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Don Ressler- the Mastermind of JustFab and Fabletics

Don Ressler is fit to be called a world leading entrepreneur. Don Ressler is behind highly successful startups that have changed the fashion world. He assisted in the finding of companies like JustFab, Intelligent Beauty, and Fabletics. He started his business journey with a company called Intermix Media later bought the company, and Ressler entered into a partnership with Adam Goldenberg. The two businesspeople cofounded their first company known as Alena Media. However, the company faced several challenges when Intermix Media acquired new owners named News Corp. Ressler teamed up with Goldenberg to create a series of other successful firms at

News Corp purchased Intermix Media in 2005. Don Ressler, together with his colleague experienced a tremendous setback with the business after the purchase. They had previously had huge success with the business and made profits amounting to millions. The new firms restricted their business operations, and the two decided that it was time to start their company. They knew that they had all the skills required to create a successful business. Don Ressler had since worked and perfected in the field of online advertising.

Along with other members of Alena, Don Ressler held a brainstorming meeting at Goldenberg’s living room. A few weeks later, they had come up with a new product called Intelligent Beauty. The company grew and moved its headquarters to El Segundo. The two owners found the location ideal because it had easy access to transport facilities. The place was close to an airport facility and had access to the beach. They found a massive office space in the location that was easily expandable. The three services made Don Ressler and Goldenberg know that they had found a home to their business.

JustFab has since evolved to become a leader in the e-commerce fashion markets. The company was recently renamed to TechStyle Fashion Group. It has since focused on establishing an online subscription fashion store on Brandettes. It sells a variety of items such as shoes, handbags, denim, jewelry, and handbags. The products and services are meant to address the market needs of fashion. TechStyle Group is the mother company of several firms. It has other firms such as FabKids, Fabletics, Fab Shoes, and Shoe Dazzle.

Fabletics is one of the most successful companies of TechStyle Fashion Group. The company started in 2013 on Crunchbase. It was started by Don Ressler together with Kate Hudson. The company has since become an activewear line that offers affordable and high-quality clothing itemS.

Get The Products That Get You The Look

A good haircare regimen can be just as important as a good facial care regiment. The interesting thing about hair is that it is constantly changing. A person’s hair pattern can change over the course of their life, and the products that they need to use for their hair can change as well. Women in particular have always been concerned about the care and upkeep of their hair. A woman’s hair style can radically change the way that she looks for the good or for the bad. The products that a woman uses in her hair are also of the utmost importance.

There are many products that are on the market, and generally a woman likes to stay within the same product brand when it comes to those products. It is wise to use shampoo and conditioner from the same line of products, because generally the ingredients are similar in that they can help fortify a woman’s hair. At times, a woman may find that using two different types of products is best for her hair as well. In reality, women have a large array of products that they can choose from when it comes to their haircare, but that can make the choice even more difficult.

Chaz Dean is the creator of WEN conditioning cleanser. Wen hair conditioning cleanser is a revolutionary cleanser that he created in order to help his clients to get hair that was more strong, shiny, and healthy. Dean found that many of the haircare products on the market were loaded down with things such as chemicals, dyes, sulfates, and nitrates.

WEN conditioning cleanser can be used like a shampoo, a conditioner, and a deep conditioner. Wen has a formula that is made free of sulfates and that is why many women absolutely love it. Dean’s products are made with natural ingredients, and they can be used on any type of hair. More hair care tips and tricks available on WEN Hair Care’s social media pages on Facebook  and Twitter.


OrganoGold – A Company on a Mission

In 2008, a small coffee shop with three employees opened in Canada. Its goal was to sell quality coffee and tea products that would attract a steady customer base. Today, that little coffee shop is an international Network Marketing Company called OrganoGold, a direct sales organization operating in over 35 countries.

So how did this company establish a global presence in such a short period of time? By adopting the vision and commitment of its CEO and co-founder Bernardo Chua. Known as “Bernie” to his friends, he learned the secrets of business from his family while growing up in the Philippines.

