Brad Reifler Says The Middle Should Not Be The Middle In Investments



High financing is the main theme of today’s lifestyle; it is not farming anymore. Though farming is very good, nonetheless today’s business is investment and commodities. So instead of planting seeds of produce, we now plant investments and diversify our assets. Consequently, the leading expert on investments Brad Reifler says he knows how to turn a buck, or rather how to plant seeds of money to grow more money.

For the most part people though experts in money management had to be only the upper-crust of society, or the very rich, but, this Brad Reifler says this is not true. As the head of Forefront Management Group, LLC, he is the go to guy when it comes to investments. He started in 1995 his own successful company called Pali Capital. He remained the Chief Executive Officer for many years, and under his direction the company’s revenues grew to over $200 million per year. Moreover, he had a company base of 200 employees and branch offices all over the globe from Singapore to Latin America. He covers the United States, and the United Kingdom, plus Austria. The man is unstoppable.

Reifler has investment strategies rumbling in his head, and he is never in short supply of how best to make money. From the very beginning he was noteworthy, he founded his own company Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982 and it was successfully sold to Refco Inc. in the year 2000. Brad Reifler’s firm fortified implementation of global derivatives with a Midas touch of excellence.

Brad Reifler admits that in the beginning he only catered to the very rich or accredited investors, but now he switching gears to non-accredited investor. This type of investment is specially designed for the novice investor. Nearly fifty-percent of the middle-income societies have thousands of dollars in saving, so why not increase that money? It all makes sense. This is why Forefront Income Trust is designed with the beginner investor in mind. It is established with as little risk as possible, utilizing specific finance prospects.

When he seen family member shut-off from formal type investing, Brad Reifler confesses he seen the light. He knew something had to change because nearly all of the middle income families were completely limited as to how they could invest. As a result, Brad Reifler created the public fund, and a new age in diversifying an individual’s investment portfolio was born.  Read more about Brad on CrunchBase.

Nutrimost Slams Lawsuit on Healthy Living Over Stolen Video



Nutrimost slammed its rival in the weight loss business over a promotional video Nutrimost claimed Healthy Living stole from them. The video stolen was being shown on the Healthy Living website can’, and was eerily identical to the original.

The lawsuit that was filed in Federal Court states that all references to Nutrimost were removed from the original video and replaced with those for Healthy Living, the “Can’t Lose Diet“. Testimonials from Nutrimost customers were kept including one from the author of the program, Dr. Ray Wisniewski.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Dr. Wisniewski is a practicing chiropractor from Pennsylvania and practices “pastoral medicine”. Pastoral medicine is the combination of spiritual health wisdom and understanding and science.

In videos for both companies, identical claims to their programs were made. First and most importantly, the claim of losing 25 to 45 lbs in 40 days were made. In addition to that claim, claims of no exercise being needed and no feeling of being hungry were asserted.

Even while being presented with a cease-and-desist order, Healthy Living kept showing the video on their website, although it was shown as being a little shorter. And, to date, the video has not resurfaced on their site.

Nutrimost wants to take things a step further. They want the courts to keep the video from ever being shown on the Healthy Living website again. In addition to barring them, they want over $300,000 in damages for the theft of the video.

Nutrimost has the most advanced method of weight loss. They call themselves the “Ultimate Fat Loss System”. In this system, you can lose up to 40 lbs in 40 days.

No exercise is necessary with this program, and you won’t feel hungry as with other weight loss programs. The program is safe, and they will actively monitor your progress.

Stephen Murray: A Kind and Generous Man



While people often throw around accolades of people they have come to admire, rarely do those accolades fit a person better than they did Stephen Murray. Considered to be a kind and generous man to both his family and those with whom he worked, Stephen forged a life that others can only aspire to match.

Whether he was at the office ensuring his employees had what they needed to succeed or at his home talking about life with his wife and kids, Stephen made sure he had time for those he cared about most.

While known for his achievements in the world of high finance and economics, Stephen also made sure he gave back to his community in as many ways as possible. Because of this commitment to others, he found himself constantly working with numerous charitable groups in the New York area.

One of his great passions in life was helping children who found themselves battling life-threatening illnesses, which led to his involvement with the Metro area Make-A-Wish Foundation. Always a believer that dreams could come true for anyone, Stephen worked with families across New York to make sure more children than ever were able to have smiles on their faces.

Along with his work involving ill children, Stephen was also bothered by the fact that many people in the local area were going hungry. Determined to change this, he also started consulting with many food banks and other charities, hoping to end the hunger problem in his community. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Helping with fundraisers as well as consulting with administrators to come up with new and exciting strategies to curb hunger, Stephen was again able to make a difference.

Always mindful of his humble beginnings, Stephen Murray wanted to make sure that others who struggled early in life had the chance to see their goals realized. Whether it was personal or professional goals, Stephen always worked tirelessly to ensure all was well with as many people as possible.

As his philanthropic efforts helped more and more people, it became easy to see why Stephen Murray CMMP Capital was able to gain a reputation for his kindness and generosity. Working with people from all walks of life, he always made sure everyone felt included and important. With a level of compassion for people seen in few others of his stature, Stephen’s friends and family were fortunate to have such an example of kindness in their lives.

