New Research Suggests That Buyers Of Luxury Properties Are Young And Tech Savvy




In the old days, buying a luxury real estate was mostly confined to individuals in their 50s and 60s. These individuals were mostly concerned with the investment-grade property, which would not lose it value. They were correct in their decision-making because they had spend years in the corporate world ensuring their hard-earned success.


However, trends are changing these days. According to multiple real estate agencies catering to wealthy individuals, their customers are younger, tech-savvy and more knowledgeable. These customers are Millennial entrepreneurs, who belong to technology business, sports, fashion and movie industries, among others. To them, investment is not the primary focus. Instead, they want to live a convenient and personal lifestyle. Therefore, customization and ease of access to their pursuits is the primary goal.


For instance, in New York, the focus on this new elite class is location. They want to get an apartment or a property in an area with high concentration of cafe, restaurants and entertainment. Actually, they want to see and be seen. Perhaps, another reason for selecting the location in the middle of Manhattan Island, is the public interaction that most of the new younger generation miss out due to the technology. As their dependence on high-tech gadgets increase, they want to make sure that they don’t lose the public interaction. For young buyers of luxury properties in New York, they want to entertain themselves and their friends.


In fact, location is important to youngster in other areas, as well. In California, there is a growing trends towards scenic properties. Similarly, fashion lovers want a property in Beverly Hills or Hollywood.


Experts from one of the most successful luxury real estate agencies in New York, TownRealEstate are busy showcasing numerous NYC apartments for rent to these clients. With thousands of NYC apartments for rent, it can be difficult for customers to find the property they like. Therefore, Town Residential, has a dedicated team of experts that knows New York like the back of their hands.


Town Residential experts have instant access to several NYC apartments for rent that make a perfect property for these young entrepreneurs. In fact, Town Residential is also selected as one of the best places to work in the Big Apple. In just five years, it has cemented its position as the number one luxury real estate company for individuals looking to NYC apartments for rent.

The Venezuela Non-Aligned Movement Summit Was A Bust According To Assemblyman José Manuel González



The 17th meeting of the Non-Align Movement was recently held on Margarita Island in Venezuela. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro invited the 35 nations that attended the last meeting to his poverty-stricken country. Maduro planned to hide the poverty from them, but that didn’t happen. The Non-Aligned Movement is a group of countries that do not align themselves with the United States or Russia. Maduro wanted to host the summit in order to boost his status on the international stage. But when only five nations attended the summit, it was clear that Maduro was in more trouble with the world than he realized, according to the deputy of the National Assembly from the state of Guárico, José Manuel González.

José Manuel González has watched Maduro turn the once prosperous socialist country into a hungry deteriorating mess where inflation is running 800 percent, and people have to cross the border into Colombia to find food they can afford. González is the likeable agriculture entrepreneur that helped the country produce enough corn and grain to feed the people until Maduro started shutting down farm production. González was also the man that tried to get Maduro to change some of his antiquated policies through a national agreement, but Maduro claimed his socialist policies were as good as they were when Hugo Chavez was running the country.

Venezuela is not generating the amount of cash that flowed freely into the national treasury when Chavez was president. Oil prices are down, and oil-rich Venezuela depended on oil to fuel the economy. Maduro blames the United States for the current debacle in his country. But when Iran’s Hassan Rouhani, Palestine’s Mahmoud Abbas, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, as well as regional allies from Ecuador, Bolivia, and Cuba, only showed up for the summit, he knew he was facing this self-created internal mess by himself. Maduro spent millions to host the summit while the people are starving and that fact didn’t go unnoticed by the world. González thinks the recent protest rallies will be the catalyst for a recall referendum to remove Maduro from office. But González knows that Maduro is not going to leave without a fight.

VTA Publications Believes in Helping Rather Than Reaping Their Own Benefits



What if you could lose something while consecutively gaining more? The stock market, for example, is for investment. However and too often, those who take big risks are left with virtually nothing if the market crashes or if a particular stock did not do as well as anticipated. Surely the wealthy are able to recover from any woes, but those who tried and failed are determined to be out of luck and left with nothing. Jim Hunt of VTA Publications, however, urges investors to understand that failed money is not vanished money.