More importantly, Bernado Chua learned about an ancient Chinese herb called Ganoderma which comes from a very particular type of mushroom. It contains anti-oxidants which combat harmful free radicals and boost immune systems. Bernie witnessed the impact of Ganoderma in his homeland and he made it his goal to introduce this herb to the rest of the world. He did just that at OrganoGold.

Other companies also use the Ganoderma herb but OrganoGold is the only North American company to use a purely organic variety which is much more potent. It is not only added to the coffees and green tea but also used in the manufacture of OrganoGold’s neutraceuticals (foods with additional health benefits like supplements)and personal care products.

The company that once focused on attracting customers now strives to improve lives by helping those customers reach new levels of wellness, prosperity, and balance.

OrganoGold carries out that mission by following the principles of loyalty, unity, and edification. In addition, the company funds various research studies and is a corporate sponsor of the OG Cares Foundation, working with young people to build future leaders. All this to remain one of the most respected companies in the world.

Keith Mann Joins With Uncommon Schools To Provide Scholarship Opportunities

The life of children who want to go to college but cannot afford college can take very different turns depending on the outcome of that situation. Do these children eventually go to college and earn a college degree, or do these children become another number added to the list of children who could not attend college. The opportunities available for students who go on to earn a college degree are much different than students who do not earn a college degree.


It is possible to succeed in the business world without a college degree. People do it everyday. However, a college degree gives the people with a college degree a better chance overall. For children who do not go to college but want to go to college, the deciding factor many times is the lack of money to pay for college. While college is very expensive in the world today, there are ways for children who want to go to college to be able to go even though they cannot personally afford the college cost.


One of the ways that many students are able to go to college is by applying for and receiving scholarships. The ability to earn a scholarship is one of the best ways for people to obtain the money necessary to pay for college. The source of scholarships come from many different people and organizations.


A businessman who has made it a point to help students attend college who really want to attend is Keith Mann. As the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann is a shining example of what a college education can do for an individual both professionally and personally. Recently Keith Mann established a scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn. The value of the scholarship is $5,000.


Dynamic Search Partners is an executive search firm that helps companies find talented people to fill executive positions within the companies. Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience in the executive search industry. He uses this experience to help his clients find the right people to fill the open positions.


Activist Thor Halvorssen Takes On Governments From Around The World

For Thor Halvorssen the need to tackle the biggest human rights problems in the world has never been greater, whether this means discussing world events on news channels not traditionally open to activists or entering countries with closed societies to take the battle directly to the authorities these are all options open to the Venezuelan. Thor Halvorssen has seen his work appear in many of the world’s most prestigious publications, including The Wall Street Journal as he takes on some of the most important issues on the planet.

Thor Halvorssen has become one of the most popular human rights activists in the world because of his work with his own Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum that have become the spearhead of the global community. Through his work Thor has made his way to some of the world’s most dangerous countries and positioned himself as an opponent to some of the most dangerous tyrants in the world; alongside discussing the situation in Venezuela the activism leader has also made his opposition to the rule of Russian President Vladimir Putin plain in a series of articles and interviews showing his support for activism group “Pussy Riot”.

Unlike many of his peers in the activism community, Thor Halvorssen is willing to take his message to any media outlet and take on all people in a position of power who have a proven track record of human rights issues. During the 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle, Halvorssen appeared on the Fox Business Channel to discuss the issues surrounding the rise in popularity of anti-establishment candidates Senator Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. During his interview Thor Halvorssen explained the differences between the candidates and made clear his objection to both Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton because of their links to Middle Eastern governments who had a history of abusing the rights of their citizens. This is an example of the ways Thor Halvorssen moves to give a measured and thoughtful opinion on the problems and events in the world at any time he feels will affect people in a major way.

