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Patty Rocklage Guarantees Total Healing To Any Troubled Heart with Her Many Years’ Expertise

Patty Rocklage has practiced counseling therapy for more than two decades, which explains her top-notch level of competence in handling her clients. She has mastered a warm and inviting way that welcomes and relaxes her patients to open up about their issues and be receptive to her recommendations. She also understands the depth of her client’s struggles and maintains a high level of confidentiality. Many couples and individuals have passed through her hands and always comes out differently. In the course of her work, the Massachusetts license holder has learned some other skills like public speaking, team building, teaching, and coaching where she is invited to share her knowledge in many forums. Her counterparts in the field marvel at her work to even regarding her as the best in that line. Her psychology degree earned from USC gave a good grounding for this life achievement.

On Marriage

Patty Rocklage has a working therapy for troubled couples. She offers the much-needed support when the couples are not able to handle problems on their own. Patty teaches better communication skills and also suggests activities that can enhance their bond. She recommends books that talk about marriage and also uses her life as an example to the couples. Unlike other therapists that offer many responses that couples end up confused, Patty comes up with solutions that are tailor-made to fit specific situations. Any couple that engages her services is guaranteed a total turnaround.

Giving Back

Patty Rocklage loves her community; she understands how important it is to have an empowered community. It is in this regard that she invests a lot of her time and resources in outreach projects. Southern Sudanese living in Massachusetts have largely benefited from her good work as she helps them secure stability in jobs, finances, and education. Last year, she and her husband joined hands to support MIT in renovating a nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab. This earned them recognition from the higher learning institution as a plaque bearing their names was erected in their honor. Patty is also very cautious in conserving the environment as her home’s landscape is done using environment-friendly methods. Patty Rocklage on Linkedin.

With Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Treatment Programs on Sleep Disorders, Patients & Caregivers can Rest Easy

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a well-known figure in the field of dentistry and sleep conditions. He spent 15 years as a dentist in his dental facility, Old Bridge Dental Care. Many patients who visited his clinic suffered from sleep conditions, which sparked an interest in him. He had also spent time in dentists marketing clubs in a bid to increase his patients’ flow. In 2010, leveraging his marketing knowledge, he identified a market opportunity and went on to establish Health Heart Sleep, a unique company that helped other doctors to start sleep laboratories. As he was immersed in the research on sleep disorders, he saw a need to teach other dentists on the findings he had acquired. He began a platform called Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient and used it in sharing his knowledge. He then came up with Dental Sleep Masters that helped dentists start treating sleep disorders using dental appliances.

Sleep Apnea

In recent studies, sleep apnea has been discovered to be associated with other conditions like stroke, diabetes, chronic heart failure, depression, and anxiety. A bigger percentage of the sleep conditions are never diagnosed. Armed with his deep knowledge of sleep disorders, Dr. Avi embarked on a journey to find a cure. Through his firm, Dental Sleep Masters, he made headway in the research for sleep apnea treatment. He developed proved programs that aid physicians, caregivers, and the patient manage the conditions appropriately. The dentists pack come with a business model to help them transform their practices. His efforts have paid off since patients now get treated effectively unlike before.

Go Fund Me Campaign

Dr. Avi Weisfogel supports and finances a non-profit organization called Operation Smile, which helps children born with cleft lip and palates from all over the globe. The organization holds medical missions in various countries, which requires a lot of money to execute. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a firm believer that children all over the world deserve to have access to good medical care and that Operation Smile deserves to be helped to achieve this. In his interest to help Operation Smile raise funds for their operations, he started the Go Fund Me campaign.


Lori Senecal Shares Her Thoughts on Pushing Forward With Something New

When one is asked what he would do differently, there are a lot of answers that he could give. A lot of people do talk about what they would do different. Lori Senecal herself has talked about how easy it is to use hindsight to think about how things could’ve gone differently. However, she does talk about one thing that she would encourage people to do when they are thinking about a direction they would go in throughout their lifetime. This is actually one of the most important pieces of advice anyone could get when they think about how they would move their lives forward.

