Bruce Levenson the Journalist, the Businessman



On an article on wikipedia Bruce Levenson, Co-founder of United Communications Group. UCG, an extremely competitive firm specializing in providing direction for success. Bruce Levenson and Todd Foreman were and still are journalists. They know content is the key to success and exceptional information and data are the keys to leadership roles. The path to success is with accurate, proven information and data. Quoting Bruce and Todd, “Content is King” is their mantra.

UCG started 1977 utilizing a storage room over Levenson’s dad’s liquor store in Washington, DC. Having a passion for excellence, Bruce, and his close friend, Todd Foreman became partners in this entrepreneurial venture. Their business and goal was to provide leadership to businesses by creating content that is targeted, trusted, and transformative. Sure UCG has grown, but their goals are the same and their achievements are proven successes.

The leadership information they deliver was initially transmitted via newsletters and mail publications. Holding information conferences was the next avenue for gaining awareness of their communications in the market. Success beamed on UCG, and when the “Super Information Highway” began, this was the stepping stone to success. Through the internet, UCG was able to reach businesses throughout the world delivering information, provide expert analysis, sending data electronically to customers such as the defense industry and other governmental agencies in need of their expertise. Acquiring their first company in 1978 specializing in information, they were able to diversify into several companies broadening their knowledge into such areas of banking, healthcare, being on the cutting edge of technology at its birth.

Since that period, UCG has acquired many businesses, taking some public, and a public company private. They know how to successfully build and accelerate the growth of enterprises. UCG invests heavily in training and developing their employees no matter what business area the employee resides.

They have gained tremendous respect for their reports, analysis and, of course, breaking news delivered daily via every source of communication. Many press releases are seen in the WSJ, Bloomberg News, and many other publications that focus on business. They are known for their tenacity in journalism, digging their heels in to uncover the truth and have won the trust of their followers. They have helped hospitals improve patient care while not increasing costs. Specific Medicare fraud issues have been exposed and resolved. Worked with many other businesses and agencies to increase productivity, cut costs, and improve the skill level of their staff while achieving higher business goals.

Since the UCG opened its doors in 1978, they have received over one hundred honors and awards for their excellence in specialized reporting and journalism. They far exceed any of their competitors in journalism awards which also contributes to the respect they enjoy from their audience. Whether they are producing an investigative piece or analyzing moves in the oil market, you can be assured the information is being reported with accuracy.

Adam Sender: Contemporary Art Connoisseur



Adam Sender was not always such a prolific art collector. He found himself a successful hedge fund manager for Exis Capital, living the good life with multiple mansions, and a beautiful wife. Thats when a friend of his, Todd Levin, an established Art Advisor, got him started collecting contemporary pieces of artwork. Now he is addicted to finding that perfect piece to accentuate his office or one of his homes in Miami or New York.

Adam Sender earned a Bachelors degree in History from the University of Michigan. After he graduated from the University of Michigan he became a Portfolio Manager for a company named Point72 Asset Management, L.P. This is the company that was formerly known as SAC Capital Advisors LP, which is a group of hedge funds that was founded in 1992 by Stephen Cohen. Mr. Sender remained there, gaining experience until 1998. At that point, he broke away from Point72 Asset Management, LP, and founded Exis Capital. At the height of it’s 16 years in business, Exis Capital managed over $1 billion. Mr. Sender has served as Chief Executive Officer of Exis Capital until the company was disbanded in 2014.

It wasn’t until after he left Point72 Asset Management, LP, that he began amassing his exquisite collection of contemporary pieces. At the height of his collection, he had over 800 pieces from about 139 different artists. He has early pieces from the likes of Mike Kelley, Martin Kippenberger, Barbara Kruger, Charles Ray, and Urs Fischer, just to name a couple of the many artists that he has bought throughout the years. His philosophy is to buy an artist’s works while they are new, but not right out of art school, new. He buys the art a year or two into an artist’s career, and so far it has paid off in a big way. Starting in May of 2014, he partnered up with Sotheby’s, the world famous auction house, and they are selling about 400 of the contemporary pieces that he has collected. The auction house will auction off his pieces over about a year and a half. After it is all said and done, he is expected to net approximately $70 million. If it all goes as planned, that is. But even if it doesn’t, he has embraced the Buddhist philosophy that, “All things must pass.” (LinkedIn)

A New York City Apartment Can Be Found, Courtesy Of Town Residential



For some people, getting their first apartment is a way to establish freedom as well as letting the world know that the person has become an adult. Although some people are not young when they get their first apartment, it doesn’t make the achievement any less important. Everyone wants their own place at some point or another in life, and an apartment may be the first place that a person gets. Although not everyone starts out in an apartment, those who do may want the best apartment that they can get, especially if they live in NYC apartments for rent. It’s not terribly hard to get a nice apartment in New York City because there are many of them around.