Jim Hunt is an advisor for an investment firm that offers advice and literature to those purchasing or selling stock. Recently, Jim Hunt crafted something known as “Wealth Wave.” Describing it as a surfer looking for the perfect wave, Hunt stressed the importance of understanding that failed stock simply means that your money is still out there, but it is in a different location. Jim Hunt believes in helping people find this lost money through his strategy and invests his own efforts in helping them discover it.

Surely Hunt cannot receive all of the credit for the work that VTA Publications does, but the team of experts intent on changing such a competitive industry for the better can. Since 2012, this firm has published books on the stock market, organized learning events, and has even established and taught courses for those really in need of assistance. Thus far, the firm has helped thousands of people both locally and internationally, which speaks volumes of their experience in less than a decade. VTA Publications is actually available for help rather than to just reap their own benefits from this line of work.

Duda Melzer Outlines Factors Responsible For Success in Any Company



Duda Melzer is the outgoing President of RBS Group and is expected to vacate the presidential office on 3rd July 2016. At 44 years old, Melzer believes it is the right time to step aside and look back on a stellar career. The decision to retire was received positively by the Board of Directors and communicated to employees.

Guidelines to Be Followed By Entrepreneurs

Duda Melzer recently addressed a business congregation on the secrets to success in any profession. The guru expounded on business culture, legacy, people and leadership. During the lecture, he categorically explained the various recipes to success. As a leader, it the duty of every entrepreneur to identify talented individuals and harness their skills.

In addition, he also emphasized on motivation as a catalyst to success. Workers are bound to get tired or lose morale from time to time. As such, it is advisable to motivate them regularly to ensure that predetermined goals and objectives are achieved. Having passionate employees at your disposal is crucial in the growth of the business.

Attainment of such a feat entails identifying potential workers and recognizing their unique skills. Identification at an early stage aids in division and specialization of labor. Employees are best suited to work productively when they know what is expected of them. Coupled with adequate time, the company is on the right track to success.

Furthermore, he advocates for excellence in execution of tasks as a mission for every employee. More importantly, he highly encouraged workers to exude efficiency during work activities. Not only does it safeguard their jobs, but also brings the firm closer to realization of goals and objectives.

Alternatively, self belief and real planning speak volumes on the capabilities of a company to meet set targets. Leaders ought to possess self-belief before anyone can believe in them. Employees look up to leaders for direction and guidance during turbulent times.
Plans should be made in advance with a clear timeframe for task completion. This makes it easier to complete tasks as workers are expected to work within a stipulated time. Any ambiguous information is elaborated in advance to avoid any confusion during job execution.

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There Are Several Easy Ways To Establish and Maintain A Positive Online Reputation



For a couple of years now, I’ve been hearing the term “online reputation management”, but I wasn’t sure of exactly what was involved with the process. When I recently came across a current Online Reputation Reviews article that explains the basics of managing online reputations, I was eager to read it.

One of the first points that this article conveys is that consumers do not make blind, or uninformed purchases anymore. They do conduct research on products and retailers before they purchase products or services, however.

The importance of establishing a positive reputation before any type of negative reputation can be formed, is another good point in this informative article.

In order to establish a positive online reputation, it is suggested that you create as many online profiles as possible. By signing up with every site you can that allows you to create a user profile, the multiple listed accounts can help to outweigh any negative information that may develop.

It is also mentioned in this article that blogging is a good way to establish and maintain a positive online reputation. If you continue to regularly write positive new blog posts, you can probably acquire more regular readers, which can lead to positive comments.

Another effective way of maintaining a positive online reputation is to try to suppress or push down negative search engine results. This can be done by getting your name mentioned on high-ranking sites.

I can’t help but think of the old show business saying “Any publicity is good publicity.” Apparently, that does not hold true in today’s world.


Things You Need To Know About Medicare Advantage



Medicare Advantage plans are a way that allows beneficiaries to receive medical benefits through a cost-effective model. These plans offer beneficiaries all the benefits that come with Parts A and B Medicare except hospice care. One may also enjoy additional benefits on request, so depending on the provider, you can review the different terms offered for each plan.

However, many ask whether this is the right plan for them. It may sometimes appear worthy to choose Original Medicare for this type of insurance, but that may not hold if all the dynamics that control the market are reviewed.

How the plans work
Medicare Advantage is managed through private insurance companies approved by Medicare. Each month, the approved companies receive a fixed remittance then the company covers the costs incurred by members of the program as described in the agreement.