Marketing Smarts With EOS Lip Balms

Their first year in business, Jonathan Teller, Craig Dubitsky, and Sanjiv Mehra made a critical choice in the formation of their company. Instead of spending money and time on marketing initiatives before their brand was properly formed, they spent that money and time on developing a product with solid foundations. They invested resources in having unique and custom machinery developed for them so they could have their products made in house and while being almost entirely automated.

Once the EOS Lip Balm product started to sell they really investigated their target market. They were appealing to women from the beginning, but the ones who really bought up the product were mostly style setters ages 25 to 35. These “millennials” buying the product would have to be be reached through marketing initiatives that they responded to. Mehra and Teller got actively involved in social media, contacting beauty bloggers who had their own blogs and YouTube channels, to promote the Racked sold products. Followers of these beauty bloggers began to use the products themselves, helping them gain customers and popularity.

EOS created their own cute videos featuring millennials happily applying the products but the commercials were not features on TV, but on social media apps that millennials actively use like on YouTube channels where the beauty bloggers that they watch broadcast their stations. Getting their brand name into the main stream involved big name celebrities like Kim Kardashian being photographed in her every day life using the balm (  as a part of her daily routine. Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus all used the products and the music stars used products in their hit videos. EOS was even a sponsor for Demi Lovato’s headline on tour. Country pop diva Taylor Swift promoted the product in Asia helping to increase the brand’s global reach. For more info, visit


Brad Reifler Uncovers The Truth Behind ‘Money Monster’

‘Money Monster’ is a television show hosted by a Wall Street expert, Lee Gates. He runs the show by picking on hot stocks. Recently, an incident occurred where a resentful investor stormed the set on live broadcast and attacked Lee Gates. The angry investor claimed that he had lost everything by virtue of following their investment tips. The commotion left the cast baffled as they tried to come to terms with a series of lies in the show. Despite being a fictional show, ‘Money Monster,’ gives a clear view of Wall Street and exposes the problems that small investors face. It only focuses on accredited investors by giving them a platform to invest in greater opportunities.

The CEO of Forefront Capital Management, Bradley Reifler, has shifted his focus from helping the wealthy to small investors. Brad Reifler is determined to offer equal investment opportunities to all investors in America. Below, he shares the problems faced by small investors on Wall Street.


Most firms on Wall St charge huge management fees despite their performance portfolio. This is a major problem for small investors since it only leaves the brokers richer while they struggle to make profit.

II.Investment accessibility

Since the government considers accredited investors to be traditionally intelligent, they have unlimited opportunities to invest in private equity, hedge funds and other private funds. On the other hand, non-accredited investors are only left with limited investment options.

III.Risky stock markets

Due to their limited access to investment opportunities, small investors mostly engage in investments that are correlated to the stock market.

About Bradley Reifler

Brad Reifler founded Forefront Capital Management to give small investors latitude to engage in different investment opportunities. The company does not charge management fees. Its investment opportunities are designed to be non-correlated to the stock market. Previously, Brad Reifler founded Pali Capital where he successfully served as CEO for 13 years. Pali Capital made consistent profits of over $200 million and expanded its services to the U.K. and Australia. Brad Reifler started his entrepreneurial career in 1982 when he founded the Reifler Trading Corporation. He sold it to Refco in 2000.

A Leader in Health Care

Capitol Anesthesiology Association was established in 1973. It is one of the nation’s largest independent practices for anesthesiology. Physicians are either board certified, or in the process of achieving this certification. Each member of CAA medical staff is dedicated to providing quality healthcare service. The goal is to ensure that patients have the highest level experience. This ensures confidence, and reduces the amount of worry. There are many myths and unknowns when it comes to dealing with medical care facilities. The expertise of CAA healthcare physicians alleviates the doubt related to medical treatment.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association has an administrative staff that is tuned into the needs of each patient. They are experienced in dealing with numerous insurance carriers. Patients go through a billing process that is understandable, and sensible in relation to the care that is needed.