The hard part about getting an apartment in New York City is finding a good one that will satisfy the person, especially if they have certain tastes or features they’re looking for in their new apartment. It’s possible to get a brand-new apartment in New York City because buildings are still going up from time to time. As long as there is space in New York City to build something, a contractor will find something to put in that space. Those who are looking for new homes or apartments in New York City are in luck because some are currently being built.

Although one may have the desire to get an apartment in New York City, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be guaranteed one, even if a person has the money to pay for it. In some cases, an apartment can only be obtained if one deals directly with a real estate agent, or whoever is representing the property. If someone is looking to get into certain new apartments or homes that are available in New York City, then they’ll need to contact Town Residential. Not only does Town Residential have great listings available now, but they also have listings for homes that are currently being built.

Don’t worry about conducting a search for an apartment because it may not bring the results that the person looking to find. When one wants to find the right apartment in New York City, then all they have to do is call Town Residential. Town Residential is well known in New York City, and they have vast knowledge about the city, and they have some exclusive, luxurious listings too. An apartment listed by Town Residential can be the best place a person has ever seen, even if it’s their first apartment, or one of many apartments they’ve moved into. New York City is a gem, and people want an apartment that is a gem as well, so they should call Town Residential for help when they’re moving.

Adam Sender’s gift to art lovers



The personalities and characteristics of Art collectors are more easily betrayed by their collections then they would like to believe. From the obsessive to the storm chasers that would pursue and possess the works of the latest Phenom, the collectors provide a peek into their passions in the artists and the works they collect and display on the walls of their homes and their offices. Others, more reclusive and private, build their collections for the pleasure of their own and their close friends and family – but yet a glimpse can provide a measure of what drives them.

Adam Sender’s march, as they say, is to a different drummer. In his previous life as a successful finance professional, he showed his keen eye by choosing the right investments, first as a trader at SAC Capital and then as the founder of Exis Capital Management. And then along the way he showed the same discernment in choosing investments when he started collecting and creating one of the most rich and thrilling private collection of contemporary art anywhere.

What makes this collection compelling and engaging is that it’s a deeply personal and covers most of the important art movements. The collections includes seminal work of John Baldessari, Urs Fischer, Martin Kippenberger, Richard Prince, Elizabeth Peyton, Ed Ruscha, Cindy Sherman and Rosemarie Trockel, to name a few. And the secret, according to the curator Sarah Aibel, in how Adam has the gift and uncanny ability to hone in on the most important piece or pieces of work on display by an artist just before they receive widespread notice. This allows him to acquire the work at a more reasonable price before their demand, and therefore their worth appreciates significantly. As evidence, consider the Cindy Sherman photograph titled “The Black Sheets”, bought at $100,000 is now estimated to be between 1 and 2 million dollars or a Richard Prince piece also bought around the same price and which too has appreciated similarly. He even has an IMDB Profile.

Unlike other collectors who like to keep their collections and their acquisitions away from the public eye, Adam’s plan is to expose his to the public and has chosen different channels to do so. Some of it was already on prominent display in his offices and homes, and in 2011, he used a residential property he owned and converted it into a gallery for his collection as part of Art Basel Miami Beach. In addition to Sotheby’s plan to offer 400 pieces, Adam has also created a website where a person/institution can make a request and create a case for a loan from his collection. What is clear is that in this, art lovers everywhere will rejoice.

Brian Torchin is on the Move to Create Better HealthCare for Patients



Health Care is one of the most important parts of this world. Many people do not have the greatest health and need much help, however, most of these people don’t have many funds to pay for their Health Care either, which makes it extremely hard to provide help for these types of people today. However, there is a certain man out there who is going around making healthcare agencies in different places like Delaware, Florida, and Philadephia. This man is known as Brian Torchin. Brian Torchian is a healthcare professional who is trying to widen his services in order to help the many who are suffering today. Torchin understands that Health Care can also be very expensive, so he is also trying to lower the prices of his services.

As said before, Brian Torchin is a HealthCare professional who is trying to expand his services around the world. Torchin started as a professional physician of chiropractic practice, however, he expanded his knowledge and found out more about Health Care by lots of research and studying. After much research, Torchin decided that it would be best if he could provide is clientele with the best and most affordable services and staff possible. Torchin created his own staffing agency known as the Health Care Recruitment Counselors. In this company, Torchin works long and hard to find the best people who can provide the best health care services as staff members in different health work positions. Torchin wants to make sure that patients can have confidence that their HealthCare is efficient and carries great staff members who can truly satisfy their needs.