Lori Senecal urges people to not be paralyzed by fear when they are faced with something new. After all, new things are going to seem a lot heavier until people get used to it. This is part of growth. Lori Senecal herself has learned to welcome uncomfortable experiences so that she could grow and learn from it. After all, she believes that it builds character. While she is very efficient in her work, she is not someone who considers herself to be perfect. She knows to look for where she has fallen short and works to bring forth growth in those areas.

Even though Lori Senecal is an introvert, she has a lot of confidence in herself. She is also willing to take on new challenges that will help her learn new skills that she could use in various aspects of life. One thing that she is very passionate about is building. She uses advertising to help her clients build their business. With the money she gains, she uses it towards fitness as well as moving the business forward. She believes in taking care of herself and being an example of a healthy and productive life. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Troy McQuagge’s Big Win for USHEALTH Group

The continent is full of great men and women who exhibit exemplary leadership skills at their different position of leadership. I must admit that despite their progress, not all of them get recognized and be awarded or at least get nominations. However, this does not undermine the credibility of their amazing leadership abilities.

One leader who happens to score on all fronts is Troy McQuagge, the current president and CEO of USHEALTH Group. Mr. Troy brought joy and merry down to his organization by topping the CEO of the Year position at the esteemed One Planet℠ Awards, 2016. Winning this award is no mean achievement and Troy has all the reasons to rejoice. The One Planet℠ Awards seeks to reward excellent leaders all over the world regardless of their industry involvement.

Mr. Troy joined USHEALTH Group in 2010 and straight away started working his way up to the big seat. Thanks to his distribution agency strategy, Troy was able to completely turn around the company, a factor that saw him ascend into the big seat. While at the CEO he used his expertise and leadership skills to influence growth, success, and profitability in the business thus helping it gain the reputation it commands in the health insurance industry.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy is a well-established entrepreneur and businessperson from the city of Panama in Florida. As the president of the USHEALTH Group, McQuagge seems to be in good control. He also doubles up as the group’s CEO. Mr. Troy is an alumnus of the University of Central Florida where he graduated with a B.A degree in Legal Studies.

Troy is not only qualified but also well qualified. With over thirty years’ experience in the industry, Troy has deservedly earned himself the best CEO of 2016 award. Mr. Troy started his career in 1983 at Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995 he moved to join UICI that later changed its name to HealthMarkets. Troy during his time at HealtMarkets helped the company realize one of the largest profits in their books.

Naturally, Troy McQuagge is a born leader. His CV speaks volumes about him, and the One Planet℠ Awards might just be his starting point for subsequent great Excellence recognition awards.

How Securus Technologies Brings Convenience To The Forefront of Technological Communications

Securus Technologies is perhaps one of the most optimal forms of communications for incarcerated individuals, as well as their visitor. One problem many people have had with visiting inmates is the scheduling conflicts that often arise. Another issue that is common for visitors is being required to travel long distances if the particular correctional facility they need to visit is located at a place that is of great distance from their place of residence.


Securus Technologies is allowing law enforcement officials to utilize it for purposes of investigations should the reasons arise; therefore, it is highly imperative for both visitors and inmates to not only refrain from speaking about illegal matters over the platform during the chat sessions, but also from engaging in them altogether. If you aren’t quite sure about what exactly the particular communications platform of Securus Technologies entails, then please feel free to go to the website, as there is a press releases section on it that you can greatly benefit from by reading through the articles.


Securus Technologies offers its program over a fast and secure server, thus, guaranteeing its users that they can rely on the company to deliver the quality of communications that they need to stay in touch with one another. It is a great program that has been engineered and designed to provide users with a form of communication that makes life a bit easier on them, particularly due to the convenience that it provides. Although there are other forms of communications available for inmates, isn’t video conferencing one of the best ones? That is exactly what Securus Technologies offers and users should know about the quality of service that it provides. Do what you can to reach out to an incarcerated individual today, as they may be extremely with your effort of keeping in touch with them.


