Joseph Bismarck Shaping Organizations in a Unique Way



I was searching online for extraordinary businessmen in the corporate world to get a source of inspiration, and I randomly (haha!) found this article about Joseph Bismark on the blog, Bring on the Random. I was totally amazed at how he was able to combine business and spirituality, and use it to bring success in his organization. My view on business administration was changed when I discovered how this extraordinary businessman saw a new direction for business leadership.

He started his journey at the age of nine when he became a monk. With so much passion and devotion, he trained in an ashram in the Philippines. From having no satisfaction in life, he acquired principles and spiritual guidance that made him prized in the business world.These teachings allowed him to be versatile and to excel in leadership. He uses a style of leadership that puts employees in a more relaxed environment.

He never let go of his beliefs and the principles that he has learned over the years. In the year 2008, he became the Managing Director for the QI Group. As a valuable member of the board of directors of the QI Group, he helped the company attain heights of profitability across the globe. It is a dream come true for him to give back to the community by reflecting his core values.

As an individual with profound and strong beliefs in the truth, he prioritizes integrity in running a business. He also emphasizes the connection between business colleagues and their spiritual wholeness in creating a strong sense of harmony and increased productivity. He believes that an atmosphere of brotherhood will lead to teamwork in solving problems, creating innovative ideas, and targeting vision-oriented objectives within the workplace. 

His personal philosophy has proven to be an instrument for the success of the QI group. He has been a big help in shaping the company into an entirely different institution through implementing strategies for resolving performance problems in the workplace. Aside from being an intellectual and a businessman, has also worked as a yoga instructor, martial artist, and a philosopher who inspires others in motivational conferences, books, and blogs. You can also find him on Facebook.

Squaw Valley Successfully Integrates the Environment, Entertainment, and the Community



Squaw Valley Ski Resort is in Olympic Valley, California. It is one of the largest ski areas in the United States. It is also the second-largest ski resort in Lake Tahoe. It is currently operated by Andrew Wirth, President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He has obtained a Bachelor of Science degree along with obtaining many professional and community service awards. He works very closely with environmental and community organizations and plays a large role in environmentally consciousness of the resort and its overall success. In 2013, he barely survived a heinous skydiving accident but returned to work the following year.

On a yearly basis the resort attracts roughly 600,000 tourists. While most are drawn to the skiing there are many other activities available throughout the year. Some other amenities include a swimming pool, a roller skating rink, dining, stores, concerts, various shopping opportunities and outdoor events. Squaw Valley strives to provide entertainment to the community despite the weather conditions. 

Making the facility available year round, helps the community to come closer together and bond through their various events and attractions. They feel that it is important for the community to have opportunities to interact with each other. They are very committed to having a positive impact on the surrounding areas. They have made great strides in reducing their environmental impact and are striving to lower their carbon footprint through various methods. They are applying more energy efficient technology to their facilities and are researching renewable energy. All of the members of the facility are dedicated to being environmentally responsible.
An example of their advancements in environmental responsibility includes integrating an Electric Car Charging Station. They have also implemented changes to reduce the carbon footprint of the overall facility. They also have organized several fundraisers geared towards raising awareness of climate change. In addition to this, they are implementing recycling and composting regimens and powering several of their vehicles with bio-diesel blends.

Why Finance As A Subject Needs Some Improvements So As To Keep In Pace With The Ever Changing Business World



Every career in finance is all about finding effective ways to manage money so as to create more wealth. Students studying for this career tackle topics like raising funds, controlling and making sound investment decisions as well as planning. Having acquired this knowledge, they are adequately prepared to work in different careers in areas like in corporate finance, in investing firms as well as in financial institutions. When business and company executives search for young people to employ, they want those that are better armed with a variety of skills. They typically consider Finance students who exhibit the highest levels of critical thinking and decision making as well as quantitative and communication skills.

There have been numerous changes in the finance teaching syllabus. Now you can receive lots of information via Facebook searches of Igor Cornelsen and other financial gurus. There have been numerous suggestions by different professors as to how finance as a subject should be improved. Here are some of their proposals.