Currently, to this day, Torchin and his employees are still working very hard in his staffing agency, trying to find the best workers for the HealthCare world. Torchin does admit that it can be very hard finding the most efficient staff members out there, but he does try his best to get it done and he has seen a big improvement in the response of patients with HealthCare. Brian Torchin is a determined, caring, and understanding man who only wants the best for patients out there because their health always comes first, so it is important to always serve them immediately. Torchin is also expanding his staffing agency and creating more agencies around the world, like in Philadelphia, Delaware, and Florida. He plans to continue to expand to help more people.

Overall, as said before, Health Care is a very important part of the world today and thankfully, there are people out there like Brian Torchin, who help to make Health Care even better for those who need it.

Squaw Valley Ski with Andrew Wirth as CEO




The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is in the Olympic Valley, Lake Tahoe area in California. It was the host site of the entire 1960 Winter Olympics. Since then, it has maintained its vibrant ski culture and mountain energy. With consistent snowfall that sticks around well into the spring, Squaw Valley is one of the longest ski and snowboard seasons in the country. Squaw Valley was once a mining boom town and was the biggest mining operation in the Lake Tahoe region.

With Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows joining forces, bringing the two ski resorts under common ownership, skiers and riders can access about 6,200 acres. It now has 270 trails, 43 lifts and a total skiing area of 4,000 acres. It attracts up to about 600,000 snow divers annually. 

If you are planning a trip to this ski resort, you can stay off the mountain; families can relax in the heart of the Lake Tahoe action in the Village at Squaw Valley Lodging. There’s plenty of high altitude adventures, walk and explore the village at Squaw Valley to discover the endless shopping & dining options.

Andrew Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He has been in the resort business for a little over 24 years. Wirth was responsible for overseeing a $70 million upgrade to the resort, which enormously helped to par with competing skiing areas. Wirth was also able to make a major change to merge with Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, Wirth also became the CEO of that resort as well, and it provided the convenience of purchasing one single ticket for admittance to both. His long-term goal is to continually build and improve the reputation of Squaw Valley to make it more popular than ever. He is a major contributor to environmental and community service organizations in the Lake Tahoe area.

Recently it was announced in the Los Angeles Times that they would introduce a gondola that would run about two miles between the bases of the two resorts, allowing skiers to zip between them without using ground transportation. Wirth said the gondola will be built on private property near the wilderness area, far enough away that hikers in the wilderness won’t even be able to see the gondola, although Squaw Valley Ski Holdings has yet to submit a construction plan. 

Wirth received the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award and last year he was recognized by Disabled Sports USA as the Citizen of the Year.

Stephen Murray led CCMP Capital from its birth to multi billion dollar success



Stephen Murray was a famous name on Wall Street before his untimely death in March 2015 at the age of 52. Murray was a well known figure for the time he spent leading CCMP Capital after it was created from the buyout business of JP Morgan and continued to be successful with Murray leading the company through two multi billion dollar deals. Despite the success Murray had in the business world he was also a popular philanthropist who was willing to work with many different charitable groups to assist others in need and areas of interest for the CCMP Capital CEO.

Murray’s business career began when he joined the training program at Chemical Venture Partners and took in a number of major companies before Stephen Murray led CCMP Capital as it became a company on its own after a number of ownership changes. The Boston College and Columbia Business School graduate saw his working career begin in the 1980s and remain constant as a leader of the JP Morgan buyout business for many years until the birth of CCMP Capital. The company was guided to success by Murray, a success that includes a deal worth more than $3 billion completed towards the end of 2014 that secured the success of the company in the eyes of the financial industry.

CCMP Capital was not the only love of the life of the father of four, he was also well known for the many philanthropic works he completed throughout his life. Murray had remained active throughout his life in the support of a number of causes, including remaning a member of the board of trustees for his alma mater Boston College. Stephen Murray also made sure he gave something back to the community he lived in by working with the Make A Wish Foundation and local food banks throughout the New York City area.

A Look into the Career of Crystal Hunt



Born on February 5, 1985, actress and producer Crystal Hunt was destined to become a star. Growing up in Florida, Hunt’s first performances took place on a stage when she partook in pageants as a child. A little later in her childhood, she participated in an advertisement that featured the famous boy band NSYNC. Hunt’s career really took off, however, when at the young age of 17 she was casted for a roll in CBS’s daytime television drama Guiding Light. On the show, the actress played the part of ‘Lizzie Spaulding’ and Hunt’s roll earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. After four years, Hunt’s time on Guiding Light ended; however, in 2009, the actress returned to daytime television with her role on ABC’s One Life to Live. Playing the part of ‘Stacy Morasco’, Hunt acted on the drama for three years.

