Correctional Calling Network Keeps Thousands Of Inmates Connected



Securus Technologies is tackling the global market with a Certification 1 that has been issued to their sub-companies. This certification has brought about many technological advances to inmate calling. Their international partnership allows them to hire over 456,000+ IT professionals. They will be highly trained in security, communications, control, and monitoring. Millions of calls are processed over the Securus network. Their top priority is their customers and keeping them connected to their loved ones when it means the most. Securus is a high end correctional calling inmate provider and now they lead the industry as a network provider for inmate calls.


Securus has partnered with video conglomerate Vimeo to bring their clients a remarkable feature that reduces your loved ones commute to a facility. JPay Services is now a subsidiary of Securus and has brought new service features to the Securus network. They value their customers and have decided that they will listen to customer feedback and always provide improved services. They are proud to have served their customers for over 40 years as a ln inmate regulation provider and are quickly growing as a network provider. Your invited to visit their website for a complete listing of promotional offers available from their website.


Securus Features


Inmate Voice


 Inmate voice allows inmates to receive messages through their personalized access network. They can purchase their access code that allows voice messages through their commissary. This feature is popular among inmates and aides their transition outside of the facility.


Video Chat


 Video chat allows their customers to talk face-to-face over the internet. Disabled family members no longer have to commute to the jail to visit their loved ones. Customers get a high definition video with outstanding call clarity. Join the Securus Technologies video chat network today.


Cone Marshall Maintains A Top Position Championing Tax Laws And Trust



Since 1999, Cone Marshall has been offering clients in different specialty services aligned to tax laws and trust. The company was formed by two professionals, Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall and over the years, the firm has grown to attain international status despite serving mostly within New Zealand. The firm is headquartered in Auckland and they have a direct contact system available on theirwebsite.

Before she joined the firm in 2005, Karen Marshall was serving in London, where she worked for 10 years with a law firm that handled commercial litigation. In 2006, she was appointed as a principle in the company and her input has been impressive to the enhancement of the performance of the firm. Her wide experience in advisory has allowed the firm to handle all kinds of trusts.

On the other hand, Geoffrey Cone has since 1980 offered international tax planning and trust as well as managing services. His experience is a great addition to the company since he comes in with special skills that have been necessary to the advancement of the firm. The two have combined their knowledge and prior experience to form a strong firm that is moving to take over the New Zealand market and dedicated to offering services that reflect the need to maintain the truth and dependability.

Cone Marshall has also contributed to several debates especially ones touching on the increase in foreign trusts within the country. He points out that the strong force witnessed can be attributed to the trust and international recognition that New Zealand has earned over the years. He also foresees further growth of the industry and his call has been for the reorganization of law firms so they can fully tackle the problems ahead to streamline trust and tax laws.

About Cone Marshall Ltd
For more than one decade, Cone Marshall has established a strong service that is working with international families and advisors. The firm has worked on getting an established system of trusts and partnerships within New Zealand, something that is also enhancing the provision of globally viable wealth planning.

Cone Marshall works with attorneys, private banks, family advisors and other institutions that are located beyond the borders of New Zealand by offering them assistance during the planning process for their clients. Cone Marshall has established a strong service that has been ensuring all parties are catered for as required by the law.

Learn more about the legal firm by visiting the following professional profile:

Cone Marshall | CrunchBase

Famous Civil War Historian Michael Zomber Scores Rare Abolitionist Artifact at Auction




Frequent guest arms and armors expert for a variety of popular History Channel series, Michael Zomber has just won a rare treasure of great historical significance at a recent Sotheby’s auction. With an intense passion for all things related to the Civil War era, it seems quite fitting he would be the one to acquire the supposed Bowie knife of John Brown’s attempted assassin. The weapon is said to feature a modern style inscription engraving that claims the knife was taken from John Brown’s would-be killer during the days of slavery and war among the northern and southern states.

John Brown was a well-known radical abolitionist who had a number of both supporters and detractors directly due to his beliefs regarding armed insurrection to rid America of slavery. Because of these radical principles, he was ultimately tried and hanged for crimes against the south. Throughout the Sotheby’s auction, this special knife was detailed as “a remarkable artifact from one of the bloodiest periods in American history.” Along with a beautiful coffin handle and spear-point blade, the Bowie knife offers a nickel handle which is inlaid in mother of pearl.