Suggestions are many about college algebra and calculus being reinforced so as to help students have a better approach in handling complex financial markets. Statistics will also play a very integral role in helping students fathom into the likelihood of some events happening or not. Typically a student will be armed better when matters related to reaching concrete conclusions are concerned.

Reinforced financial and managerial accounting courses will play a very imperative role in enabling students record and understand financial solutions. As a result of the student being taught accounting as a part of Finance, he/she will be better placed to examine the costs of the services and product his/she employer offers.

Economic addresses issues about how resources are allocated so as to be able to achieve all needs and wants. Reinforced Economics in Finance will empower students to understand better how certain activities impact the financial markets. They will understand better how decisions can impact on a business’s success.

Successful financial professionals are required to understand how psychology affects movement in markets. This critical thinking enables a student to evaluate a situation in different angles before bringing forth a solution. A student is better equipped to observe all cognitive behaviors of the human behavior in the financial environment.

Reinforced technical writing can to a very great deal help students in bringing forth their organized ideas, purposes as well as explanations in letters, memos, and reports. Because the world we are living in is a capitalist one, it is paramount that all majors in finance are well acquitted with these skills.

Brett Favre Finally Returns Home to Lambeau Field



It was bound to happen eventually, it just seemed like it tool too long for what was destiny that had to happen. Even after the sour way that the packers parted ways with their star quarterback Brett Favre, he was destined to come back home eventually. This weekend, Brett Favre returned to Lambeau Field and a packed stadium of fans who still admire and love their most favorite cheese-head son.

Together with Susan McGalla, Brett arrived at the stadium hours before the Hall of Fame ceremony was to begin. He walked those hallways, locker room, and even the field, like he had done hundreds upon hundreds of times in his storied career with the Green Bay Packers. He was a superstar right out of the gate, and his unconventional style of throwing on the run and scrambling out of trouble endeared him to an entire state. He was away from far too long after retiring, and the Packers finally got it right by bringing back Favre to honor him as he should have been years ago.

The reconciliation between quarterback, fans, and Packers is complete. Brett had his time to talk about many stories and memories he had with players, coaches, fans, and even those in the organization. He was choked up a few times but was able to deliver a speech only he could put together. It resembled his play for decades with the packers, fun and unscripted, just like everyone expected.

Fooling Fans: The Evolution of Visual Effects



In the 1950s and 60s, Ray Harryhausen amazed audiences with his innovative stop-motion work. His sword-fighting skeletons in the 1963 film Jason and the Argonauts are still highly regarded today and often used as an example of stop-motion done right.

In the 70s and 80s, artists such as Frank Oz, Jim Henson and Phil Tippett carried on and expanded Harryhausen’s work, with life-like puppets and creative use of miniature models.

In 1991, however, Jurassic Park changed everything, showing the world that computers could produce life-like, believable images and create creatures no model or puppet would be able to match. It opened the floodgates, and started a revolution in visual effects.

But dinosaurs and alien creatures are one thing. The real challenge for visual effects producers has always been the more mundane. It is relatively easy to fool viewers with images of things no one has ever seen, but fooling them with images of things they see every day is something else entirely.

Things like fire and fur gave animators headaches for years. Although those challenges have largely been met, there is still the ultimate challenge of producing a completely animated person that viewers cannot distinguish from the real thing.

Technologies like motion-capture allow animators to assign the movements of an actor to a digital model. But that alone isn’t enough. The model must look real, or no matter how natural its movements the audience will not be fooled.

One man currently working to produce believable human models is John Textor. In 2014, Textor and his team at Pulse Evolution produced a fully digital model of Michael Jackson that danced on stage with live performers during the Billboard Music Awards. Although Jackson was arguably the most recogizable performer in history, the model created for the performance both looked and moved like him and is considered a major success.

Believable, fully digital characters are not yet the norm, but with men like John Textor constantly pushing the boundaries, they may not be far away.

