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End Citizens United is Fighting the Audacity of Congress Again

The 2010 Citizens United ruling handed down by the United States Supreme Court stands as proof positive that the court system can be played just like Congress in a corporate-controlled system like the current United States legislative debacle. Congress has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they want to be equal opportunity beggars when it comes campaign time, making progress difficult for altruistic political groups like End Citizens United. The twisted ruling that granted personhood rights to corporations while claiming campaign contributions amount to free speech is not only appalling, but proof positive of corruption across the board in the U.S. government. And, now Congress is cherry-picking for money again by exempting religious organizations from tax obligations while still allowing them to contribute just like for-profit companies.

The Johnson Act of 1954 has been in place for many years and restricts 501(c)3 organizations from contributing to political campaigns. Now Congress is attempting to exclude religious organizations from this law, allowing them to instead contribute as they wish with financial resources they garner from collection plate begging. The problem with the amendment modification is that is not equal opportunity for all non-profits. It specifically restricts all non-religious entities from contributions. Luckily, End Citizens United appears set to receive approximately $38 million in contributions by 2018 that they will use to advance the causes of a wide variety of new candidates. Local races such as governor elections will be addressed in particular. The midterms are right around the corner and the ECU is ready and loaded for bear.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that began focused on changing the 2010 SCOTUS ruling by adding a constitutional amendment reversing the decision. The primary problem they are facing is support for the movement because they are lobbying the very individuals who are benefiting the most from the onerous law. No one wants to kill the Golden Calf, choosing to actually make the problem worse with the Johnson Amendment exemption. This means those devoted to changing the terrible trend in politics like End Citizens United CEO Tiffany Muller will assuredly have their work cut out for them. Everyone should be prepared to hear from End Citizens United concerning campaign funding reform by supporting many of the upstart candidates who will be railing on the corruption of a Congress that prefers to operate in secrecy.

The operatives at ECU understand that secret government is inherently bad government, and can become inept in short order when too much money flows through the legalized bribery system that consumes the Beltway. And, it is about to be bare knuckles time once again with the Johnson Amendment change as well as the standing problem of corporate personhood. Know more:


The OSI Group Continues To Expand Its Operations

The OSI Group is one of the nation’s top supplier of meat products for private label food brands in the US and food service operations. They have over 65 working facilities in 17 countries that are located in Western and Eastern Europe, North America and the Pacific regions in Asia. The company has recently expanded their operations to distribute to more European countries after acquiring the Flagship Europe facility; they now produce different products such as: dips, sauces, marinades, mayonnaise, frozen pies, frozen poultry, dough, hot dogs and hamburgers.

OSI Group was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky in Oak Park, Illinois. Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant that opened a family meat market after moving to the US. The company was known as Otto & Sons during 1928 and several decades after that. They had a very good reputation for their quality meat products and eventually formed a solid partnership with the fast food giant, McDonald’s in 1955. During that time, Otto & Sons was McDonald’s main beef supplier, they soon had to incorporate very innovative methods to preserve their food products. They had a massive meat factory in West Chicago that used cryogenic food processing methods that preserved foods with liquid nitrogen. Today, the OSI Group remains as a well-trusted source for supplying beef products to McDonald’s.

The company is currently led by Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin, whom also serves as the President of OSI International Foods Ltd. Mr. Lavin’s goal is to continue the global expansion of the OSI Group and to create an ultimate international enterprise. The company’s foreign facilities were manufactured with the local’s taste in mind, they research and learn what they love to make sure the quality is exceptional and meets their needs. They have also supplied meat products to popular western fast food chains operating in China. These western fast food chains were KFC, Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks and Pizza Hut.

OSI Group offer different services involving food processing, they offer packaging, contract manufacturing, and supply chain management. The company has reached an impressive revenue of $6.1 billion and is listed in Forbes as one of America’s largest private companies. In 2016, OSI Group received the prestigious Globe of Honor Award due to their environmental risk management performance and strategies. The company was congratulated for their efforts to treat environmental protection with the same respect as health and safety concerns.

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Eric Lefkofsky is a Philanthropist on a Mission

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation (LFF) was created by Liz and Eric Lefkofsky in 2006 as a private charity foundation that helps to support a wide range of initiatives and organizations. The specific purpose of the foundation is to enhance the quality of human life through donations of time and money. For over a decade, now, it has helped countless organizations, and it has been Eric’s desire, along with his wife’s, to focus in on the areas that interest them the most. These areas include the arts and culture, medical advances, educational initiatives and organizations, and basic human rights.

