world examining mines and oil wells for numerous companies. He currently is the editor of the newsletter Real Wealth Strategist. Some of the individuals who have followed his advice have boasted of triple-digit gains. However, his recent investment pick for his subscribers is silver, which over the past few months has performed horribly and many may wonder why he is now so bullish on the metal.

Matt Badiali says that the main reason for the weakness in silver prices is that the US dollar has been strengthening. A strong dollar will typically mean weaker commodity prices, and silver is no exception to this rule. Citizens in the emerging market economies are experiencing major inflation and losing purchasing power. They are trading in their currencies and buying US dollars, which is adding to dollar strength. Silver prices hit $14.15, a low not seen since 2015. The weak price action in silver is also discouraging investors, who are instead choosing the dollar. Matt Badiali does admit that further dollar strength could keep silver from rising for a while.

Matt Badiali also feels that cryptocurrencies have prevented the precious metals from rising. Many investors have become critical of the easy money policies of the Federal Reserve and the increased debt in the financial system. These investors would have chosen tangible assets like gold and silver years ago but are now choosing the cryptocurrencies as a new alternative.

Even with all the headwinds that silver is facing, Matt Badiali believes that silver is going to be a good investment. The demand for silver continues to grow and it is necessary for our modern way of life. He states that the gold to silver ratio hit eighty-four. A high ratio indicates that silver is currently undervalued. There are some analysts who believe that silver will hit triple digits in the years to come.