Dan Newlin Obtains $24 Million Ruling for Murdered Police Officer



Dan Newlin of Newlin Law, alongside an Orange jury conveyed a powerful message to potential killings that would be both held criminally answerable due to their actions and similarly would be subjected to civil judgment. On 4th Oct. 2007 currently slain Orlando police officer Alfred Gordon was shot and murdered by Hugo Terry as well as David Smith during a robbery attempt after Gordon’s withdrawal of money from an ATM at Bank of America. The 2 suspects were apprehended 2 days later and subsequently got charged and sentenced of 1st degree murder. Terry and Smith are both attending life imprisonment without any possibility for getting parole.

Officer Gordon left behind a wife and 3 kids. Orlando based lawyer Dan Newlin (see this YouTube vide0) was called by Beverly Gordon, wife to Officer Gordon, soon after the homicide and asked him to work as the lawyer for Gordon’s estate as well as the bereaved family members.

In 2010, with anecdote that there was a likelihood of the suspects wanting to gain from their account, Dan Newlin encouraged the kinfolk to let him to lead a civil lawsuit against the suspects in an endeavor to obtain a ruling against them as well as thwart profiteering from the killing of Officer Gordon.

“After discussions with Gordon family, we agreed that there was more we could do to penalize the two thugs who stole Officer Gordon’s life,” Newlin stated.

Alongside Miami based advocate John Leighton, Newlin presented the case of Officer Gordon to a panel of 6 Orange County residents over 2 days of hearing. The trial involved extremely emotive testimony from Gordon’s bereaved children, who after questioned by Newlin, couldn’t hide their grief when talking of being left by their father.

Newlin plus Leighton requested the jury all through the hearing to inform the criminals locked in Central Florida community that it is not possible for them to profit from doing a vicious crime. The jury was in agreement with the lawyers and gave the estate as well as survivors a sum of $24 million.

“I don’t know if any amount will make up for the death, but this says you were liable for it civilly,” stated Beverly Gordon, the cop’s ex-wife who had intentions to remarry Gordon about the same time when he was murdered. Gordon’s surviving kids were moreover satisfied to get some closure as well as guarantee that the accused would never earn anything from their dad’s death.

Attorney John Leighton said that in case they obtain a book agreement, or anything of that kind, they are going to be ready with a verdict. Newlin also added that the hearing involved giving closure not just to a mourning family but to Orlando Police Department as well as the Central Florida community.

Psychiatry Through the Ages



Psychiatry is a medical specialty devoted to the study, diagnoses, treatment and prevention of mental disorders. People are often confused as to the difference between psychiatrists and psychologists. Both can treat varying disorders from anxiety to schizophrenia and both can perform psychotherapy. The main difference is that psychiatrists are also medical doctors.

Centuries ago, it was believed that psychotic traits were supernatural in origin. Religious leaders often performed exorcisms to treat mental disorders, using cruel and horrific methods. Specialized hospitals to treat the mentally ill were built as early as 705 AD in Baghdad, but rather than treating these poor unfortunates, they were merely places to house them.

In 1845, England enacted the “Lunacy Act 1845″. Mentally ill people would now be referred to as patients who required treatment and all asylums were required to have written regulations and have a resident qualified physician.

In the United States, New York passed a law in 1842 to create state asylums. Many were opened in the 1850s and 1860s and by the end of the 1890s, thousand of asylums had risen up in the United States and Europe. However, psychiatrists were pressured by the ever increasing patient population and so asylums once again became places to house, but not treat patients.

The 20th century brought new perspectives on mental disorders. Emil Kraepelin believed that all mental disorders are biological in nature and introduced the concept of “nerves”. Next came Sigmund Freud and his “Psychoanalytic Theory”. This theory became popular with psychiatrists because it allowed for patients to be treated in private practices instead of being warehoused in institutions.

In 1963, President John F. Kennedy introduced legislation for the National Institute of Mental Health to administer Community Mental Health Centers for patients being discharged from psychiatric hospitals. Unfortunately, no plan was put into place to follow up on these patients and many ended up living on the streets, homeless.

One of the most popular psychiatrists in America today is Daniel Amen. He is the founder and CEO of Amen Clinics found coast-to-coast. He is also a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, the highest award given. He is most noted for his research of brain damage of professional football players. His imaging and rehabilitation study is the largest in the world. Dr. Amen has written or co-written over 30 books and has had 9 shows about the brain on public television. Dr. Mehmet Oz, famed TV host, calls Dr. Amen “One of the most gifted minds in medicine.” Dr. Amen believes that brain health is core to all health and success. Pick up one of his books today and become a healthier person in mind and body.