Eric Lefkofksy looks at education and culture and the arts as something that every child should have access to. In 2017, the LFF supported the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago so that it could offer free admission to youth aged 18 years and younger. Just a couple years before Eric and his wife Liz, through their foundation, helped to support high-impact, early team science with a $1.2 million gift that funded six scholars who were working on innovative cures and treatments for a spread of different diseases.

Eric Lefkofsky also loves to help out in the community that he lives in, which is the Chicago area. To do this the LFF has supported different organizations and initiatives in the Chicago area, which include Young Chicago Authors, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, University of Chicago Medicine, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Ideas, the Chicago Botanic Garden, and more. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago who loves to inspire and educate young minds.

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus and an entrepreneur who has had countless business successes in his lifetime. Tempus, itself, is a technology company that has created an operating system that gives physicians the information they need to combat cancer. The system grants those who care for cancer patients the ability to make real-time decisions based upon large amounts of data. This will surely change the way that cancer is treated.

Aside from Tempus and his Philanthropy, Eric Lefkofksy invests in businesses that look to disrupt their industry. His book, “Accelerated Disruption,” covers how startups can revolutionize their own fields and break into any industry. It is Eric’s lifelong goal to make the things he dreams about a reality.

TechStyle Taking E-Commerce By Storm

JustFab Inc. has changed their name to TechStyle Fashion Group and is based in El Segundo, CA. Under TechStyle are the brands you’ve surely heard about including Fabletics, JustFab, Fabkids and ShoeDazzle. JustFab was founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg who set out to change the way people shop for trending fashion. Shawn Gold the corporate marketing officer, oversees the marketing efforts of each brand. TechStyle’s JustFab has made over an astonishing $300 million and continues to grow.

Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg has had a career as an entrepreneur for over 20 years. Goldenberg began his career at the tender age of 13 and created a gaming website called Gamer’s Alliance. A few years later, Adam Goldenberg sold Gamer’s Alliance to a company called Intermix which was a former MySpace company. He then became the youngest COO in history at the age of 19 for Intermix. Goldenberg stayed with the company for years, and started seeing the large potential in e-commerce. He started yet another company Intelligent Beauty. The success of Intelligent Beauty led to the opening of DermStore and JustFab. Goldenberg’s current title at TechStyle is Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. He is in charge of marketing, internal systems, margins and data.

Don Ressler is also the Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. Ressler is also a pioneer in successful business ventures since 1997. His first business was sold to Intermix as well. He acted as the Chief Executive Officer and President before leaving to work for Intermix. Don Ressler’s expertise helped increase shareholder value and the company was then sold to News Corp. for $670 million. His future companies Hydroderm and Alena Media went on to raise over $100 million. Don currently works closely with Adam Goldenberg at TechStyle Fashion Group overseeing talent, customer experience and vision.

The focus of TechStyle is to offer fashionable pieces at affordable prices. They stay up-to-date on the latest trends and track consumer preferences. Brand loyalty and capturing consumers’ attention is extremely important in e-commerce today. TechStyle is currently in the process of opening several more brick-and-mortar store locations within the year. There are 18 Fabletics stores to date with 80 more to be added within the next few years. Goldenberg, Don Ressler and their team use valuable data from its stores through in-house created technology. They are able to use this data to create new merchandising, products and pricing. They have even created Omnicart which can provide them with data between dressing room items and purchase rates.

IDLife; You Are Unique, So Your Nutritional Supplements Should Be As Well

No two people are exactly alike, not even identical twins share the exact same nutritional needs. That is why it only makes sense for a vitamin to provide an individual with exactly what that individual needs. IDLife has created a product that does just that. IDLife came up with a vitamin/supplemental nutrition plan that utilizes the science behind the nutritional needs of an individual Your text to link….

IDLife is an up and coming nutritional supplement company that utilizes a scientific technique of creating vitamins and supplements for their customers. They are creating a more accurate way of providing people with the nutrition that their bodies need. The first step to getting a supplement plan that is tailored directly to your bodies needs is to fill out the health assessment form that is available upon request. The assessment will outline all of your family health history, current bio-metric data as well as your current health conditions. Based off of the answers you give on the assessment, IDLife will come up with a supplemental nutrition plan that will be perfect for you and the nutrition that your body needs.

Logan Stout, CEO of IDLife not only innovates through his impressive supplemental nutrition company but also in his selfless acts of humanitarianism. Logan lives by the philosophy that helping others is the most important attribute to acquire. After the devastating aftermath of hurricane Harvey, he set up a rescue mission that allowed his company to use their resources to provide warehouse space and cargo full of much needed supplies to the Texas area. He also donated a large sum of money just to help towards the clean up and relief in the Houston city area as well.