Although she found great success in the daytime television industry, Crystal Hunt’s acting career didn’t stop there. Hunt has been casted in several movies, as well, landing her a place on the big screen. While still participating in Guiding Light, the actress filmed the movie The Derby Stallion alongside actor and singer Zac Efron. Hunt’s film career continued when she landed a role in the movie Sydney White where she worked alongside the well-known actress Amanda Bynes. Other film titles that Hunt has participated in include Lionsgate’s thriller NYC Underground, the inspirational drama 23 Blast, and even the widely-known Magic Mike XXL which starred the famous actor Channing Tatum.

Crystal Hunt added the title of producer to her resume in 2014 when she produced her first movie named Talbot County. The horror film is based off of a true story. Returning to television in 2015, the female actor and producer joined the cast of the reality show Queens of Drama. On the show, Hunt works alongside other female daytime and prime time celebrities to create and produce a new television drama. Visit her official site at

Investing in Brazil’s Real Estate Industry



When it comes to investing in real estate in Brazil, there are several properties ready to be developed. According to the national deficit, there is a deficit of about 7-10 million properties in the country. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo are the biggest cities with huge market prices. The average price per Square meter is around EUR 2700 and it is expected to go up ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

As a newbie in Brazilian real estate market, it is vital to seek advice from someone who knows the market and the best areas to invest. You also need to select your property type. Brazil has many opportunities to invest in the coastal holiday property. The downside to this is you may have to part with higher vacancy rates. You can also choose to invest in areas close to the regional transport connections and the business districts.

Location is another important factor a real estate investor should always look out for. The best areas for foreign investors to invest include Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Natal and Fortaleza. Units around Natal are retailing at 60,000 pounds and are seeing yields of up to 10% annually.

Choose to invest in new developments as tenants will be more attracted to superior features and amenities. Young professionals and the growing middle class are target markets looking for something comfortable, yet classy to live in. As a new investor, it is crucial to apply for a tax registration number commonly known as Cadastro de Pessoas Fisicas. The registration number identifies you for taxation and title purposes.

The buying process involves three steps where a preliminary analysis of all the necessary documents is carried out by a certified lawyer and then you are required to make the payment in form of a bank transfer. Finally, the deed of purchase is registered with the applicable agency. Investors are required to wait for 3 months to get the deed after making their first down payment.

Zeca Oliveira is a renowned entrepreneur who has heavily invested in financial services in Brazil. His company Bridge Trust and Gradual Investments recently signed an agreement that would give rise to a financial group. He is now responsible for resource and fund management. The famous entrepreneur now sees this opportunity as a way to sell different products and services and maximize customer’s loyalty.

Reddit and Advertisers: A New Relationship



Reddit, the link-sharing message board and community, has been at the center of attention as CEOs have changed hands and new restrictions have been issued to users, leading to a revolt that highlighted the incendiary rhetoric of many on the site, placing its future as a place for investment and advertising in jeopardy.

In an interview with with CNBC, Bert Choi, of RPA, an advertising agency, noted that while the Reddit audience is atypical, made up of people who are highly informed and with particular, often niche, interests, they do provide a unique opportunity for the right kinds of advertisers. “And advertisements are of great interest to Reddit, as it is one of their greatest sources of income, but why are companies suddenly wary of advertising there?” asks Shaygan Kheradpir.

Victoria Taylor, a former talent director for Reddit was fired, which caused users to to gather in an uproar on their boards. Soon after, Ellen Pao, after enduring bouts of harassment fro users, resigned as CEO and was replaced by Steve Huffman, a co-founder of the site. And while this seeming return of control to the original creators calmed some of the tremors the site had been enduring, Huffman introduced new rules that would hopefully reduce the kind of harassing language and practices that followed the firings of Taylor and Pao. But users cried foul when these rules that restricted harassment and violent threats took aim at banning, spam, distribution of private information and sexually explicit content involving persons under the age of 18.

The late adoption of rules that are the mainstay of other sites’ terms of agreement, and Pao’s lawsuit over her firing, has made investors second guess if this is the right environment for their products to be showcased. Making matters more convoluted, Reddit relies heavily on volunteers to moderate their “subreddits” to make sure that these new rules are enforced, despite that many of these moderators are users that engaged in the backlash earlier this year.