The Best of Kate Hudson and Fabletics



Eating popcorn is not just an enjoyable activity for Hudson, but a practical one, too, as she regularly does so during interviews. At a recent meeting with Elle Magazine to discuss Fabletics and Hudson’s regular athleticism, the blonde-haired beauty queen with unrelenting charm not only ate her side dish, but provided the dish on what people really need to know about Fabletics. Read more at

It Is Affordable

Virtually no one has the money to buy a pair of pants for $100. In fact, one of Kate’s biggest pet peeves is shopping only to find expensive products of decent quality, but having it not be versatile. “I always wanted a legging you can wear to workout or throw some boots on and go out in,” stated the Glee dancer, but it was virtually impossible until Fabletics and all of its athleisure wear glory came to be. With this brand, you can complete an entire closet that is full of multifunctional pieces for less than $100. What is not to love about that?

It Is Inspirational

Between bites of popcorn, Kate made it a point to state that getting motivated to exercise is pretty hard and that, on occasion, she needs a little kickstart from her trainer to get up and moving. Most of this stems from not having quality gear that doubles as an attractive outfit to workout in. The funky patterns and full support offered by Fabletics inspires women to get active by improving the way that they view themselves. Essentially, if you feel good, you will strive to be even better!

It Brings You Wherever You Want to Go

Whether you fancy a day on the treadmill or a day of catching some waves at the beach, Fabletics takes you wherever you want to go, and in style, to boot. Swimsuits equipped with cross backs and built-in bras offer necessary support, while tempered fabrics guarantee that you will not slip from too much sweat build up. Fabletics has thought of everything, and they could not have picked a better face for the company!

The Growth of this Dallas Bank



Some banks are struggling to get customers. There are others that are growing at alarming rates. I think that good leadership is the key to the growth of any bank. That is why I have been watching NexBank. I signed up here after seeing the how NexBank was growing.

NexBank’s Mary Pirrello Appointed President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

This is a $3 billion dollar regional bank that is formed in Dallas, TX. I believe that the president, Mary Pirrello, has shown herself strong in the areas of business development and the management of relationships with clients. She has only been in the presidential role for about a year, but she has 2 decades of experience in the banking industry. She has currently been appointed as the president of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association. I think that her strong business leadership skills will be welcomed by this association, and I believe that she will continue to lead strong at NexBank as well.

I have used NexBank as my personal bank for opening savings and checking accounts, but this is not the only area that has benefited me. I have also managed to use this bank to refinance my home. I like the competitive rates that are offered with NexBank so it was easy for me to transition from my old bank.

Again, I think it all falls on management when it comes to banks that are thriving. It is difficult for any bank to establish a loyal customer base if no one is working on building customer relationships. NexBank offers a lot of services, and there are are lot of companies and individuals that are customers of this bank. This financial institution has managed to thrive because the president, Mary Pirrello, has made it her duty to nourish the business relationships. She has stayed connected with the needs of customers.

Popular Diet Plan Stolen



NutriMost weight loss company was recently the target of a thief. The culprit was a rival diet company named Healthy Living. NutriMost‘s rival pirated a promotional video from their website and used it to promote their own diet plan. Healthy living went so far as to keep the video in its entirety, only replacing the name of the plan with their own. “The Can’t Lose Diet” promotional video uses NutriMost customer testimonials to tout its own plan. NutriMost filed a cease and desist order and lawsuit against Healthy Living on the basis of the loss of “goodwill and reputation” for its customers.
NutriMost is a science and technology based approach to weight loss. The goal for the company is to help its customers gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The company guarantees the ability to lose 40 pounds in 40 days. The company has developed NutriMost resonant frequency technology. This scientific breakthrough assesses the individuals needs and communicates then through galvanic skin response. This technology allows the client’s body to communicate specific information that assists them in weight maintenance through measuring the physiochemical response. NutriMost’s resonant frequency technology(NRF)allows the company to create personalized and individual plans to help their clients understand the underlying factors of their weight gain and obesity. The scientific approach measures factors that regulate metabolism, detoxification, fat storage, hormones and fat burning.
By using this technology along with a doctor supervised program, NutriMost provides the best possible weight loss and maintenance plan there is. They do not use drugs or hormones and do not even require exercise. Unlike many of their competitors, NutriMost is not a pre-packaged meal plan or a fad diet, but rather a lifestyle approach. NutriMost is the best technology based, scientifically proven, individually focused weight loss and lifestyle plan on the market.


Venezuelan Born Danilo Diaz Granados Is An Investment Analyst In The Hispanic Community



The Hispanic population accounts for more than half of the population growth in the United States. Forty years ago most Hispanics settled in California, Arizona, and Florida, but today Hispanic live in every state in the Union. The reason is simple. Hispanic are not afraid of hard work, and they are willing to accept jobs that the other ethnic groups don’t want. But Hispanics are not just on the lower part of the economic ladder in the United States. There are many wealthy Hispanic people living n the country, and they like to spend money. Venezuelan entrepreneur Danilo Diaz Granados is one of the men that help them invest as well as spend their money.