When dealing with such an excellent company with not only great products but also great goals and achievements towards the customer and humanity, it is hard to overlook IDLife. IDLife strives to make the world a better place starting with the nutrition that makes up every singe one of us. They believe in the core value that people are unique and worth a little extra effort, especially when talking about the health. IDLife is most definitely making a bold statement in the world of health and nutritional supplements.

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The End Citizens United Organization Is Helping America To Maintain The Proper Separation Of Church And State

Since 1954, U.S. tax code provisions have prohibited all tax-exempt, 501 non-profit organizations from endorsing political candidates, and publicly taking part in political campaigns. In a recent Gazette Day article, the author explains how the vital grassroots organization known as End Citizens United is working hard to maintain the important separation of church and state in America.

As stated in the Gazette Day article, former U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson was still a Texas U.S. Senator in 1954, when he introduced an amendment to Congress that would help to ensure that non-profit organizations would not have unfair influence in American politics.

Unfortunately, the current presidential administration is trying to dismantle the Johnson Amendment, an action that could destroy the free, democratic fabric of the United States. If the amendment were repealed, it is widely believed that conservative groups would be unfairly using financial donations to churches and charities to create platforms for their political views.

The End Citizens United non-profit organization was founded in 2015, in response to a disappointing U.S. Supreme Court decision involving a right-wing group named Citizens United. In the 2010 decision that was handed down, it was ruled that corporations possess the same freedom of speech rights as individuals. This decision made it easier for dark money to be channeled to various political groups.

The original goal for the End Citizens United organization was to have the 2010 decision overturned, but now it is also focusing on keeping the Johnson Amendment in place.

According to the aforementioned article, the current President told his supporters on the presidential campaign trail that he would repeal the Johnson Amendment after being elected. The President even issued an executive order earlier this year wherein enforcement of the amendment by the IRS was made less of a priority.

With more than $119 billion donated to religious organizations by American citizens in 2015, it is widely feared that if the Johnson Amendment were to be repealed, conservative groups would receive money that was channeled through the religious organizations.

It is good to know that there are caring, conscientious Americans like the members of End Citizens United, who are willing to work hard at maintain democracy. End Citizens United also has an active social media presence, with many followers. For more information on End Citizens United Rushes to Protect Besieged Johnson Amendment visit:


Adam Milstein, Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is a true American success story. Born in Morocco, Milstein was raised mostly in Israel. He even served in the Israeli Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War. As an adult, he moved to the United States. He ended up in Los Angeles, California.

That’s where Milstein really hit his stride. He completed an MBA at the famed University of Southern California. When it came to find a job, he quickly realized he would need to strike out on his own. Propsective employers were not making good offers. He wouldn’t be making any more than someone with less education and training.

Instead of working for someone else, he struck out on his own. Milstein became a commercial real estate broker. In just three short years, he had seen enough success to become a real estate investor. Today, Mr. Milstein is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties.

One of Milstein’s secrets is that he’s not work-shy. If there’s a gap in the market, or he can’t find someone to provide a service, he does it for himself. He also doesn’t limit himself. Instead of being perfectionist, Milstein allows his goals to shift as he gets more information. His go-getting attitude made it more than possible for him to achieve the American Dream. It’s also made it possible for him to help others reach their dreams.

He’s become a committed philanthropist. He’s particularly interested in Israeli-Jewish issues. The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation seeks to help strengthen Israel. It makes grants to worthy organizations working there and in the US.

Milstein also sits on the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel. This organization makes it possible for young Jewish Americans to visit Israel. Other organizations he supports include StandWithUs and the Israel on Campus Coalition. With his philanthropy, he has helped enhance young people’s lives. He’s made things better for the populations of two countries he calls home.


White Shark Media for Reliable Digital Marketing Services

Online presence is essential for businesses. It not only offers a platform for business visibility but a way to reach potential and existing clients. It is, therefore, necessary for every enterprise to have in place a digital marketing strategy. White Shark Media, one of the fastest growing digital marketing agency, is a magnificent player in this role for businesses that do not have enough time and resources to do it on their own.

White Shark Media marketing campaigns are efficient and effective. They aid companies in utilizing online marketing strategies to enhance growth. They do Keyword call tracking and integration of Google Analytics. The company is equipped for detailed monitoring of all marketing efforts they undertake. They use competitive intelligence and proprietary reporting software. For businesses just starting off, they can build a compelling brand image and enhance the attraction of new clients from scratch. To ensure accountability, they offer monthly reports to their clients.

The marketing agency offers cost-effective marketing solutions appropriate for small and medium-sized companies. They undertake free pay per click performance evaluation to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide specialized solutions. Their staff of over 150 digital marketing experts are certified by both internal and external standards and have a mastery in Google Analytics, AdWords Search, Display Advertising and Bing Ads.