Michael Zomber describes his latest acquisition further, “This knife is a rare treasure from a period in history I am particularly interested in and passionate about. Brown was a key player in the abolitionist movement, and it is an honor to own a piece of his personal history.” The innate storyteller that he is, it’s really not all that surprising that Michael Zomber has been credited with more than a dozen screenplays and numerous novels. Authoring two historical fiction novels set during the Civil War age alone, (A Son of Kentucky and Sweet Betsy That’s Me), Zomber knows all too well about this very turbulent time in America’s past.

While many poke and prod at Zomber with questions concerning whether or not this latest purchase may be a foreshadowing to an upcoming novel in the works, he refuses to confirm or deny. Michael Zomber will only say, “This knife has definitely caused the creative wheels to turn once again.”  Check out more info on Michael’s acquisition here:  Make sure to follow Michael himself on Facebook.

Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Fixes For Those In Need



When one visits the Goettl Air Conditioning website, it is hard not to be impressed by what they have put on their and some of the positive things that one reads. They are currently serving the Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson areas, and they have been doing so since 1939. That is almost eighty years of business. That is something to be proud of, as that does happen every day. Right now, Ken Goodrich is doing a standup job as the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber. He offers many various services to his customers and he also makes sure his employees provide the best customer service job possible.

He only hires employees that know the job very well and come ready to work. They have to be able to interact with the customer and explain things to them in a way that makes sense. A lot of times, the job can be confusing. He likes Goettl employees to be upfront and honest right from the get-go, so the clients know what they are getting involved in, what to expect when it comes to price, and how the job will be done. They do everything from repairs and check-ups to even putting in a new machine if that is necessary.

There was another great story to come out when it comes to Ken Goodrich and Goettl Air Conditioning, and they seem to have been making the news for the right reasons. A lot of people say there is no such thing as bad press, but this is great press and it shows the customers what kind of company and people they are dealing with when they with work with Goettl Air Conditioning. A man in his 70’s that was recently widowed has been going through a tough time with a broken AC, having to shower outside, and having a whole host of plumbing issues.

The job to fix all of the repairs so the man could stay his house were $8,000. Ken Goodrich’s companies Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plummer worked with four of Bishop Gorman football teammates and one of them was Ken Goodrich’s son, Duncan, which shows you that goodness runs in the family. They used their time, money, and effort to help this man. This is not the first time they have done something like this and it will certainly not be the last with Ken Goodrich in charge.

Kabbalah Centre Students Can Study Anything



The Kabbalah Centre was founded by the Berg family as a place to study and learn where the presence of God is. There are many people who come into the Kabbalah Centre every day to be enlightened and learn about God, but they are not studying any one religion. Kabbalah is a form of mystic Judaism that is used to search for God’s presence, and that is what people are allowed to study when they come to the Centre or one of its offices. There are a lot of options when people are at the Kabbalah Centre, and every option includes study in their libraries, meditation and discussions with other students of the Centre.

Everyone is welcome at the Kabbalah Centre, and they need to be sure that they have come to study because the Centre was created for the most basic study of the word of God and where he might be. Someone who wants to study can come in at any time, and they can partake in all that the Centre has to offer. The Centre is a very easy place to visit because it offers a lot of options that people are not used to. They can sit among all the books, or they can find a nice place to rest.

The best part of what people can do when they come to the Kabbalah Centre is that they can get enlightened in their own way. They have a chance to learn what they want to learn in their own time, and they can go to any of the offices of the Kabbalah Centre around the world. The Kabbala Centre is now run by the children of the Bergs, and they will help people who want to come and study. It is a tradition that people should not miss out on.

Desiree Perez Saves Tidal From Its Waves




According to a report published by Rumor Mill on Friday, February 26, 2016, Jay-Z held meetings with Samsung with the objective of Taking Tidal, a music streaming company, off its hands. Samsung, a South-Korean firm collaborated with Jay-Z in the successful launching of Magna Carta Holy Grail and Roc Nation in 2013. According to a New York post by Claire Atkinson, there has been on and off talks to discuss the direction Samsung and Tidal are taking. In addition to this news, there are some rumors by HITS industry reporter called I.B Bad, on the possibility of Samsung having written a cheque to Kanye West following its collaboration in the long-awaited documentary dubbed The Life of Pablo.


Atkinson reports that Samsung is working on a massive project with Kanye, but they prefer keeping it a secret until further notice. I.B’s new magazine column points out Tidal’s $10 million contracts with North, apart from recent contributions by Rihanna, Beyonce and Kanye although they have not attracted new subscribers to the business. The entire future of Tidal depends on Desiree Perez’s involvement. Desiree Perez is Jay Z’s manager consistently working hard at ensuring Tidal, Roc Nation Sports, and Roc Nation land business deals. She is a tough negotiator; hence the bright future of Tidal.