The Traveling Vineyard – A Time To Celebrate

The Traveling Vineyard is a home based business where individuals can become wine guides and sell wine at neighborhood parties. You can build a team of other interested people who would like to earn some extra money too, and you will get a small spiff off of their sales.

The way that the system works is that you find an individual or couple who are interested in hosting a wine tasting party in their home and you are the wine guide as you present different wines for everyone’s eager taste buds, and those that wish can buy various wines from you.

You set your schedule, and you can work as much or as little as your wish, and for people who want to earn a little extra money, it can be a nice extra thing to do. You will have to learn some things about wine, pass these new discoveries along to the people who attend and enjoy yourself.

Just about everyone wants to learn more about wine, where it comes from, and the taste of the wine. It is interesting how different wines appeal to different people. People are also interested in wine pairings, or what wine goes with which food. The Traveling Vineyard has a Sommology key on the back of each bottle which will help you pair the wine with the proper food.

The Traveling Vineyard is headquartered in Ipswich, MA and is a member of the Direct Selling Association. It is a real company and is doing very well.

Touching Traveling Vineyard :

How is Life Line Screening Helping Individual to Live a Healthy Life?

Life Line Screening is one of the very few leading screening and testing service provider who also deals in onsite testing services for a corporate client who cares for their employee and proves that the company’s most important asset is its employees. LLS helps in early detection of a huge number of health conditions such as carotid artery disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm, stroke, and much more, which usually have no symptoms. These are the issues which could prevent if risks early identified.

The screenings that been done in Life Line Screening laboratories do are non-invasive, quick, safe and painless. They performed by trained technicians who use a similar type of utmost quality equipment that found in hospitals and then results are read by the physicians who are board-certified. The results shared with you, your company or physician for better understanding. These results will help them to understand the level of your health so that your physician can suggest you the treatment more effectively. Therefore, such tests are assisting you to live a healthy life. Click here to know more.

Their state of the art machinery, equipment, and expert doctors are here to let you know about your current health state, but you can also learn about the vascular health of yours with the help of their ultrasound screenings, by following their “Six For Life.” It’s a personalized report which helps you to understand the health status in different sectors such as Stroke, Diseases that are related to Heart, Diabetes, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and Congestive Heart Failure.

They are also helping you to understand the current state of your body so that you can discuss that with your doctor or physician and take appropriate medicine to live a healthy life. That’s why it strongly recommended that you should opt for such test to know the status of your health.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Success with Tempus

An article, “This Is What’s Missing in the Data-Centric Approach to Cancer,” by Barb Darrow, on discusses the start-up, Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky, a co-founder, believes doctors and research communities need more information collected from past, current, and future cancer patients, in order give the patient better treatment. Mr Lefkofsky has made the connection, through his own wife’s battle with cancer, that clinical information on how a treatment has worked, from one patient to another, is not being shared effectively with researchers, doctors, and other people who may need to know.

Tempus is a company that takes the electronic medical records (EMR) of a patient, creates a clean version, without their personal information, and gives it back to the source. The doctor/hospital is then able to use the information to find patterns and ideas on how their treatments have worked on a variety of different people. Lefkofsky believes that by having patient’s results’ readily available for research, will individualize the possibility for a positive treatment on future patients.

Eric Lefkofsky likes to start new companies and sell them for profit. He has been extremely successful. He is currently co-founder, CEO of Tempus, co-founder, Chairman of Groupon, and co-founder of Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo, Global Logistics, and Inner Workings. Lefkofsky earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and his Juris Doctorate degree from the University ofMichigan Law School.

Lefkofsky, and his wife Liz, started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, to contribute in areas, such as, education, science, and causes around the globe that will make the lives of people in their communities better. Lefkofsky also works with Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago, and The Art Institute of Chicago. Lefkofsky works as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago, and he has written a book, “Accelerated Disruption”.