White Shark Media was established in 2011 and prides itself on being a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. The collaboration only includes hand-picked agencies, and the company is one of 29 partners in the United States. They, therefore, meet Google’s stringent eligibility and training requirements. They are also in an alliance with Microsoft and are part of Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

Given these achievements, there is no doubt that engaging with White Shark Media benefits businesses from their proven expertise. They will put forward unrivaled strategies, which include both offline and online marketing, to attain set goals regarding digital marketing.

End Citizens United is on its Mission to Protect Johnson Amendment

The conservatives are ramping up their efforts to remove the remaining restrictions of the campaign finance laws. A number of blows they could make to the election system that affected the credibility of the democracy of the country post-Citizens United verdict in the year 2010 by the honorable Supreme Court of the country. Though the criticism of accessibility by foreign institutions into the political system is shaking the American politics, Republicans are not found to be worried about the endangered election system. Further, they wanted to extend it and started working to weaken Johnson Amendment. President Trump has signed the executive order that gives access to organizations like churches to take part in political campaigns – it was earlier forbidden by 501(c)(3) of Johnson Amendment.

As a leading PAC that fights against uncontrolled money into politics, End Citizens United expressed their protest against stripping the Amendment on August 30, this year. ECU’s Tiffany Muller points out the threat that it would help large money groups to use churches as tools for secret funding. Additionally, they can ensure tax-free money to political campaigns as money to churches are coming under tax exemption. When the Amendment was introduced in 1954, it was widely criticized and labeled as communist propaganda. But, later it created a clean system, and churches did not find issues with the regulations. The Amendment was not meant to restrict churches from political campaigning but to stop money group to funnel their money through churches. Visit to know more.

By removing the purity of the Amendment, conservatives want the system more rigged. ECU started its works for protecting the Johnson Amendment as it also feels that it would remove the separation line between the state and church. Even if the bill could not damage Johnson Amendment, ECU thinks that the right groups would try to damage it in other ways. Therefore, the PAC asks everyone to support the mission to protect Johnson Amendment to save their democracy. End Citizens United was created in 2015 to protect the blow given by the Citizens United verdict to the election system.

The PAC has conducted various campaigns among the people to educate the dangers associated with the Citizens United verdict. Interestingly, a large section of people is now aware that the system has destabilized them and rally behind ECU. The PAC has vowed to bring legislation to curtail the effects of the verdict by the Supreme Court in 2010. ECU wants to send maximum campaign law reformers to both the houses to pass the legislation. For that purpose, it started raising funds, supporting finance reform champions, mobilizing grass root campaigners, raising campaigns through media outlets, and more. It also reaches out the citizens through social media to educate the need of raising voice against Citizens United verdict.

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Fabletics and Don Ressler Join the War against Breast Cancer

Although Kate Hudson is best known for her acting role in “Almost Famous,” she is also the Co-founder of Fabletics, an American online retailer that sells women’s leisurewear. Recently, Kate Hudson, along with Fabletics, partnered with the Council of Fashion Designers America, a nonprofit trade association, to help promote breast cancer awareness. Kate Hudson, along with her Fabletics business partners, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, were participants in this year’s Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) charity campaign, which was aimed at uniting the fashion world in the fight against breast cancer.

Considering that more than 200,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, it’s no surprise that Kate Hudson and Fabletics, a company that prides themselves on empowering women through fashion, agreed to rally support around Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. For their role in the charity campaign, Fabletics unveiled a stunning blue and pink capsule collection (most essential or influential pieces from a collection) for the fashion gala, which was held in the Del Amo Fashion Centre mall located in Torrance, California, with all of the proceeds going to FTBC. In an effort to contribute even further, Fabletics have announced plans to make the same capsule collection available on their website,, and their brick and mortar locations, for those who were unable to attend the event.

The charity campaign at Del Amo Fashion Centre mall marks the second collaboration between Fabletics and FTBC. In an interview with, an online independent news site, Hudson reportedly expressed an interest in continuing to play a role in these charity events, that spur cancer awareness; so, it’s probably safe to say Fabletics will be front and center for any future events.

If you’re curious about Fabletics, it was founded in 2013, through the collective efforts of Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson, and is marketed as a fashion-forward athleisure brand. The business model was the brainchild of Ressler and Goldberg, who approached Hudson with the intent of forging a business partnership that would revolutionize how apparel would be marketed to women. Obviously, Kate Hudson was impressed with the business plan and went into business with Ressler and Goldberg, to form Fabletics.

Granted, Huson is the face of Fabletics, but she also plays an integral role in the company; she routinely analyzes inventory and sales figures and has been instrumental in helping the company reach $250 million in sales, for the 2017 calendar year.