Also note there are several types of Medicare Plans, and the benefits each offers may vary. For instance, the Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan may include prescription drugs and is suitable for someone likely to need such services. Other plans include the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Medical Savings Account (MSA), Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Special Needs Plans (SNPs) and HMO Point-Of-Service (HMOPOS).

Read more: Rick Shinto – Innovacare Services Company LLC

How to choose a plan
Basically, there are no rules when choosing a plan. You are at will to determine the kind of plan you would want and if the coverage offered is right in your eyes. You are advised to read all the details included in the plan so you can compare the benefits offered, costs, restrictions and availability in your area. While most plans like InnovaCare may include prescription drugs, some do not, so also consider the type of medication you take when choosing which plan works for you.

InnovaCare Health
As a focused and established Medicaid and Medicare Advantage provider, InnovaCare Health is in the front line working to reform healthcare. The company, through technology and innovation, has come up with a smooth system that enhances cost-effectiveness and efficiency, hence high quality services. InnovaCare Health is based in Puerto Rico and serves a network of over 7,500 providers.

The leadership of the company, led by Dr. Richard Shinto, is focused and experienced on matters management. For instance, Dr. Rick Shinto has worked in healthcare for over 20 years and his previous positions were in leading companies across the U.S. He currently works as the President and CEO of the company with help from the Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides, an experienced healthcare expert with at least 20 years experience.

Adam Goldenberg is one of the Motivating Factors behind JustFab



Adam Goldenberg is a mover and shaker in the business world. He began his career at age 15 when he started his first business venture. The success he experienced with his company, called Gamer’s Alliance, prompted him to quit high school after selling the company to the parent company of MySpace, Intermix Media on He became the Vice President of Strategic Planning and when he was 20 years old he was named as the Chief Operating Officer (OO), making him the youngest in that position of a publicly traded company.

While at Intermix he became friends with Don Ressler and when Intermix was sold, Adam Goldenberg and Ressler did not hesitate to start their own company. They co-founded a company called JustFabulous, later changed to JustFab and set upon a course in fashion retail. Neither one knew anything about fashion, but they knew business. They took the e-commerce concept and developed a subscription based fashion retail online entity at They saw a tremendous potential for the company as it created a shopping experience, as well as opportunity based on quality products at an affordable price and incorporate fun and social interaction.

Goldenberg knew he was tapping into an opportunity that was fairly new and in its formative years and with the right kind of business savvy, JustFab had the potential to become highly successful. JustFab offered shoes and handbags, denim and accessories. Mr. Adam Goldenberg helped develop a business model that tailored fashion choices to the member’s personal preferences for a monthly fee.

Through Goldenberg’s guidance, subscription growth was quicker than anticipated and the culture was right for success. Goldenberg, along with his partner have the ability to bring in the right team members that fit the company culture. Goldenberg looks for passion about the JustFab brand and for what they do. Without some level of passion an employee will not thrive. Along with passion, Goldenberg looks for enthusiasm. Goldenberg’s enthusiasm is contagious and that is one of the factors that motivates the team to excel.

Goldenberg has the ability to adapt JustFab to successfully take advantage of market trends and economic activity. He also believes it is important to mentor and work with top performing team members. Part of the success equation is making sure team members stay focused and engaged and Goldenberg considers that part of the success of JustFab.

Growth for JustFab is currently in the works and on the horizon. They have opened several brick and mortar locations and JustFab plans to open more in the next three to five years.

Taking Care Of Your Lips When It Matters



Just because you have been able to keep your lips strong and healthy this far, it doesn’t mean that the weather isn’t upon us. Whether it is the blistering hot sun or the harsh winter winds that whip through, you have to be aware of all of the conditions that could negatively effect your lips and your general ability to use them. Whether it is the pain of not being able to drink beverages without feeling the sting on your lips, or even having them crack and peel when you are simply trying to speak, you absolutely have to have a strong lip balm that will be able to protect and coat them.

One of the top options that consumers have been choosing as of recently is the Evolution of Smooth brand. Not only have people been falling in love with the fast acting results that the evolution of smooth chap stick, but they have also fallen in love with every little item as well. From the fact that the Evolution of Smooth is a company run correctly and soundly, to the fact that the potency is correct and the flavors are perfect, there is more than enough reason for anyone to find the Evolution of Smooth as a realistic yet simple option.