CAA is committed to the highest level of anesthesia care. The best service is necessary to maintain the splendid reputation that the experts at Capitol Anesthesiology Association has attained.

Securus Begins Multi State Marketing Effort

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company that has provided technology and communication services to the law enforcement and correctional facility industries for over ten years. The company is one of the leaders in the industry and is best known for its video visitation service, which has provided a number of different benefits to its users since the product and related services were unveiled a few years ago.


While the company has sold its services to hundreds of different facilities, and have connected over 2 million video visitation calls so far, the service is still not in use at thousands of locations across the country. Securus believes that many of the facilities that do not use the service and product are not fully aware of the amount of benefits that the product and service provide.


One of the primary services that the product provides is the high level of communication and convenience that it provides to inmates, facility employees, and frequent visitors. The video visitation service allows an inmate to connect in a private and face-to-face environment over video technology, as opposed to a large public meeting space. This can help make an inmate feel more connected and happier overall. The service also reduces the amount of onsite visits, which makes the faculty safer and more efficient.


Securus and its clients have also found that the system can be used to prevent current and future crime. Securus offers a monitoring service of all calls. In the event that a call contains evidence of a crime, the recording will be sent to the local law enforcement agency.


Over the coming weeks Securus will be starting a multi-state marketing campaign. The focus of it will be to highlight all of the benefits to as many potential clients as possible to attract new users.


Don Ressler’s Contribution To The Success Of TechStyle Fashion Group, A Rebrand Of JustFab

Don Ressler is the co-CEO of JustFab Inc, a company that he co-founded in 2010 alongside Adam Goldenberg. JustFab is an online subscription retailer of fashion products. Recently, the premier-fashion subscription firm announced a new corporate identity following the launch of TechStyle Fashion Group. It encapsulates the firm’s origins based on technology. Additionally, it marks its transformation from a single e-commerce site into an international platform for building brands with over 4 million VIP members. This shift has been made in all its brands, including Fabletics, JustFab, FabKids, and ShoeDazzle.

JustFab’s rebrand comes as the firm continues to redefine the business of fashion via personalization, data, and vertical integration. It is offering considerable benefits to customers. The company is controlling the whole business cycle starting with product creation, manufacturing, and distribution. It also engages in software development and promotional campaigns. These activities have seen the firm enlist a large consumer base. TechStyle Fashion Group is a representation of the innovation that Ressler’s firm is committed to achieve.

The company has had six years of remarkable growth and profitability. Presently, JustFab has become one of the biggest online retailers that designs, manufactures, and distributes its own fashion brands. With yet another year of successful growth, TechStyle Fashion Group is expected to report over $650 million in revenues. These earnings will be generated from the merchandise sold and subscriptions made in 2016.

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How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Taking On Amazon

Don Ressler has led TechStyle Fashion Group in raising funds to run its operations. Initially, TechStyle Fashion Group was known as JustFab. In 2011, the firm received $33 million from Matrix Partners, a U.S. venture capital firm. The company was also a recipient of an extra $76 million from Intelligent Beauty, Rho Ventures, Matrix Partners, and Technology Crossover Ventures. In 2013, TechStyle Fashion Group raised $40 million. Following another round of funding in 2014, the company managed to raise $85 million. After the successful series of sourcing for capital, the group launched international operations in Canada and Germany.

Don Ressler has been involved in developing and growing other businesses. They include Intermix and Intelligent Beauty. He joined Intermix after the firm purchased its first business in 2001. Fitness Heaven was Ressler’s initial venture. He met with Adam at Intermix where they formed Alena Media, which became the most performing business division of Intermix. After leaving Intermix, they founded Intelligent Beauty. Don Ressler expanded the platform
by hiring style consultants, experts, and designers that developed a personalized system. Intelligent Beauty offered an attractive and an affordable subscription model.

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