Among the companies eyeing Tidal with the belief that their premium service can generate their independent music services are Google and Spotify. Spotify has had discussions with Tidal over producing a Tidal product powered by Spotify. A recent source explained the pressure and mission of Google and Spotify to merge with Tidal in business. According to reports, Tidal is in trouble, and Jay-Z has donated thousands of dollars to recuperate it. Another source said that Tidal received financing from prospective investors including SoftBank and Sprint. A music insider reporting for showbiz explained that Tidal needed a new home for it to stay alive. During its launch, Tidal managers approximated its worth to $250 million whereas its current value approximates $100m.


About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is closely associated with Jay Z. Desiree. He has worked with Jay-Z for over 20 years with successful working relations at SC Enterprises and Roc Nation Sports. Desiree is a tough and fierce business negotiator. Desiree’s history and street presentation beat that of Cookie Lyons’s Empire actor. Simply put, Desiree is a boss! She negotiated Beyonce’s Formation stadium tour besides winning Rihanna’s Samsung contract.

Don Ressler Is a Great Businessman



Don Ressler has achieved many great things in the world of technology. Don has been able to become successful by starting many websites that have made a great deal of money in a relatively short period of time. Many people have asked him about the secret to his success. He is very humble in the many interviews that he has granted over the years. He often credits his success to the team of people who assist him with his various business ventures on Wikipedia. However, there is no question that Don is the person who makes all of the decisions regarding the startups that he launches.

Don Ressler started several retail websites and achieved moderate success when he first broke into the world of tech startups. He learned a lot from his early experiences. This helped him to achieve huge success later on. The first startup that was enormously profitable for Don was a skincare site called Dermstore. Don has often said that one of the most important things to do when you are creating a startup is to choose the right industry to get into. Don believes that you should choose an industry that sells products that will always be in demand. This will ensure that your site will have a steady stream of revenue if there is a downturn in the economy. Don knew that people will always buy skincare products because they will want to look good.

Don Ressler put the profits from Dermstore to good use. He decided that he wanted to start a completely different type of website. He wanted to get involved with the clothing industry. Once again, clothing is something that every person on the planet needs. This is true regardless of their income, ethnicity or level of education. Therefore, he launched his clothing website called JustFab. The site became a huge success that was far beyond Don’s wildest expectations. The site really caught on in some of the European countries like France.

Don was now one of the most important players in the tech startup industry. He had many venture capitalists on who wanted to invest money in his next startup project. These people knew that Don had a knack for creating successful startups and they wanted to get in on the action. Don used the money from the venture capitalists to start a new website called Fabletics. This is a site that sells quality athletic apparel.

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Nathaniel Ru and the story behind Sweetgreen



Doing the rounds in the whole of America as the sexiest startup to look out for, Sweetgreen has come a long way from its initial days that started with a funding of 40 friends and relatives. The Sweetgreen chain has taken the American markets of healthy and comfort food by storm. The Sweetgreen chain’s number is increasing to a whopping 40 chains across the states with cities like Boston and Chicago coming in the fray. Fortune recently declared in a recent article that “If legacy restaurants companies could start from scratch, most of them would like to look like Sweetgreen.” They have until now racked up to $95 million in three rounds of venture capital funding. Pretty impressive that is. Wouldn’t you say?


An interview with Nathaniel Ru, one of the founding members of the Sweetgreen chain of restaurants yielded many good insights to the working and branding of Sweetgreen.


Along with the usual demographic analysis that is done before opening a restaurant, Ru says that their timing to their store openings is also a crucial part of their strategy which seemed like a bit of stretch until Ru further clarified the details.


Opening the restaurant in New York at 28th and Broadway was the increasingly chic nomad neighborhood that occupied the place which set them apart from the fast casual chains along the 23rd street which were a prime spot for a lot of new tech and media companies. This move was done so to capture the essence of a place as not just as another lunch traffic kind of place to a more casual relaxing place of convenience for people to enjoy their dinners and weekends.


Another aspect that Sweetgreen concentrated was on their service design which was an instant hit after being implemented. The ingredients are all put out to display for customers to see for themselves and choose accordingly, which is a one on one process that the team member takes the customer through. It increases the accuracy of the salad making process.


The next step involved was to get the produce itself which is then vetted out by meeting the farmers themselves. The produce that arrives at the Sweetgreen chain comes very morning and only has the batch of ingredients that the farmers of the region can put together and not what the Sweetgreen wants. This helps in cutting down wastage of food and exposing the customers to veggies that they might not usually try.