Houston Continues To Be A Haven For Real Estate Developers



The Houston real estate scene is flourishing and on the up rise. What was once pictured as a cowboy scene , that is not the case anymore Houston has taken on a new form of sophistication. Yet the down home charm is still a key future on the Houston real estate scene.

Chron writes that Houston real estate is at a particularly high rise in the Highland village shopping district. Highland village has the feel of an upscale shopping distract in Los Angeles right in the heart of Houston. Since the 1940s this prime piece of real estate has only seemed to be on the up rise always flourishing with a rich shopping culture with a number of the latest trendiest stores.

Haider Barbouti owner of the Highland village for over 20 years likes to do things a little differently , keeping this amp piece of real estate fun and exciting. Barbouti success and the success of Highland village may contribute to a few different aspects such as location is prime , Barbouti likes to keep things new and is always up for trying new things as well as keeping the store’s new and up beat.Barbouti strives on keeping things on edge making him and Highland a great success.

Highland village is not the only prime piece of real estate in Houston though. Houston’s real estate scene is forever on the up rise offering something for all walks of life. With Houstons country southern charm flare , mixed in with the rise of upscale businesses they’re sure to be real estate options for anybody. Houston Texas is a fast growing area with new shops coming all the time and a prime place to invest in real estate currently. Forever growing and the ability to grow with out losing the charm makes Houston Texas a key real estate spot for any type of business.

How to Edit a Wikipedia Article



The popular free internet encyclopedia Wikipedia is controlled the software MediaWiki. Perhaps it is your desire to stop being only a Wikipedia reader and also start creating a Wikipedia page to become an editor. It is possible for anyone to do this since Wikipedia is entirely a public collaboration endeavor. The only thing one has to do to begin the adventure is to hit the edit button. After hitting this button you will be taken to an editable text area which displays all of the text on the Wikipedia page. Get ready, you are about to commence a life-long journey that will be both rewarding and immensely enjoyable.

This editable text area might be a little confusing and overwhelming at first. The text is accompanied by a whole host of various formatting symbols such as square brackets. Just concentrate on the text and make the appropriate corrections. When you have finalized your editing, press “Show Preview” to make absolutely sure this is how you want it to look. When you are satisfied that all of your corrections are as perfect as possible summarize the types of edits you have made. During this process there is even a box to click if you have made only a minor edit. Then press the “Save this Page.”

You will definitely not be alone on your editing journey. Thousands of edits take place on Wikipedia every hour. These changes (including yours) will all be listed on “Recent Changes.” In addition, each page keeps a log of the edits made on it in an individual article section called “History.” There is no guarantee that your change will itself remain unedited. Just as you have done, one of the many thousands of later editors might very well come along to change your change again. If editing Wikipedia is something you would like to do you can practice on a fake page at Wikipedia’s Sandbox.

Daytime Star Crystal Hunt Shines on Big Screen in Magic Mike XXL



Her fans know Crystal Hunt best from her much loved starring roles on daytime soaps One Life to Live and Guiding Light, and now they can enjoy her talents in the much anticipated release of Magic Mike XXL.

The stunning blonde actress and Emmy award nominee has earned a role in summer’s popular, new movie along with big actors with perfect pecs like Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello. Hunt plays the part of Lauren in a cast of prominent and strong female characters.

“As an actress, it was an honor to be casted and work with such talented individuals,” Hunt reveals. “As a woman, it was actually an empowering role and the comradery among the females on set was apparent.”

Hunt appears alongside stars like Jada Pinkett Smith, Amber Heard, Andie MacDowell, Elizabeth Banks, Rhoda Griffis and Jane McNeill in this girls’-night-out movie of the summer.

In this sequel, the clothes come off as Mike Lane (Channing Tatum) comes out of retirement from stripping. There are plenty of six-pack abs, great butts and steamy scenes as the boys go for the thrill of being on stage and uniting with the sensuous dance crew.

Must-see Magic Mike XXL does not disappoint!