Danilo Diaz Granados graduated from Babson College in Wellesley Massachusetts with a degree in economics. He also took film courses and became interested in the film industry. But his first love was the investment industry, so he moved to Miami and became an investment advisor for wealthy Hispanic investors. Granados had a talent for picking the right investments. His client list grew, and so did his bank account. Danilo recognized a void in the retail market in the Hispanic community after talking to several clients about their spending habits. Granados decided to start a business that catered to wealthy Hispanic men that didn’t have enough time to shop, but had plenty of money to spend when they found what they wanted. What his clients wanted was expensive watches and rings, contemporary fine art, and exotic cars. Danilo called his new venture Toys for Boys in Miami, and he offered all those items and more in one location.

Granados still has an investment career with Fireman Capital Partners, but he also started a film company called the Edge of Glory Films that captured the interests and everyday challenges that Hispanic face in the United States. According to LinkedIn, Danilo is the production manager, editor, promoter, and distributor for his film company. But he is still very active in the investment world. Granados currently does social and economic analysis work so his clients can invest in assets that will continue to grow as the United States grows through the current economic shift.

How Does Devco Make New Jersey Cities Better For The People?



There is a story in the Press of Atlantic City that talks about how DEVCO helps cities get the money that they need to build up old areas. There are neighborhoods that need to be developed, and that is what Devco does for the people of the area. They offer the loans that are needed to make sure the development can even be done, and then they will help to make sure that it is done on a timeline that makes sense.

The development that is done needs to be in line with what is most normally going to work, but the only way to know that for sure is to work with Devco until they have a good plan. They are going to bring in experts who make it easy for these things to get done, and then they will pick up the planning for the city. The city is trying to make sure that they can make tax money, and then they are going to have enough money to pay back the loan. The whole process is really easy for everyone, and it builds new hotels and casinos that create jobs.

The jobs that come from these establishments are going to help people get employed in the industry, and they will be able to have new careers that are going to be fruitful for them. Someone who is looking for a better career will love that they can stay in their community, and then other people will come to work in these new spaces. Other businesses will get drawn to the area, and then the tax base will get even bigger. The city will get pretty big because of how these hotels and casinos will take over commerce, and then they city can pay back Devco for its hard work.

Wengie’s Face Massage Secrets



Wengie is an online blogger and a rising star on YouTube. The beauty, skincare, hair, and fitness guru has more than a million followers on YouTube. Millions view her well put together tutorials yearly. Wengie is an Australian of Chinese descent. Therefore, you can look forward to a wide variety of Asian inspired beauty secrets because her personal goal is to reveal Asian beauty secrets along with unknown Asian products to the world. Max is her boyfriend and he appears in quite a few of her videos on YouTube. In this video, Wengie shares her secrets concerning a complete face massage.

Massage Tips
Wengie shares the reason face massages are great for just about any type of skin. She also admits that tips on facial massage are one of the most requested tutorials to date. Wengie believes that facial massages are a purely natural way to keep the skin looking great. Facial massage tones the skin, improves sagging skin, improves dull skin, and improves the circulation. Facial massage is also a great anti-wrinkle treatment and slims the face. Wengie also gives the viewers instructions on the proper way to use her unicorn face massage tool. She also shares that facial massage is actually a part of Chinese medicine. It is a technique used for thousands of years with excellent results.

Wengie suggest that the tips shared in this face massage video should help one to slim the face. She has experienced great results using those same techniques. Wengie also suggests that facial massages are great. However, facial massages are best combined with a great nutritional and fitness routine. Wengie also shares a list of her favorite facial massage tools. The Wonderful World of Wengie is the top Asian beauty channel in Australia. It is easy to tell that Wengie of the Wonderful World of Wengie has a great passion for sharing beauty secrets and tutorials. Check out this video on face massage slimming Tips.


Read more about Wengie:

Nutrimost Files A Lawsuit



Nutrimost, a weight loss company, has filed a lawsuit against rival company Healthy Living for using content from one of their promotional videos. The suit alleges that Healthy Living replaced references to Nutrimost with their company name, and used testimonials from Nutrimost customers.
From both videos the weight loss programs claimed users could easily lose 20 to 40 pounds or more in 40 days without exercise or feeling hungry. They also say there are no pre-packaged meals or drugs required. Nutrimost says Healthy Living kept using the video after a cease and desist letter. That they just used a shorter version of the video.
The video is now off the Can’t Lose Diet website, but Nutrimost wants a court order to ban the video’s usage again, plus 300,000 dollars in damages.
Nutrimost says its weight loss system is based on scriptual health wisdom, and cutting edge science. Can’t Lose Diet promotes a body balance scan and a supervised program.
Nutrimost is a diet program for losing a decent amount of weight in a short period of time. New patients are measured for their viseral fat. This is the fat the body stores in the abdomen. The key to the program is they tailor the program to meet the needs of each individual patient.
Dr Mitch Gordon, a licensed chiropractor, is the creator of the Connecticut based national company.

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