When you think about chap stick and about lip balm then you should be thinking about the fact that you are making an investment. It’s not just about buying something for a quick fix. You should be putting effort and energy into choosing a lip healer because when you consider the pain you can protect your lips from, it truly is an important choice. The ability of a product such as the evolution of smooth is a tremendous one at that. However, it’s not just about getting the best product, it’s about getting a product that you love. The Evolution of Smooth passes all of the tests. Evolution of Smooth lip balm products are available online through Lucky and on Amazon.

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The Affluent And Influential Entrepreneur, Malini Saba.



Malini Saba, a successful entrepreneur and a kind-hearted philanthropist who has inspired many. She is the chairperson of Saban Group of Industries, a company she started after being unable to get into a venture capital group. Saban operates investments in technology companies in the US, real estates in India and Australia and oil and gas in China. Malini’s investment career started as a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, and she has to date invested in more than 20 technology companies. Her typical day revolves around meetings, and she believes that meeting should take 45 minutes.

Investment opportunities and her advice to people.
Malini Saba studies the market trends and does the opposite of what others are doing. She invested in real estate and retail in India while many were hesitant of investing, the venture ended up being a smart investment. The self-made entrepreneur has investments in the commodity market and owns and operates Iron Ore mines. She has invested in agriculture space owning thousands of acres of rice fields and 5,000 hectares of palm oil.

Malini admits that businesses have their up and downs, but one should not be afraid of taking risks. Her advice to others willing to be successful entrepreneurs is to believe in themselves, trust their guts and go for something if they have the facts and have done their research. She acknowledges that one may fail, but failure is an experience that can make one more successful if they learn from it.

Philanthropic Activities.
In 2001, she started Stree, an organization that seeks to help women who are at risk and with low-income access legal empowerment and healthcare. She has also donated $1M to Heart Research Centre for South Asians at El Camino Hospital. In 2004, she pledged $10M to the victims of the tsunami in Sri Lanka and India.

More About Malini.
She was born in Malaysia, grew up in Australia and moved to the US. Malini holds a Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of Western Australia and a PhD in Psychology from Stanford University. She was a Multi-millionaire at 34 years having invested her saving in stocks, telecommunication and commodities after getting advice from investment bankers.

Her vast experience in running her business and investing led to her appointment as CEO of Ipswich Chamber of Commerce. She is a board member of Stanford Cancer Institute. She extends her kindness to children in developing countries by providing healthcare and educational opportunities. She supports orphanages in Sri Lanka and advocates for human rights in India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Financial Legend and Philanthropist Stephen Murray Passes Away at just 52



Stephen Murray, a legend in the financial industry, passed away at the young age of 52 due to sudden illness. He led a long and distinguished career that culminated in his appointment as CEO of CCMP Capital in 2007. His philanthropic efforts included support for the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Boston College, Columbia Business School, the Stamford Museum, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York.

Stephen Murray graduated in 1984 from Boston College with a degree in economics. This positioned him to begin his career with Manufacturers Hanover Corporation as part of their credit analyst training program. In 1989, he joined MH Equity Corporation upon completion of his master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School.

A series of acquisitions and mergers provided Stephen Murray with hands-on experience with the demands of the financial industry. In 1991, Chemical Bank acquired Manufacturers Hanover and the company merged the MH Equity division with Chemical Venture Partners.

Another merger with Chase Capital Partners in 1996 further expanded Murray’s depth of knowledge and solidified his reputation as an executive capable of handling complex business developments while ensuring profitability for all stakeholders. This positioned him to become the divisional director of buyout business at J.P. Morgan Partners in 2005.

J.P. Morgan decided to transform CCMP into an independent business entity in 2006 in order to help maintain productive relationships with partner companies in which it had billions of dollars invested in. Murray was an obvious choice to head the behemoth due to his deep level of successful experience with the company.

He was officially instated in 2007 after securing an enormous investment valued at over $3.4 billion from partnering companies. Murray kept Stephen Murray CCMP Capital profitable by investing in opportunities that mitigated the firm’s risk by offering substantial financial gains throughout his tenure as CEO. This amazing growth allowed CCMP to continue to raise capital for the firm valued in the billions and cemented its reputation as an industry leader. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Murray left behind his wife Tami Murray and their four children.