Why Didn’t James Dondero Purchase Greek Sovereign Bonds?

Nowadays, there are many governments which issue sovereign bonds. This allows them to raise money on the international capital markets. Why did James Dondero’s Highland Capital fund choose to invest in Argentina and not Greece?


“Greece is Usually Bankrupt”


The whole concept of the credit score is to measure “creditworthiness.” Well, how many of these nations are truly creditworthy? Most African nations are not able to issue sovereign debt because they are not deemed to be “creditworthy.”


Is Greece creditworthy?


Did you know that for 50% of its existence as an independent nation, Greece has been in default, according to Forbes? Of course, that is a horrible record. Forbes described Greece as a “basket case.” Is a basket case creditworthy?


What most people don’t know is that many Greek public, income-producing assets have already been encumbered. Many of them are already owned by creditors or have large liens placed against them. That is why some refuse to buy Greek sovereign bonds.


“Strong Argentina Infrastructure”


How Does Argentina look? Since 1824, Argentina has defaulted 8 times. That also makes it one of the top countries for financial insolvency. Why did Highland Capital’s Jim Dondero purchase Argentina bonds and not Greek bonds?


Eventually, an estimated 24% of Highland Funds assets were invested in Argentina. James Dondero and his “alpha analysts” calculated that the “country’s natural resources, developed infrastructure, and educated population would ultimately limit losses.” Unfortunately, Greece does not have as many undeveloped natural resources.


Some also believe that Argentina still has the financial ability to repay its debt, while Greece might not. After Mauricio Macri was elected in 2015, Argentina offered to “pay $6.5 billion to settle lawsuits.” Compare this to Greek’s inability to repay its debt and request for more funding by the EU Central Bank.


“Math Counts”


James Dondero has invested in the Dallas community by purchasing computers for the students to learn their mathematics. The “Reasoning Mind” charity is a nice project “teaching people how to fish.” Hopefully, these future leaders can increase the proficiency of governments in balancing their budgets.





USHEALTH Group: Specializing in Niche Market for Health Insurance

Health insurance is a critical component of measuring the quality of life. Additionally, it plays a critical role in shaping the economic and social progress of any economy. While individuals with structured employment usually have insurance coverage through their employers, small business owners and self-employed individual lack this opportunity. Therefore, this provides a niche market that if effectively exploited by insurance companies, has the potential of transforming into a robust business opportunity. One such company that has effectively specialized in this niche market is USHEALTH Group, Inc.: an insurance company with impeccable record of providing health insurance policies in this niche market.

Company Profile

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, USHEALTH Group, Inc. is one of the leading insurance companies in the United States. The company has established several subsidiaries and agents, which have played a key role in the company’s excellent profile in targeting self-employed individuals and small business owners. This niche market is usually marked by limited ability to access effective health or life insurance plans. The company also has insurance healthcare plans for individuals with disabilities or individuals who have suffered from accidents. Their services also cover their clients during critical illness and financial uncertainties.

The company, founded in 1982, has an employee base of close to 500. The company has Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation of A – (minus), which is an indication of its effective conflict resolution and customer relation practices. See also.


One of the success factors for USHEALTH Group, Inc. is its experienced management team. The company’s board of directors is headed by Benjamin Cutler; an industry veteran who also doubles up as the chief executive officer. Its financial docket is headed by Cynthia Koenig who serves as the treasurer and vice president as well as the chief financial officer and principal accounting officer. Mr. Leo Toralballa serves as the company’s vice president in charge of one of its subsidiaries. Additionally, he is also in charge of national sales for USHEALTH Direct, one of the Group’s numerous subsidiaries. The regional marketing department at the company’s Texas office is headed by Robert Bynes while Konrad Kober serves as the Group’s overall vice president and chief administrator.

USHealth on Facebook.