About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder and Co-CEO of Sweetgreen along with his fellow Co-CEO’s Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. Nathaniel Ru is a first generation immigrant. His parents along with the parents of his other co-founders are in a business of their own.

The business idea ventured into the head of Nathaniel while he was in Georgetown university along with his founding friends and they realized that the Georgetown area lacked healthy eating food joints and that’s when the business idea of Sweetgreen came in. Nathaniel and his friends opened Sweetgreen in the year 2007 and haven’t looked back since.


Nathaniel likes reading books, micro-managing and delegating work with his partners and names CEO of Under Armour Kevin Plank as someone he admires for his business vision. His favorite restaurant is Johnny Monis’ in DC area which according to him serves amazing Thai food.

New Research Suggests That Buyers Of Luxury Properties Are Young And Tech Savvy




In the old days, buying a luxury real estate was mostly confined to individuals in their 50s and 60s. These individuals were mostly concerned with the investment-grade property, which would not lose it value. They were correct in their decision-making because they had spend years in the corporate world ensuring their hard-earned success.


However, trends are changing these days. According to multiple real estate agencies catering to wealthy individuals, their customers are younger, tech-savvy and more knowledgeable. These customers are Millennial entrepreneurs, who belong to technology business, sports, fashion and movie industries, among others. To them, investment is not the primary focus. Instead, they want to live a convenient and personal lifestyle. Therefore, customization and ease of access to their pursuits is the primary goal.


For instance, in New York, the focus on this new elite class is location. They want to get an apartment or a property in an area with high concentration of cafe, restaurants and entertainment. Actually, they want to see and be seen. Perhaps, another reason for selecting the location in the middle of Manhattan Island, is the public interaction that most of the new younger generation miss out due to the technology. As their dependence on high-tech gadgets increase, they want to make sure that they don’t lose the public interaction. For young buyers of luxury properties in New York, they want to entertain themselves and their friends.


In fact, location is important to youngster in other areas, as well. In California, there is a growing trends towards scenic properties. Similarly, fashion lovers want a property in Beverly Hills or Hollywood.


Experts from one of the most successful luxury real estate agencies in New York, TownRealEstate are busy showcasing numerous NYC apartments for rent to these clients. With thousands of NYC apartments for rent, it can be difficult for customers to find the property they like. Therefore, Town Residential, has a dedicated team of experts that knows New York like the back of their hands.


Town Residential experts have instant access to several NYC apartments for rent that make a perfect property for these young entrepreneurs. In fact, Town Residential is also selected as one of the best places to work in the Big Apple. In just five years, it has cemented its position as the number one luxury real estate company for individuals looking to NYC apartments for rent.

The Venezuela Non-Aligned Movement Summit Was A Bust According To Assemblyman José Manuel González



The 17th meeting of the Non-Align Movement was recently held on Margarita Island in Venezuela. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro invited the 35 nations that attended the last meeting to his poverty-stricken country. Maduro planned to hide the poverty from them, but that didn’t happen. The Non-Aligned Movement is a group of countries that do not align themselves with the United States or Russia. Maduro wanted to host the summit in order to boost his status on the international stage. But when only five nations attended the summit, it was clear that Maduro was in more trouble with the world than he realized, according to the deputy of the National Assembly from the state of Guárico, José Manuel González.

José Manuel González has watched Maduro turn the once prosperous socialist country into a hungry deteriorating mess where inflation is running 800 percent, and people have to cross the border into Colombia to find food they can afford. González is the likeable agriculture entrepreneur that helped the country produce enough corn and grain to feed the people until Maduro started shutting down farm production. González was also the man that tried to get Maduro to change some of his antiquated policies through a national agreement, but Maduro claimed his socialist policies were as good as they were when Hugo Chavez was running the country.

Venezuela is not generating the amount of cash that flowed freely into the national treasury when Chavez was president. Oil prices are down, and oil-rich Venezuela depended on oil to fuel the economy. Maduro blames the United States for the current debacle in his country. But when Iran’s Hassan Rouhani, Palestine’s Mahmoud Abbas, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, as well as regional allies from Ecuador, Bolivia, and Cuba, only showed up for the summit, he knew he was facing this self-created internal mess by himself. Maduro spent millions to host the summit while the people are starving and that fact didn’t go unnoticed by the world. González thinks the recent protest rallies will be the catalyst for a recall referendum to remove Maduro from office. But González knows that Maduro is not going to leave without a fight.